T-Mobile Sidekick 4G

Just under a year after it revived the Sidekick line with the Samsung-manufactured Sidekick 4G, T-Mobile is discontinuing the device to make way for newer, shinier things. However, fans of the Sidekick brand and form factor need not fear, as Tmo plans to continue the Sidekick series in the future. In a statement sent to ​The Verge​, the carrier says, "while the T-Mobile Sidekick 4G is being retired, it doesn’t mean we are discontinuing the T-Mobile Sidekick line."

When we reviewed the Sidekick 4G last year, we found it to be a decent mid-range handset with some useful software features, and a unique UI. There's definitely plenty to build on in a future device.

The mobile phone market is increasingly dominated by large touchscreen slabs, with fewer and fewer QWERTY devices available. T-Mobile has remained supportive of keyboard-based sliders, though, with its G2 and myTouch series, so it's only natural that it'd want to keep the Sidekick brand alive, too.

Anyone out there looking forward to a newer, sleeker Sidekick with higher-end specs? Let us know how you'd like to see the Sidekick series continued in the comments!

Source: The Verge

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Asbjörn says:

The sidekick's time has come and gone. Let it go.


Playboy E says:

I had the first sidekick back in high school I use to show off with it around my neck haha good times class of 07!

mr nruz says:

i bet u were a douchebag

JtothaR says:

Haha, the first one came in a black and white screen and came out in 2000. I'm going to guess that's not the one you had. I had the second one in 01' which was the "color" version, Class of 05'.

And to guy above me, not as big of one as you are right now, LOL :D

Barf on the sidekick line

CeluGeek says:

I still like the Sidekick concept. I love the Sidekick-esque design of the Sharp FX Plus and would love to see a similar device but with decent specs.

The Sidekick 4G on the other hand... EWWW! I don't want to touch that weird Android distortion with a 10-foot pole. Make one with a true ICS experience build and we may be talking.

ncmacasl says:

I have a SK4G - best keyboard on the market. also I despise Soft Keypads because I have large hands/fingers and hard keyboard work much better for me. I have had 3 previous Sidekick/Danger models and their operating system was wonderful (worked especially well in 2G/2.5G areas).

The SK4G has had its problems but overall, I am pleased and look forward to the next phone in the Sidekick line. (perhaps an LX model with higher specs, more built in storage and RAM, more symbol options, and a Smiley Button that works on ALL apps not just their built-in TXT software)

Jadawin says:

Just passed my SK4G on for a G2S, and I wish I'd just been able to 'upgrade' memory and processor on the SK4G instead...sigh...Already miss the keyboard....and a working phone...waiting for the G2S to be repaired and using my Nexus One...MOAR KEYBOARDS! Quit catering to people who thinks these devices are for talking into! Well, except for voice recognition. :)

JtothaR says:

Is it running Donut?

cckgz4 says:

I do miss those keyboard shortcuts

i would like to see tmobile come out with another sidekick and go back to one of the trademarks that sidekick has the Swivel.

shantel mena says:

I agree the swivel screen was the best way for the sidekick to open thats what made it a sidekick. Tmobile should also go back to sharp making there products not samsung. The best sidekicks were the 3 and the lx. They need to bring back the originals with a boost. there taking too long to bring out the new sidekick

King Qalam says:

I think the side kick was hands down the best designed phone on the outside. the swivel screen was killing the game as far as innovative creativity for its time which made it a very popular device. If this phone was to return to t mobile it would be a huge game changer for the company. However, it would have to be done right this time. 1.) samsung can not design it ever again 2.) the swivel must stay… no more slide screen 3.) don't slack on the specs. it was so obvious that samsung did not put any thought or care whatsoever in the specs of the sidekick 4g which in my eyes was to blame for its failure. give the damn phone what other phones don't have yet. do a legend some justice!!!!! 4.) DONT MAKE IT TOO BIG. this phone has to fit in peoples hands comfortably. I'm not saying make it iPhone small but make it fit. 5.) last but not least give it a lasting secondary name 1,2,3 lx, 4g cool but Id call it the "sidekick hero"<<<(you heard it first here) let the customer know that its new and the phone is going to make their lives better!!!!! also the old inter face was cool mix that in with android somehow make it special. and the track ball was a huge help in navigation…even though it did get gunky if your hands weren't clean but oh well it was cool anyways.

Emilio C1 says:

Some what around the same size as the nexus 5 would be perfect in size I think! I loved all my sidekicks and wish for a new one so bad. The lx was my favorite by far, if it could run KitKat or the latest android os but still have the sidekick interface run cleanly.. This would change the game along with the keyboard and swivel.. Who needs a touch screen phone nowadays when you can also get the watches and glasses that display everything. Everyone needs a "sidekick" after all


AdkinsB89 says:

Those dogging on the sidekick are obviously not to bright! The sidekick redid the cell phone with its sleek style ya Samsung screwed up with the 4g so get a better builder than Samsung if they would give it both a virtual keyboard and a press, give it 2g ram a 1.5 processor or higher better camera atleast 2 megapixel in the front would make the sidekick a way better phone the sidekick is the reason I went to t mobile best phone I ever had will go back if they continue the line and make it competitive with the other phones out there.quit going cheap and actually spend the money to make it a great phone instead of going cheap and downgrading and giving the sidekick a bad name use your heads!

Personally I liked the sidekick the way it was. Granted it did not have a touch screen and did not store as much data, simple upgrades can be made to fix those problems. The phone was great with its schortcuts and I really liked aim on the device. All it really needs is some fine tuning to keep up with the increasing technological updates which are the usual for all phones; Processor, HD screens, flashy lights, App capabilities, etc. Keep the swivel if possible. If swivel and touch screen is not possible make a version that is optional for people to choose. Touch or swivel optional.

Yes, i think that the SK phone needs to come back. it was such a great phone i had it back in high school and loved it!