Just in case you happen to be the owner of a Sonos audio system (Mr. Moneybags, you), know that Sonos hasn't forgotten the vast amount of Android users out there. In fact, they've been working hard on their official Sonos controller and even a new system for Android. You can head on over to their product page, fill in your email and they'll let you know when the app becomes available for all. You can hit the break for a video of the app in action or just click on the source link for more details. [Sonos]


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Sonos controller for Android coming soon


Might mention that this is the first OFFICIAL way to do this. Sonos has been manageable from an Android device for months. By the way, I'd rather burn my money on the Sony S-Air system given it's added flexibility rather than buy a proprietary, oversized, iPod-ish system like Sonos. Perhaps it's good for the technology-challenged types, but for anyone that wants quality, low-latency wireless, and has good sound equipment, Sonos is quite restrictive and overpriced for what it does.

Please do not listen to this post, it's pure garbage. First off the Sony S-Air product isn't even offered through the Sony store anymore. Second the Sony offering that will be a competitor(HomeShare) is not even available yet and doesn't look nearly as flexible. Sonos is expensive, but compared to anything else on the market it's the easiest to use, most capable, and scalable system available. There are so many more reasons why Sonos is better, but I think trying it out is the best way to understand the value of the product.

Once you get into more than 2 rooms, it's no longer the same. With several rooms, Sonos will save you a lot of time and effort.