smartphone coasters

Ask any Evo 4G user what they love about their phone, and eventually the word kickstand will come up.  Having an easy way to hold the phone so it can be viewed is simply great, and is one of those things you wonder how you ever got along without.  Fear not, non-kickstand enabled smartphones, the latest product from called "Smartphone Coasters" has you covered.

The design is simple and elegant, looks to be very functional, and the price is right.  They're stainless steel so they should take quite the beating, but with no material on the sides, shouldn't affect signal much at all.  They got me interested, and at $3.95 each I grabbed a few of them.  Check them out, your phone will love you for it.  []


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Smartphone Coasters -- so simple, so cool


Ok how long till this appears with a beer logo on it stamped in plastic at your local brew pub ?

Roger Rabbit?

Does it come with a free belt clip so you can carry it with you? haha. Cmon why not just make a case with a kickstand? Verizon sells one for the fascinate. This one is pretty silly.

This is kind of a cool and novel idea. Maybe the Android Central Store can carry these in the future. This could also be a cheap solution for a docking station. You can still plug the charger in and see your clock, great for the nightstand. It could also be used next to your computer at work. Set your pictures to slideshow and you'll have a digital photo frame. For 4 dollars its worth worth a shot.

So basically this is a larger business card holder. I don't see carrying this around so i can prop my phone up. This should be marketed to restaurants and bars and have the option of engraving/stamping for advertisements.

id rather pay 3.95 for the wallpaper to tell you the truth, my pocket already bulges enough from having the same phone and same case as the picture

Yea this is pretty bad. Don't get me wrong I would love to have a dedicated stand for watching movies on the train and playing psp etc. but this is terrible. Give me a fold up tripod that I can slip into my pocket.

I bought a hard-case cover for my Fascinate that has a built in kickstand for viewing landscape mode. It works great and was well worth the 14.99 I paid for it. It also folds down flush with the case and snaps into place so it's not in the way when you don't need it. It's also perfect for putting on my nightstand to use as my alarm. Kick stand is the only way to go if you've got a smartphone!

Also check out the Crabble. It's small enough for a pocket or wallet, has an adjustable angle and is made of plastic (so it definitely won't mess with your signal).

I make fun of my friend's Evo because of the kick stand... even though I secret desire such a stand. Doh! I'd like a magnetic charging dock for my captivate please.

guys just buy a damn body glove, it gives u the protection and guess what else it includes? thats right, a kickstand for portrait and landscape mode

I personally think these are great. I just bought 3. It isnt for carrying around with you guys...For me it will be nice to have a cheap stand for my desks at work and home.

Too funny. A buddy of mine actually made a couple of these for our G1's when they first came out. Worked perfect because the USB port was on the bottom of the phone so it was really easy to plug in a charger while watching movies. I keep it on my desk at work.