The latest update for Skype has now landed in the Google Play Store and has some nice changes in it that may make you want to go and hit that update button. Aside from the listed faster start up times for the app as a whole, Skype has addressed the issue where video would not rotate on some devices as it should plus, they also went ahead and added a new instant messaging view for chats. If you're already a Skype user, you can update from within the Google Play app or if you're looking to give it a shot, find the link below.


Reader comments

Skype updated with faster start up times, video bug fixes and newly styled messaging


This update seems to have some problems regarding to Contacts and Profile. After the upgraded, my contact list is empty and all my profile info is gone! I have to use force close to exit the program because Logout didn't work.

My device is SGS2 running 2.3.6 (UCKK6.)

Since microsoft have bought this they seem very committed to keeping the quality alive, its just disappointing they have not kept it so on Windows Phone. I hope it wont take as long for windows phone as it did originally on android.