Sonic 4 Episode II

Back in May we took our first look at Sonic 4 Episode II, and at that time the game was only available for Tegra 3 devices, which made a lot of folks upset. Today Sega has announced that the popular title is now available through Google Play for all Android devices. That is right, you can now head right into the Play Store and grab some Sonic 4 Episode II for yourself for $6.99. While the price tag may sit a bit above what you would normally think of spending on a game, can you really put a price tag on the nostalgia this brings along with it? Be sure to check out our full review of the game and then hit the link below and grab your own copy today! 

Download Tegra Version
Download All-Android Version


Reader comments

Sonic 4 Episode II now available for all Android devices


been out for a week or so now at least. been hesitating to buy it since i heard the controls were as bad as episode 1.. they really made the game unfun and unplayable after a little while. don't know why they couldn't make them more like sonic cd--best touch controls i've ever used in a game.

Man... I just beat episode 1 and got all the choas emarlds and now I hafta do it again?

Dude... Controls can be pretty shaky, that's why all you do is homing attack, it's your best friend. Jump, jump, jump homing attack. It's not that bad.

Yeah, the controls aren't good in Episode 1. No excuse for it really. At first they are OK but as you get better they are really lacking.

My favorite controls are in Gunman Clive, where the pad moves around a bit with your thumb. Not perfect, but the best I've used on a touchscreen platformer.

I have to repurchase it if I want to run it on a non-Tegra device? Surely I should get some kind of pan-processor purchasing credit (try saying that five times fast!)?

I picked up Episode 1... but later on got Sonic Unleashed on my Xbox360 for about double the price of Episode 2. This makes the purchase decision a little more challenging since the XBox360 version for cheap is quite good. :-)

+1 I'd love to have Sonic 3 & Knuckles on my tablet and phone... and the original Sonic 1 and Sonic 2, all remade the way Sonic CD was remade. That would be AWESOME!

You should update the is not ALL devices. Logitech Revue was expected, but XOOM is also not on the list...Isn't a game like this exactly what a XOOM is for?

Kudos to SEGA for including everyone with a non-Tegra device but I honestly think Episodes I and II would be better enjoyed on either Tegra devices or higher-end phones. Unfortunately, I don't game much on my EVO 4G because I know it can't handle it... =*(