Introducing the HTC EVO 4G at the Shack

A guy walks into a bar and there's this unreleased cell phone. .....wait, wrong story.  But this one's just as good :)  A self-admitted huge Precentral follower (bnceo on the PreCentral forums) happened to be looking for some Palm accessories at his local Radio Shack and stumbled across these on the counter.  As he started grabbing pictures with his phone and asking the salesman about them.  The salesman had this to say -- Release is early June (around June 6), cost on contract is $200.00, out of contract will be $600.00, and no planned changes to your Sprint plan.  The Shack employee had no info about any cost for the mobile hot spot feature.

Then he handed them over to to our man bnceo and said to take 'em, he can get more copies.  The sheets don't tell us anything we already didn't know from our hands on with the EVO 4G, but man-oh-man does it feel good to see them in cyberprint.  From the looks of things it's a four week promo event and with a rumored June 6 release, we should start seeing these any time now.

You know you want to follow after the break and check out the high res scans yourself.  Thanks a ton Rob!

Radio Shack HTC EVO 4G promo1

Radio Shack HTC EVO 4G promo 2

Radio Shack HTC EVO 4G promo 3

Radio Shack HTC EVO 4G promo 4


Reader comments

A sneak peek at the Shack's HTC EVO 4G sales sheets from our friend Rob


So freaking exciting. Every announcement means release date is closer and closer. June 6th, June 6th, June 6th......say it with me.... June 6th, June 6th.

What I REALLY like about these ads, unless I missed it, is that it makes NO mention of the version of Android running on the Evo. I know all press releases said 2.1, BUT.... If this stuff, which is the sales material, skips it... maybe 2.2 will be on there???

That, or it's Radio Shack and people don't care about that stuff there...

lol is funny i had this papers in my hands earlier also since i work at radioshack but they havent said anything about launch date yet....cant wait to get it myself

ok don't laugh, I am a woman and I just had a wet dream. I can't wait for this 2 come out. Let me know when 2 pre order cause this Pre wants to be put out of it's misery ASAP.

So if it really is $200 on contract and $600 without, how much would it end up being for me since I will be switching from the Pre and I'm eligible for early upgrade in June?

it will be the $200($199) price (after MFR if you got through sprint store) IF you are a sprint premier member (which if you have a pre you should be)

ok don't laugh, I am a woman and I just had a wet dream. I can't wait for this 2 come out. Let me know when 2 pre order cause this Pre wants to be put out of it's misery ASAP.

maybe it would be in the 300 section for u charles87k but i dont think it would be in the 200$for a new line im thinking more like 150$ and for an upgrade like 200$-250$from my experiences of past phones in radioshack they always try to get the lowest price from our competitors

I'm going to make a wild guess and say that the EVO it's going to be available for pre-order right after the May 12 event and available out for the public on June the 6th just like that salesman said!

I have to agree with you. And as a Pre owner on a family plan (not primary line so no premier status for me), I have to say, $600 sounds good to me. I was pretty much willing to pay whatever, but a couple sites mentioning the $800 range had me a little concerned.

Also, I realize they want to do proper training and everything, but why in the hell does it take a month to learn how to sell a phone? I'm pretty sure that anyone who knows anything about phones could figure out everything there is to know about a phone in a day or two and be ready to sell it. Of course, that statement implies that everyone who works at stores like Radio Shack, Sprint, or Best Buy knows anything about phones, which sadly, is far from the truth.

Yea all sprint premier member can upgrade there phone every yr with all the discount. I bought the pre last yr for $200 and now I'll have this phone this yr for $200. One of the reason why I like sprint.

Since noone mentioned it.... Im gunna say it. There's a typo in the ad. It says HTC scenes instead of sense. Looks like someone was that excited for the phone too

I'm not sure if that was a typo.. "Scenes" on HTC Sense are a grouping of the home-screen customizations, which you can change as a whole. For instance you can have a "scene" for work, which consist of home-screens with e-mail and stocks, ect. And you can have a "scene" for personal use for which you may have friends stream, browser bookmarks, ect. on your home-screen.

Maybe so. I almost didn't want to include that, but it jibes with what little we have heard, and makes perfect sense. I certainly believe our tipster, and in the end I went with it.

What is the monthly plan price? $200 in contract is a great price if the monthly price for voice/data is $70.

These sales sheets have already been running at Best Buy and this week is week 4. Not sure how that factors into your release predictions but I am guessing sooner than June 6.

I also work for Radioshack, have for 2 years. This info is 100% BS. We have absolutely NO info on the Evo, other than these sheets, and the fact that we can pre-order it "soon". I even have a direct line to my sprint rep, and trust me, we dont know anything more than you do.


I too am a RadioShack employee and I too got the same newsletter. First of all, lemme just say that unless he got some super secret Secret Squirrel message, NO EMPLOYEE was told the pricing of the Evo. Yes RadioShack is going to carry this, but let's be honest, this was announced at CTIA months ago, this shouldn't be news.

Point is, the rep was blowing smoke out his @$$ and making up dates and price points as he went, please please please do not take stock in the prices or the release dates. I bet he said $200 because that what the latest, most powerful smartphone from Sprint thru RadioShack ALWAYS costs. As for the release date, he/she was just going off of the fact the papers say early summer. That could mean any arbitrary date.
Take what you see in these papers with a grain of salt, please.

In the interest of full disclosure, I too want an HTC EVO 4G, but I just refuse to let this turn into what might be over-hyped dates and prices.