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Sony's extensively-leaked C660X 'Yuga' smartphone is to come to market as the Sony Xperia Z, according to reports from XperiaBlog. The blog, which before the last major Sony release cycle correctly called the 'Hayabusa' as the Xperia TX, also claims to have a few new details about the device's hardware.

The 'Xperia Z' will apparently have water and dust resistance ratings of IP55 and IP57, same as some earlier high-end offerings from the Japanese manufacturer. And the phone's 1080p screen is said to include 'OptiConrast' tech, of the sort usually found in Sony TVs. Amongst other benefits, OptiContrast reduces on-screen reflections through its use of a special resin coating on top of the display.

We'd also imagine the Sony (Mobile) Bravia Engine, another holdover from Sony's TV tech, will be included, just as it has been on previous Sony phones.

Based on the large amount of information that's leaked over the past month, the Yuga, or Xperia Z, looks set to include a 5-inch, 1080p display, with Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean running the show on a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU. Sony traditionally announces its first wave of new smartphones at CES, so it's likely we'll get our first proper look at the device in Las Vegas in just a few weeks time.

Source: XperiaBlog


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Sony C660X 'Yuga' rumored to emerge as Xperia Z


This seems interesting but I'm keeping my eye out for the M7. HTC might be onto something by cramming 468ppi into a 4.7" display.

Ive always loved Sony's design on their phones and these specs definitely sound pretty impressive but considering it will probably be neigh impossible to get this on Big Red I will also await the M7. 4.7" sounds about the perfect size to me. (cue: that's what she said jokes..or rather..that's what she didn't say)

I will buy this when

1. It has a 5+ inch screen (not including on-screen buttons)
2. It has physical buttons, at least 1 like on Samsung's phones
3. It has a removable battery.

anything less then that, as much as id love the phone, i cannot be spending that much money on a sub par product when something such as a Galaxy Note 2 has all those features.