SkyDrive App

Microsoft just announced updates to both its Android and Windows Phone versions of its SkyDrive app, which is their version of a consumer cloud storage solution. This latest update -- version 1.1 -- brings the ability for users to upload any file type to their SkyDrive directly from the SDcard, rather than only from internal storage. Additionally, Android users can now properly manage and rename folders, something that the iOS app already had. There are also new settings to manage photo uploads and downloads.

Its good to see Microsoft work to support users on all platforms, rather than sticking to just Windows Phone. Supporting other platforms is often the only way to have a service gain traction nowadays.


Reader comments

SkyDrive updated with SDcard uploads, feature improvements


I use Skydrive, but only via the Free ES File Explorer plug in. It of course already supported Folder Management and movement of files.

Didn't even know there was a native app for this.

Use ES File Explorer.

It handles my GDrive, Box, Skydrive, and DropBox accounts with only one app!

Helps to save space on my internal storage.

More free storage, I have the Box 50 gb when it was offered free back in Feb, free5 gb dropbox, 10 gb minus, and I also have a Gdrive account but Gdrive is the cheapest with $5 100gb and $10 200 gb, which I also have, great to store hd videos.