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Owners of the Samsung Galaxy S5 on T-Mobile's network should be on the lookout for a new but small software update, which should offer some performance improvements.

Tipsters alerted us to the download earlier this morning, but T-Mobile waited until later in the day to offer up a update on their support page describing what was in the 38.60MB file. It stated:

Beginning July 31 the Samsung Galaxy S 5 will have a software update to Android 4.2.2/Baseband G900TUVU1BNG3. Customers already on VoLTE software are being notified of the OTA software update. Customers not on a previously released VoLTE software must manually request the update via Wi-Fi due the file size. A manual update via Samsung Kies is also available. This update provides features and improvements.

Yep, that's pretty vague (and with an incorrect 4.2.2 software version), but it is there. In June, T-Mobile launched an update to the Galaxy S5 and the Note 3 that added support for customers on its VoLTE network. If you got this small update, did you notice anything different with the Galaxy S5?

Source: T-Mobile Support Page


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Small update for T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S5 provides 'improvements'


Installing right now. I have not seen any VoLTE on my S5 so hopefully this update will add that. I will post if I notice anything new.

I'm not too sure how to determine if VoLTE works. I did read something that states if it maintains an LTE connection while in call that is a good indicator. Before it would drop down to HSPA+ in a call. It does stay connected to LTE while in call now.

Hi I have just received software update notification on my galaxy s5 (I'm not with T mobile as such I'm with EE but I think they are joined up with each other)
I'm not sure what Volte is and how to tell if it is on my phone or not but straight after downloading update & it installing & restarting I got a notification from my antivirus saying that computrace agent has access to location & other privacy issues.
Not sure what else it has installed but it has installed this does anyone know if this is a good thing or bad thing.

The update changed the kernel and thus closing down the exploit that Towel Root used to root the Galaxy S5 Tmo version. Probably other models too. Towel Root only worked with June 3rd kernel date.

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The T-Mobile my account has a little tweak in the ui, it added a refresh option and network assist.

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It seemed to have fixed the random slowdowns my Galaxy S5 was having, it would start to lag really bad for no obvious reason, and the only way to fix it was to reboot the device, was getting very annoying, since it was happening almost everyday.

I received a notice from T-Mobile for the update, noticed the VoLTE option added. After a few days I can no longer manage my conference calls. I literally have to hang up both calls just to hang up one. It's very frustrating to not be able to separate the calls.