Motorola Xoom silver

We've used the Motorola Xoom Android Honeycomb tablet on a number of occasions now, but never the silver one. Let's walk you through the differences:

It's silver. And it's expected to be the non-Verizon version that'll be available whenever it's available.

We also played around a bit with the Speaker HD Dock for the Xoom. The 10.1-inch tablet pugs into it horizontally and can play music over the speaker. And there's an HDMI port in the back for HD output. Thus the Speaker HD Dock, we imagine. Pics are after the break.

Motorola Xoom silverMotorola Xoom silver

Motorola Xoom silverMotorola Xoom silver

Motorola Xoom silverMotorola Xoom silver

Motorola Xoom silverMotorola Xoom silver

Hand model: Dieter Bohn

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ScubaNitrox says:

Looks like the same one that guy in the Dubai video was using.

PortareAF says:

This one is silver but still same price?

raelssur#AC says:

Which one is better? The silver or the black one?

eric6052 says:

If the silver model is the wifi only without Verizon branding I would say that's the best one

rlbrooks says:

So it "pugs" into the speaker dock? Is that a new magnetic interface? ;-)

EvanJ18 says:

this will be the $2600 special edition xoooooom

dhunter756 says:

I have seen so many tablets this week, but is there somewhere we can see a list of the ones actually available now?

harold42483 says:

It is what it is. And its available when its available. Great story (sarcasm)

"non-Verizon version"

Does this mean it's the EurAsian version or does it mean it's the wifi only 'Merkin version?

harold42483 says:

Instead of the obvious, which we can clearly tell from the pictures that its silver. Is there any other reason for this post. how about some info on hdmi dock. does it work for everything or just like gallery and youtube like the htc evo.

n64kps says:

To inform us that there is a silver Moto Xoom coming out...and that it's not going to have Verizon branding as it's a variant.

Did you want pics only and no text?

If this post didn't exist, would you know there's a silver Xoom coming out?

Gogol says:

Please give us the info of the 32 GB internal memory.

How much space for apps???

Grrrrr .............. desperately trying to find this answer!

IceDree says:

The black one is better

trenen says:

I agree, from an aesthetic appeal. The silver looks cheaper to me.

pachenkster says:

For being an Android fan site and Android being one of the better OSs, if not the best, people sure have a lot of complaints. And we wonder why Android doesn't have a high satisfaction rating because everyone expects it to have everything *they* want (it will get there someday). For all we know, this could be the wi-fi only version everyone wishes existed (I know it's not explicitly said what version this could be). All Xooms can do the same thing (which is awesome), and who's to fault a BUSINESS for making a "cheaper" version look not as "slick" as a black 3G/wi-fi version. Give credit where credit is deserved. How would people feel if all we had to go to was iOS websites or even WP7 (God forbid)? Not as exciting.

I am an Android fanboy. Always will be. Get over it. That's freedom (of being open).