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For those who are in search of the next great camera app — and let's face it, who isn't — it's time to take a look at Camera Awesome. The longtime favorite on iOS has been in beta on Android for some time now, and today it's available to all for $2.99.

First and foremost, you get a pretty darn good camera user interface. That's important because Camera Awesome is full of features and settings, and that they're easy to understand and manipulate is paramount.

Consider: You've got the usual shooting options — single, burst, panorama, timer, etc. But added to that is an option "big button" shutter (love it), interval shots and image stabilization. You can adjust white balance, ISO and exposure. There's facial recognition. Anti-shake mode. Four options to help you better compose your shots — thirds, golden, trisec and square. There's a leveler to help you keep things straight. And of course there's sharing to Smugmug.

If you're looking for a new, full-featured camera app, this is well worth a look for $3. Swing by Smugmug's blog for the list of supported devices.


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Smugmug's Camera Awesome exits Android beta, now available for $2.99


How did you get it on The N5? The Play Store says it isn't compatible with my N5 (and for some reason IS compatible with my Optimus G and TouchPad).

I hope this can make the Nexus 5 camera more 'awesome'. Heck, I'd settle for above average.

Posted via Android Central App

When it can actually focus and get the exposure right its serviceable thats all. What on earth were you using before to make you think its above average?

Not sure if I was just imagining it but I thought the Nexus 4 focus worked more reliably when "auto flash" was turned off.

Any feedback let me know. Don't use caps as I have a headache :(

It isn't. It's meaning is pretty straight forward in this context. And I'd also be interested in knowing this before I purchase it.

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At least the 4:3 preview will help, the atrocity that is a 16:9 viewfinder for 4:3 sensor is my least favorite part of AOSP.

I wasn't happy with it. The iOS look through the whole app (including the sharing icon), no exposure look (Android supports it), some touchtargets are smaller than they're used to be on Android. It looks and feels like an iOS app which "just" got modified so it would run on Android.

I hope VSCO Cam will do a better job once it gets out of it's beta soon.

I won't buy nothing which has a shitty iOS interface instead of beautiful android ones

Posted via Android Central App from Nexus 7 2013

I believe sir you posted a double negative...which is a foul! How dare you lol.

Seriously, I have used Smugmug for my business for almost ten years and although I am not purchasing the app, they have been reporting about it for a long time so I don't think it as just slapped together.

One reviewer in the Playstore noted that you cannot save photos to the SD card. If that is really the case, then this would be a no go for me.

Ooooh. Yeah.

That IS a deal-breaker. For me, the whole point of the sd card is for media storage. Apps only on-device.

This will help me because I switch between ROMs and this could help solve the problem that I face with stock camera App


Paid $3 for 3 crashes. Crashed after deleting photos and after I tried to "awesomize" anything. Spamming them until I get my money back.

Gonna give this a shot on my Moto X, it's damn 40MB though, lol.

oops Moto X is on their unsupported list fo rnow.

It's still possible. I bought it for my moto x. Works fine so far.

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Works well on my Maxx HD. Now, only if there were a toggle of some kind to make this my default camera.

This is NOT a good app. I just tried it VS the stock app and the file size is much smaller on the Camera Awesome shots. 1.75 MB vs 2.25 stock. The photos are much more compressed and noisy than even the stock camera app. I'm on a Nexus 4, btw.

In the Play store the app description says it is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S III but the Play store says it is not compatible with my device. Samsung GS3 on Sprint with rooted stock recovery and ROM. Go figure.

Same here on AT&T GS3. Bummer. Why would they release it and not have it compatible with the most popular phones?

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OK I just tried it then refunded it, photo quality is worse than the Moto x's camera (that was recently fixed). lol no HDR?

I can't help but thinking that AC got payed to write this article. The app is nothing what it seems like when reading the Play store information. Screenshots in Play store are from the iOS version and the app is vastly overpriced if you look at what it can do and what it lacks compared to other camera apps. Someone here asked how it compares to Zoom FX and other apps, i'd say stick to Zoom FX or even the stock app. As a photographer I can say that this was one of the worst camera apps I have ever tried on an Android device. Not for the app itself but for the lack of features, controls and interface. It does it's job alright, but it is not worth $2.99, not by far. And once again, I can't get over that the screenshots are from the iOS version. I mean seriously, what kind of developer or company put screenshots from another app (you know what I mean) in the app description if it's not to fool buyers?

I do not recommend this app! And did indeed refund it.