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The Sims FreePlay is now available in the Android Market from EA Games and with it you can explore the world of The Sims however you wish. In Freeplay, you can control up to 16 different Sims and Freeplay runs in 24-hour cycles meaning that you will need to check in throughout the day and respond to your Sims needs in real time:

  • Design dream homes or get fully-furnished houses for your Sims
  • Care for pets, grow gardens, even bake a cake
  • Give your Sims careers and earn Simoleons to improve their situations
  • Complete goals for Lifestyle Points, then spend them on hip items
  • Live with your Sims in real-time (when it’s day or night for you, it’s the same for your Sims)!

The Sims has a longstanding history in the video game world, with the first version having been released back in 2000 on Windows PCs. In that time, it has managed to become a rather large franchise for the folks at EA and while the Sims has been available on Android for a while now, this latest release offers something awesome for fans of the game.

Many folks may have wanted to try The Sims out in the past but didn't feel like paying the buy cost and reasonably so. The Sims 3 costs almost $8 and that's a fair amount to spend on game you may or may not like but with The Sims FreePlay you can explore the game without the cost. You'll want to note the download size though if you're going to check this one out, the graphics on the game are quite great and they will take up around 700MB of space on your device. The Android Market link can be found past the break.

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Peejiegio says:

Sadly not available to people in the UK it seems... what a let down. As a Motorola XOOM user, I'm getting used to not getting things until months after everyone else.

cyberlucy says:

Surprising since the game seems to have been written for a Brit audience.

moosc says:

Not on galaxy nexus

cohiba22 says:

Can't find for gnex.. no bueno.

asd216 says:

My device isn't supported...HTC EVO 4G running 4.0.3 :(

cyberlucy says:

Running 4.0.3 what? EVO runs on 2.3. And the game works just fine on mine

slayerpsp says:

not for Evo 3d either but i garbed the apk and it works fine tired of that stuff from devs like ea and gameloft so many times on my tablets or phones a simple build prop change and a game works shouldn't have to do that though

Murph5150 says:

Not supported on Rezound.

9KRacing says:

Shows as not supported on my Galaxy Nexus, but I can download it on my Touchpad running ICS. Weird.

Must be a resolution issue?

kenoshabrew says:

Have you tried actually running it on the Touchpad? I'm running CM9 and it doesn't work. Starts up and says there's an error (5002).

Shibbey says:

I never have understood the fascination with the Sims games. I get tired of doing most of these things in real life. Why would I want to place a game where I have to do them?

Oh well, some things I will never understand.

cyberlucy says:

Have you ever played it? It's definitely not like doing it in real life.

ulnek says:

lol are there any devices supported?

edisepic says:

downloading now im my Sprint EVO 3D

dcreed says:

Downloading on Droid 3.

Wait! OMG! It wants "Full Internet Access" !!!

Oh...okay. Never mind.

JeffDenver says:

So it will actually let you download it??

I am officially amazed. Apparently there is at least one "supported device" LOL

ba_hamilton says:

I am probably the only person in the entire world that has never played a SIMS game.

I love this

peanuthaterz says:

I'm running CM9 on hp touchpad. I can't make this game work. Any ideas on how to get it started?