HTC Evo 4G and HD7

The HTC Evo 4G and Motorola Droid X no longer are the only 4.3-inch monsters around. (OK, OK. There's the HD2. Sheesh. Microsoft's putting Windows Mobile 6.5 behind it, and so were we.)  HTC unleashed the Windows Phone-powered HD7 today -- another 4.3-inch device that'll be available on T-Mobile in mid-November for $199. True to its form, it's an HTC device through and through. But how does it compare to the Evo 4G? And what about the Droid X? We've got a plethora of pics after the break.

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HTC Evo 4G and HTC HD7

HTC Evo 4G and HTC HD7HTC Evo 4G and HTC HD7

HTC Evo 4G and HTC HD7HTC Evo 4G and HTC HD7

HTC Evo 4G and HTC HD7HTC Evo 4G and HTC HD7

HTC Evo 4G and HTC HD7

HTC HD7 and Motorola Droid X

Motorola Droid X and HTC HD7

Motorola Droid X and HTC HD7Motorola Droid X and HTC HD7

Motorola Droid X and HTC HD7Motorola Droid X and HTC HD7

Motorola Droid X and HTC HD7


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Smartphone comparison: HTC HD7 versus HTC Evo 4G versus Motorola Droid X


Hmmm. I'm liking what I see as far as the size of form factor compared to my DX. But WP7 would have to blow me away for me to switch. I'm pretty happy the DX all in all.

I doubt there is ANYTHING Microsoft could do that would make me use their phones, other than maybe pay me a lot of money.

I love my DX but to use it for life, that's a stretch. I'm sure this time next year it'll feel old and in bad need of replacing. :p

I wonder if the kickstand is more stable then my EVO kickstand. Can't count the number of times I've been watching something, bump the table a little and the EVO falls over.

I actually prefer both of those things. Headphone jack on the bottom means that when I'm in the car with my phone plugged in to power and audio I don't need to have cords spewing out of 2 sides of the phone. Also the kickstand on the HD7 is better than on the Evo. The evo falls over every time you try to press the volume buttons. On the HD7 the kickstand is on the same side of the phone as the buttons, so it won't easily fall over.

If the HD7 had android on it I would buy it.

OK... HTC HD7 looks great but not better than the EVO 4G. I dont know about you guys but i dont change my android OS to windows.... EVO by far is a better phone...

"The HTC Evo 4G and Motorola Droid X no longer are the only 4.3-inch monsters around."

So quick to forget the HD2 which the HD7 replaces... could have at least had that in there since that is where it all started with the 4.3in uber phones.

My thoughts exactly. I hacked and cyanomodded my lil brothers 4.3 EVO _like HD2 now he runs android. Its beautiful.

Ummm I hate to break this to you but the Zune has done OK. Its no iPod. But I've lost count of the number of friends who own Zune HD's now. And I'm sorry but the Zune UI kicks the crap out of pretty much every PMP out on the market from an ease of use and "just getting it done" standpoint. Phone 7 is a radical design from pretty much any other phone OS that is on the want innovation...look at Phone 7. That said....I'm not leaving Android anytime soon.

He didn't say anything negative about the Zune (read his post carefully). Most of the people replying ASSUMED that being like a Zune and repeating its performance is negative. You seem to have a negative image of the Zune, not Yutfree.

The Zune has done fantastic, not only that but the HD is still arguably the best PMP on the market, having used both at the time it thoroughly thrashed the iPod Touch.

I have not yet played with the new Touch, so I can't say, but I adore the HD, and if they're replicating the HD's amazingly intuitive UI then Phone 7 is a winner.

That said, I adore my Droid X, so I won't be switching.

Mine means a lot to me too. Had it for close to 3 years now, and I have, according to the Zune software on the PC, 3,426 songs on it lol. And that's just the songs. To me, that's a lot of stuff to lose.

Although if I lost it, I'd definitely go out and upgrade to the Zune HD.

You are the perfect example of someone trying to sound intelligent by spouting off random statements in forums that are in actuality not fact at all. The Zune has done quite well for Microsoft, and I know a ton of people who own them, myself included. I have owned my Zune 80GB for close to 3 years now. Not one problem with it yet hardware-wise, and software-wise it's just as good as iTunes if not better. Everyone will have a different opinion on that, though, because it's simply user preference. But, you can not say the Zune hasn't done well, because that's completely incorrect information you're sending out.

Also, as someone else said, WP7 may completely suck, who knows...but I have to give them credit for doing something no one else has done before. The OS is completely new and unlike any other cellphone device.

Where, exactly, did he say anything negative about the Zune? I read his post as being positive about the Zune. It could be interpreted either way I suppose, but the assumption that being Zune-like is a negative is coming from you.

Android FTW Droid X and EVO 4G I love them both. Id be all over EVO if sprint had decent coverage in my area but for me the beastly X is my go to MVP

To be more accurate, it's more like saying FedEx/UPS have the same access to delivery locations as the USPS because they use the same roads...which they do. If fact, they frequently hand off packages to each other. Now service/price/etc is where the difference lives.

I have to agree. The HTC EVO is definitely the top of the food chain. Just wish I could get the Linpack scores that I see for the Nexus One...Lol!

I have to agree. The HTC EVO is definitely at the top of the smartphone food chain. Just wish I could get the Linpack scores that I see for the Nexus One...Lol!

The new windows phone that I find the most interesting is the surround. The slide out speakers are a very interesting addition. If they would slap that on an EVO I would be in heaven.

HD 2 was the first 4.3 inch phone. It wasn't mentioned. Just sayin.

I have an EVO. Loved it, til it started rebooting all the damn time. That said, I think 4.3 is too big for me. 3.7, now that'd be heaven.
Too bad for Sprint that they skipped that size in Android. Now, I'm thinking about switching and gettin me a Droid 2 for a whole penny from Amazon.

Tmobile (with HTC) finally releases a 4.3 inch device and they ruin it with Windows? YUCK.

Have to feel sorry for Phil Nickinson. He gets a day away from the madness that is Android phone releases, only to walk face first into 9 new WP7 devices ... way to take a break ;)

I just can't comprehend Windows on a mobile device. The machines we use at work are Windows-based & they are crap at best.

I'll stick with my future Droid X (4 days & counting!!)

Droid x is a joke, the build qaulity of those phones are horrendous.

My cousin has been through 7 of them and finally said forget it and went inc.

From screen issues,to sound issues,wifi issues and a locked bootloader, that phone is a joke, moto had dropped the ball on that phone.

Unless they have fixed there build quality issues the phone is a horrible comparison.

Dude, get your stories straight from one article to another. At (page down to almost the last post) you state six phones, now it has grown to seven. Will it be eight in the next post?
I'm calling your posts as BS, unless your cousin gave back the working INC for another droid in the past two days.

I know a dozen people with the X and yes, two had their X's replaced due to bad screens; a known issue with early phones, one had problems with his update but he admits he screwed with the phone. But at this time, I know 11 who love their Xs.

I believe you are a troll.....

I love my EVO and have been pretty happy with Sprint so I've got no intention to switch any time soon... That being said, WP7 IS intriguing and it already looks more appealing than iOS. The tiles are akin to Android's widgets, taken to the next step, altho if you ask me there's a lot of wasted space in their general UI design... I like where they're going tho and it looks like a solid start for a totally revamped OS, which is more than you could say for the first iphone or the G1 when they launched.

Emphasizing the concept of information at a glance and getting in and out quickly is a smart move on Microsoft's part (very different concept than Apple's current design).

I'm honestly shocked that someone like Verizon or HTC hasn't emphasized this more about Android, my home screen has the weather, a to-do & calendar list, album art and playback controls for music, a voicemail widget, and wifi + vibrate + flashlight toggles... All easily accessible after unlocking. On an iphone you get a bunch of icons... Talk about outdated or backwards design.

you can't compare htc to motorola, htc is the best and motorola makes crap phones, sorry even though I like the x and droid 2. htc needs to make more phones for every carrier like motorola is doing right now :/

i feel the same way, but i rather have HTC take their time & perfect the phones they sell to happy consumers than sell FAST FOOD CRAP LIKE MOTOROLA does.

you can't compare htc to motorola


htc is the best and motorola makes crap phones

Apparently one can compare HTC to Motorola.

Was a long time Windows user from ppc6700 mougel touch pro. just got tired of waiting for
windows 7. Now that I have an evo not sure I'll
go back. By far best phone out there. One of my friends has iPhone4 and another has a galaxy s
wouldn't trade for either. I use this thing in the
medical field and for travel. no comparison

Droid X is a great phone with great build quality, as are most phones by moto. I have been very happy with it! You cannot go wrong with any of these phones.

I love my EVO and cant see myself switching no time soon. However, Microsoft has all of the tools to make this a winner. Zune and X box integration plus office suite software sounds awesome. If they (Microsoft) mess this up they are just idiots!! That being said, I patiently await Gingerbread 3.0 that will bring Google Music!! EVO!!!!

Talk about an identity crisis!

The "giant blue blocks" interface is more likely to appeal to older folks who don't want to fuss around to get the info they need, and who don't care about things like customization. They are more interested in Office and Exchange integration. These types of users will probably be a little repelled by things like the XBox/Live ID integration, which screams "I am a phone made for teenaged males who play video games!" I can easily picture this group being embarrassed by the mere presence of XBox integration on their phone.

On the other hand, the audience who appreciates XBox/Live ID integration is less likely to "get" the giant blue blocks interface, and less likely to care one bit about things like Exchange/Office.

These are two totally separate and distinct markets that have totally different needs and interests. Microsoft seems to be cramming every product they've ever made into one device in a "hail mary" attempt at the smart phone market. I wish them luck and will not pass judgment until I can use one myself, but it's shaping up to be a one-size-fits-all fail...

I agree with you to a certain extent, although to be fair the average age of gamers has been hovering near 30yrs old for many years now. I imagine because of the cost of the systems these days and the integration with more grown up stuff like media hubs and the like. That said, it's still likely to be a two circle diagram with overlap in the middle. Question is how much overlap.

This just continues to confirm to me the Droid X is oversized, here are two HTC phones that are significantly more compact with 4.3" screens.

What's the weight of the HD7 compared to the Evo (which is pretty heavy)?

I have been an MS Windows person for 15+ years, networking, repairing & so on. My last phone was the HTC TP2 - windows based because I wanted the Microsoft look, feel, web browsing, etc. Needless to say, I was disappointed with the lack of Java support and add-ons functionality of the mobile IE. I did enjoy my office suite, but have been forced in the workplace to start migrating our machines to Open Office due to MS's high prices/licensing. All the features we're seeing in these new WM7 phones worries me - and as I work in the cell phone industry - I can see the following problems: windows updates: for sure a problem. The "big buttons" for the "things you want..." Sorry - they're never the "things we want," they're "what's popular," and the majority of popularity is based on kids (even though yes, gaming is now an adults' forum these days). The "easy" interface: a problem - If anyone remembers the Samsung Instinct (and its equivalents from other providers), the "big buttons" screen is not new. This is akin to supporting the Sprint Live ID services, which I am very opposed to.
When MS "locks" you into services and programs it deems worthy - we're talking vendors who comply to MS only standards, no cross-platform compatibility and a market that is very "controlled." (and small). I work with every mobile phone platform on the market from every vendor, and I have to say - the switch for me to android was hard. I was tempted, but refuted it repeatedly, holding fast to my Mobile 6.5 upgraded/hacked version. Now, I run a Samsung Epic - and while the 4.3 inch screen will be a little larger than mine, I can't find justification to go back. I can do everything now that I could do on WM6.5, but now I can do more (& I'll have more functionality than WM7 - and as a developer - I can say this "hands on"). The processor's out of this world. I'm also not "confined" by the WM OS or the mobile IE, and the apps available to me are unbelievable.
Ultimately, it comes down to this: Cell phones are becoming computers. The "phone" aspect is now secondary. The processors and cameras in these WM phones are no better than the EVO, Droid 2, Epic, or several of the upcoming and just newly released Android phones. Microsoft's counting on: 1. Their name/WM loyal fans; 2. The "size" of the phone, 3. The gamers, socialites & Office slaves; 4. A high-speed, all-the-time, online connection.
For "us" [the consumers], that means: 1. Loyalty will be rewarded with limitations and telling us what our "fast" phones can/cannot do (and we won't get to realize the full power of the processors); 2. That we're willing to spend money, somehow trusting MS, only to find a "big" screen with nothing to watch until we dish out more $$ (beyond the additional $$ all vendors are charging for our 4G compliancy and additional bandwidth streaming); 3. We're trapped in the world of Facebook, Twitter & Myspace, Zuning our music while posting our video game scores - or - for those of us that don't do that - finding that 45% of our phones' entire functionality is worthless to us and we just have to be grateful we can read giant word docs on tiny screens; and 4. That we're under watch, 24/7, using an internet with limited functionality, still having android envy, and praying that our coverage is good enough that our phones stay operational.

Sorry Microsoft - but you're lack of willingness to listen to your customers - ONCE AGAIN (for the eleventy gazillionth time in a row) - leaves you with one less person for your market share. I'll play with the Epic for awhile, until HTC gets its act together and puts out a phone with the equivalent hardware of their European models and I switch back to HTC - just on the Android side :)

I loved my 1st EVO the very first day, untIL I did the requested update: fried the phone. I loved the second phone for 28 days, until it quit charging. Best Buy didn't have a replacement phone, so it was ent for repair. I got my Evo back after 30 days & was ecstatic! 28 days later it went back: not charging, force closing everything! Can't connect to internet, screen going black &/or phone shutting off on a whim. Anybody else having issues like these?