All the gravity bending goodness you know and love is now available for the NVIDIA Shield

You probably have played Rochard if your a gamer. Available originally for the PS3, the game quickly found its way to Steam and became a fan favorite. It's one of those games that you don't want to stop playing until you get to just one more checkpoint. Addiction, meet fun.

Today, Recoil Games has launched a pure Rochard port for Tegra 4 devices with controller support, like the Shield. It has the same side-scrolling action, the same great looking 3D scenery, the same great physics, and it rests right in the palm of your hands.

And it's fun as hell.

For those who haven't had the pleasure of playing, it's a pretty simple story. You are John Rochard, an astro-miner for the Skyrig Corporation. You have a G-Lifter —a device that can manipulate gravity, originally designed to load and move the heavy stuff one would find when mining an asteroid. Of course, a device that can manipulate gravity has plenty of other uses, and you'll need to find them all as you progress from level to level and get deeper into the sinister plot that has to happen in any action/adventure game. It's simple, but offers brain-tickling puzzles as well as combat, and the seemingly authentic zero-gravity physics make it a real treat.

I've not been able to put it down since the developers sent me the preview, and will be ready and waiting to buy it from Google Play. It's the best $6.99 you'll spend this week if you've a Shield or Tegra Note and controller to play it on.


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Side scroller PS3 port Rochard now available for NVIDIA Shield


Ah, only for the Shield. I saw on Play Games that you had been playing this game, but found it odd that it told me not available for your device (N5).

Posted via Android Central App

Mmm, this isn't a case of fragmentation. Just like PC games, some software requires certain hardware to run optimally.

Posted via Android Central App

As a Tegra Note Owner, I'm glad to see more that fully utilizes the Tegra 4 GPU. Can't wait to see the K1 exclusive games after seeing how much more powerful it is compared to the 805's GPU

Great for owners of nvidia hardware but bad for android as a whole. Fragmentation of games exclusive to certain hardware. Its marketing for nvidia. Sd800 found in many more android devices can handle anything a tegra 4 can graphically.. yet this game won't be played by all the people with sd800 devices.