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SEGA's endless runner Sonic Dash is being updated with a new boss challenge, featuring none other than Dr. Eggman (or Robotnik, if you prefer). The update adds a boss battle with the longtime series villain, challenging players to dodge missiles, exploside traps and other nasties as they progress through the supersonic gauntlet, with a "massive score bonus" promised for those who send Eggman packing.

The publisher says its next Sonic Dash "global challenge" will begin next Friday, Feb. 21, allowing players to work together to unlock a new Sonic universe character "who is sure to steal some hearts."

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Sonic Dash update adds Eggman boss challenge


Hey is this the game then that's been giving me push notifications from AT&T (when I'm on T-Mobile) ?


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How does a Sega game have affiliation with AT&T in order to send you push notification while you're on T-Mobile network?

Yeah, I had to uninstall this due to all of the push notifications in my notification panel. Got to be too much after awhile. It's a shame, because it's somewhat fun.

On newer versions of Android (4.1+ ?), you can hold down on the notification to get a link to "App info", which will allow you to uncheck "Show notifications". You won't get any more notifications from that app after that.

It's a little disappointing that Eggman mechanically works exactly the same as Zazz. I'll still take a skin change to a character I know instead of one I don't. And if anybody cares, Zazz is still in the game.

Also, the in-game message already said that the character for the next global challenge is Rouge.

This game has many strengths: smooth gameplay, great graphics, nostalgia but it got too repetitive plus the overpriced IAPs

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