Some of the rather major photo improvements announced at this morning's Google+ event are on the server side, but some are headed to our phones as well. And to that end, Google's Snapseed image editor has received its update, bringing following improvements:

  • HDR SCAPE: Give your normal photos a psuedo-HDR look.
  • Shadows slider added to the Tune Image option for brightening your image.
  • Bugfixes and other improvements.

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Snapseed update now available, adds HDR feature


Weird that you wouldn't know that since it looks like your always on here commenting.

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Can you edit photospheres with Snapseed and keep the structure? I tried but now it's just a flat panoramic photo

I've managed to do it before with the gallery editor. Probably won't work if you crop/rotate ... but just filters might as well!

The gallery editor has pretty much the same features as Snapseed, considering both are owned by Google. Snapseed is obviously more intuitive etc but both do the same thing basically. If you use the gallery editor you can keep the structure of the photosphere but it's possible to use Snapseed and then turn it back into a photosphere.

Google it, I'm pretty sure its possible

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My mouth is still hanging open at all of today's great announcements. Those individuals that are professionals or Pros at mobile photography probably don't see the event as a big deal, but for a guy like me, that just snaps and goes, this is major.

I just tried it with a few of my photos and it was just as impressive as the demo. Seriously, this just became a must have app.

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I just tried the HDRScape on a lot of my photos and I have to admit, I was sceptical bearing in mind its making a HDR from one image, but wow.

My mind is blown.

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Tried it out on some nice photos from my One. It does give a nice effect, but the default is little strong. I seem to prefer to crank the effect back a little from default and still usually a few other tweaks. The only eature missing is resize and it could be my only editor on Andriod. For resize and rotation and text/image insert I need Photo Editor.