Look, the Nikon Coolpix S800c runs Android, so it's not all that strange for us to put the Skype app on the ... camera ... and give it a go. The speaker leaves a lot to be desired, and don't even think about doing a video call. But still. How cool is this?

But be warned: You will look a little funny walking down the street with a camera to your ear.


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Skype, on the Nikon Coolpix S800c


I don't know - a toaster with a built in camera so you can watch your bread to see if it's burning, and remotely pop it - that could be handy.

Skype + The Plantronics M50 works to make and receive calls via Skype, listen to music...but not to record videos :-( I believe Bluetooth 3.0 and above is needed for success. I would love some direction on how to get any bluetooth device to work for recording voice to videos from a distance.

there are so many answers to questions that have never been asked these days.... :)

Canon is reported working on a high-def camcorder running Android.
When will this madness stop? (as much as I love Android, I just
don't get what the point is)

All this "madness" really comes down to is creating the user interface FROM android. Unfortunately, Nikon didn't do ANYTHING to the interface, so it's just an android device, with a huge camera on the back. In a perfect world, they would go the way of the kindles and nooks and have android underneath, with the specific user interface on top, whether it's a camera, camcorder, or toaster interface. The fact that you *can* make voice skype calls from the camera doesn't mean you ever *should* or that it was an intended feature.

The point is not to squeeze android onto everything, it's to shift the primary OS development cost and time investment, which was previously on each manufacturer, to Google's open source system.