Nexus 4 and Galaxy Nexus.

It seems like an easy decision to make -- the Nexus 4 is available for as low as $299 outright. Why wouldn't you get one? But the fact isn't lost on those of us who have a ridiculous number of smartphones that this is still a good chunk of money, and it's quite possible the phone you're holding right this second is still really good and should last a while longer.

So we're going ask the question about a number of current phones and help break it down. Should you upgrade to the Nexus 4?

Let's start with last year's Google phone -- the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

External hardware

I alluded to this in our review of the Nexus 4. From the front, we might not blame you if you mistake one phone for the other. Both the Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus 4 are big black slabs, with lots of glass on the business end. It's everywhere else that the Nexus 4 trumps. Like I also said in our review, I've never subscribed to the "Samsung uses plastic, plastic sucks, therefore this phone sucks" train of thought. But it's amazing how much the glass-and-soft touch of the Nexus 4 makes the Galaxy Nexus just seem ... well, old, both in design and feel.

Nexus 4 and Galaxy Nexus.Then there's the display. It's maybe not a night-and-day difference (especially if you're using a custom ROM on the Galaxy Nexus that corrects the color temperature), but it's definitely noticeable. I give the Nexus 4 the easy edge here. My only knock would be that the polarization causes images to appear to shimmer ever so slightly if you tilt the screen, but it's not a huge deal, and you get used to it. The IPS display in the Nexus 4 is, simply, better. The rubber edges give some good grip, too. And you're gonna need it. Whereas the Galaxy Nexus has that textured back for some grip, the Nexus 4 is smooth and slippery.

Edge: Nexus 4

Internal hardware

No contest, right? On paper, the Nexus 4 wins hands-down. The quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro simply is a different animal than the TI OMAP 4460 that the Galaxy Nexus has. Same for the GPUs. 

Again, you might not notice that much of a difference in casual use. But in specific, graphics-intensive tasks, you'll feel it. It also means better battery life when you're not beating the phone to hell and back.

Edge: Nexus 4


There's no denying that the Galaxy Nexus is older. It's a year older. That's just a fact, and that means the Nexus 4 should outlive it, in terms of hardware and software. We love our elders, but being younger means more potential.

Edge: Nexus 4


The Nexus 4 is running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean out of the box. The Galaxy Nexus should see an update shortly. That said, there are versions of the Galaxy Nexus that won't see official updates as quickly. (Looking at you, Sprint and Verizon.) We don't yet know how many regional versions there will be of the Nexus 4, but we do know that there aren't any CDMA versions here in the states as of now.

Is Android 4.2 that big an improvement from Android 4.1? Not necessarily. Gmail improvements should be in an app update, and we're still not sure exactly what parts of the Android 4.2 camera will trickle down to the older hardware. You'd definitely miss Photo Sphere if it doesn't hit the GNex. But it's also not the be all-end all of Jelly Bean.

Edge: We'll give this one to the Nexus 4, but only slightly. Even if the Galaxy Nexus doesn't get everything that's in Android 4.2 (and, again, that's not certain disappointment yet), the Galaxy Nexus is running one of the latest versions of the most advanced mobile OS in the world. Don't forget that. (And custom ROMs have a habit of curing what ails ya.)

The camera

The edge: Nexus 4 wins, hands-down. End of discussion.

Trading in the Galaxy Nexus

This is the cost of doing business. You're going to have a hard time getting back all of your Galaxy Nexus at this point. But there's a good chance that you could sell it and get a good part of the way (if not all the way) toward a new $299 or $350 Nexus 4. The fact remains that the Galaxy Nexus is still a very good phone, and you should be able to get something for it.

The bottom line

Admittedly, I'm a little torn here, re-reading everything above. The Galaxy Nexus is not a bad phone. And it'll get most (if not all) of the software improvements that the Nexus 4 has.

But also think about what kind of smartphone user you are. We've talked about the kind of person who needs to have a Nexus phone, be it to have the latest and greatest, and to be able to tinker. The Nexus 4 fits that bill, and does so in a way that doesn't break the bank.

If I were you, I'd look to upgrade from the Galaxy Nexus to the Nexus 4.


Reader comments

Should I upgrade? Galaxy Nexus versus the Nexus 4


2 year agreement open no-agreement.
2 year agreement galaxy nexus hands down.
LTE alone is a worthy option, and I think the G-nexus was (slightly)ahead of its time.
No contract, going on the cheap. Nexus 4 (16gig) no comparison great components
(sigh LG)month to month a straight talk plan or if you ran through your present agreement and your phone is old, wow cheap.


We all live in a world of individual choice and differing tastes, but I do feel it's harsh when I hear people talk of LG rather than the Nexus 4.

From all the reports and reviews, this phone seems as awesome as I have imagined and I, for one, will be getting one form day 1.

Not unlike the most, love my Galaxy Nexus and could not see myself updating unless something very special was released and with such positives reviews from well over 20 different sources worldwide, all positive, it seems that the something special is here.

With this being a Nexus, having the latest Qualcomm S4 Quad Core processor, 2Gb Ram, beautiful IPS screen, solid build, jelly Bean 4.2 oh and above all THE PRICE looks like a win win.

I realise that not all phones can be all things to all people, some will want LTE other SD expandability and most a removable battery.

But for my needs, with LTE not being widely available in the UK, I have coped without SD expandability since owning a Galaxy Nexus and the battery I will need to adapt my practices and carry a wall charger and or backup portable battery charger.

Counting down to D-Day 22hr 23mins until I complete that order in the Google Store.

Or rather a win-win! What if nothing ever updated? We were stuck with the technology we have right now for another hundred years?

Just think what a screw job this phone will be in 2 years when there are 8 core phones. Man, we should all wait indefinitely to upgrade.

I didn't wait and got the Galaxy Nexus right when the GSM version went on sale. Two years before that, I got the Nexus One right after it went on sale. I didn't get the Galaxy S because it wasn't needed. I don't need all the power of the Nexus 4 in my phone at this point so I won't be getting it either. Next year, however, when the next Nexus is released, I'm almost sure to buy that. This year, it's the Nexus 10 I'll be buying. :)

The Razr HD was the last of the Motorola phones already in play when Google bought Moto. It'll take six months for another new phone from Moto to come out so by May june next year I'm sure Moto will have an LTE Nexus, and since its Moto hopefully expanded storage and a great battery.

A MotoNexus would be kickass! Kevlar, Gorilla glass, and nano coating... hopefully the screen and camera would be better than what they've been putting out latey, though.

Except the problem when the GNEX was released was the specs were already dated when it came out. A 5MP camera, really? Sure MP's are not everything but it was a crappy 5MP camera. It would be one thing if it took amazing pictures, but it didn't. So yeah, you got a crappy 5MP camera. I would have at least preferred a crappy 8MP.

Also, because of the CPU they chose to use, battery life was terrible compared to the newer chipsets.

I think Samsung went this route with the GNEX because they wanted to S3 to be there star and and they saved their best for their flagship. We all know Samsung could have done a better job with the GNEX. At least the Nexus 4 fits in with top tier devices on release. I do think it is interesting Google chose LG to make the device though. I think that a lone might keep some people away.

The Nexus 4 will be my next... but only when my contract ends in the next year, so meanwhile I love my Galaxy Nexus and I have no hurry to change it.

I couldNt agree more. Galnex is still good phone. Maybe i just wait till next year.let a couple month and see what will happen with android next year:)

IMO the Galaxy Nexus is still one of the best phones out there. I just don't like how Google is now regarding the device as if it were 10 years old. It's not on sale on Google Play, and the docks, etc. on Google Play that were never on sale were taken off. Wtf. Google should at least make the Galaxy Nexus $249 or something.

Daayumm, I actually just want a better camera. That alone may have me sell my stock GSM nexus..its dent, smudge and scratch free as its been in a case and screen protector from day one...hmm.. might sell..we'll see what 4.2 does to my phone first.

Honestly people seem to be fooling themselves. YES the Lg Nexus 4 is hands down better than the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon it's honestly no contest hardware wise and software wise. People want to make themselves feel better because the Verizon model has LTE and the new Nexus 4 doesn't. The Lg Nexus 4 doesn't need LTE to be better if Verizon did better by the only Nexus they ever had they wouldn't be in this current situation today. They shitted on Google and all the customers who left carriers to come to Verizon in the first place for LTE which today has slowed down drastically and it's very overrated. Yeah maybe the lack of storage and being unable to switch out batteries might be what people like buying the Lg Nexus 4 it still makes Verizon's Galaxy Nexus look like a welfare case. Privately the Galaxy Note 2 makes both the Verizon Galaxy Nexus and the Lg Nexus 4 useless in the tech game for at least the next 180 days. But I know people just love all things Nexus I don't. Rather you have the Lg Nexus 4 on Tmobile with it's HSPA PLUS 42MPS network or decide to go with straight talk which I can't see why anyone would do that when Tmobile will have faster speeds and pure unlimited data either way it's hands down better than any Verizon Galaxy Nexus that's for sure.

I jumped the gun and already ordered the box from gazelle for my Gnex. I have 19 days to ship it to them. Hoping to get the 4 before the offer expires...

Gazelle? really? they rip you off, it's like selling a game at gamestop.
It's much better to sell the phone yourself on ebay.

I don't think there's any question that the N4 is going to out-spec the GN (sans LTE, storage, and removable battery), as was stated, it's brand new and there were a few things on the GN that honestly could have been better. In the end though, for a lot of people already with the GN, is that enough? There might be out of the box functionality that may not come to the GN with 4.2 but the Dev community, as it does with all Nexi, will keep it humming along with all that 4.2 can offer and more.

For me personally, I'd rather spend the money on the N10 and have two Nexus devices that I know will always have the most up to date software that Google can offer.


Mini sim="normal" sim
Micro sim= N4 sim
(Regular) SIM= credit card sized

The iphone 5 has something even smaller than a micro sim. It's called a nano sim, though I'm not sure if it is standardized or apple just came up with there own and dubbed it nano sim (i think its standardised)

Ignoring the stepchild (CDMA)...

I don't see how the software can't be a push, has Google (on a Nexus phone) ever done a partial update to the latest software? So far as I've known they've either done everything, or nothing.

Hell, even the Nexus S got a full update to ICS, right? Why wouldn't the GNex get a full update of a DOT upgrade?

Yes, you're right - the Nexus S got ICS and JB as well. However, in ICS it didn't get face unlock due to its front facing camera not having a high enough resolution.
It's this sort of little things that may be left out, nothing major.

It seems like Phil may have concerns about the GNex being able to handle photosphere. I haven't heard of other features that the older processor won't handle.

pretty crazy how 50/50 this is, it's pretty dang close and to be honest though I voted I'm upgrading ASAP it has more to do with I want to save money and get out of Verizon's control otherwise the Galaxy Nexus is a great phone and would last me at least another year of happiness! In fact last I saw Verizon was offering the GNex for $50 on contract and that is a great deal for this phone and I have recommended it to friends and family at that price and before. :)

I'm in the process of leaving Verizon as well. I was going to grab the Nexus 4, but saw a deal on a GSM Galaxy Nexus that I couldn't pass up. The ETF is the reason why I cheaped out and just bought a Galaxy Nexus. But, I'm more than satisfied with the phone and the money I save every month will more than make up for it.

nothing wrong with getting another Galaxy Nexus, it is a great phone! Biggest limitation for me pulling the trigger at this point is the cost of the new phone and the fact that it's not just one N4 I have to buy but 2 cause my wife needs a new phone too.

Yeah, at least the cost is low that you can buy two of them. You figure the cost of two Nexus 4's will be only slightly more than the full retail price of one carrier phone. I may eventually get one, after I get my finances in order lol. But, if I don't get one by next April, then it only makes sense to wait for the next Nexus, unless they drop the price in the Play Store.

It's not an easy choice if you are locked into a 2 year contract with Sprint or Verizon. Given that mean Steve mean Google, is now deciding what their customers should or should not have or what their experience should be.

When has any manufacturer not decided what their customer should or should not have? If they put an SD slot in, they decided that you should have one. If the battery is removable, they decided it should be. Nothing different about this case at all.

Hmm, this got me thinking. What would you guys think is a reasonable price for a used Galaxy Nexus? The Nexus 4 isn't for me, too expensive for no LTE and limited storage. But a used unlocked Galaxy Nexus would be a great backup and travel phone while allowing me to whet my appetite for the latest OS.

you know what? a lot of people in this discussion are selling their GNex, just have an open tender right here, right now =)

I actually just got home from selling my GSM Galaxy Nexus off of Craigslist for $270. I would not even think of selling it to Gazelle for $150...

Nexus 4 here I come. I just have to use this Blackbery Curve 8320 for the next few days :(

That was my dilemma . . You can get a new gnex on amazonwireless for 29.99 with my upgrade, but didn't the gnex have something wrong with battery life or weak signal or something? Was trying to decide between razr maxx and n4 but hard to ignore a $30 gnex :/

I had a sprint Gnex for about a month and the battery life and signal were atrocious. It was the second time I'd been burned by Samsung as I had just upgraded from a nexus s 4g which also had terrible reception and battery life. I guess it's nice that you can swap the battery out but you're better off getting a phone with non-removable battery and a battery pack.

Right now I have an EVO 4g LTE and I love it. Battery life is fantastic and the radios are great. If you're not stuck with sprint/verizon I'd definitely go with the lg nexus 4 though.

I have a Gnex on verizon. Signal and battery life are fine for me. I can definitely get through a full day with moderate use on the battery. There is also an extended battery which barely adds any thickness at all.

It's not worth it to me. You have two very capable devices right there. The only reason to do it is if you absolutely don't use the Nexus 7. But, if you're perfectly content with your GNex, then it is NOT worth it. Just my .02.

Honestly, comparing this should have been like comparing the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus, worlds apart. This is way to close to be a consideration as an upgrade. Without EVERYTHING the prior had(32gigs,LTE etc.)it is just a sidestep and sad.

It is a major sidestep. Think about it: when you want to put on some music not enough space. Basic internet browsing/youtube not as fast.
People say, "I dont like LTE b/c it makes me use more data" ?! What? So a faster speed makes the 20 mb game 40 mb's? I don't get it. AND with the smaller hard drive you will have to rely on the cloud storage more, and it will use more data anyways.
Finally I drive around a lot in Florida and the Verizon service and LTE coverage is amazing, hands down better than the competitors.

I feel like google is trying to copy Apple's business model... from 2008.

I'm happy with my Galaxy Nexus thank you very much. I'm not really feeling the N4. Now the N10, that's another story.

I absolutely love my nexus and if they had SD cards I might be a little more tempted. However, as of now I'm holding out for a good deal on a T-Mobile Note II. LTE isn't an issue as HSPA+ 42 is plenty fast. I just can't deny the features the Note II offers. However, if I can't snag a deal on it, I might just pull the trigger on this thing. It is pretty awesome after all.

Maybe your presentation was a little bias, Phil. If you compare the specs, sure the N4 is going to win (for the most part anyway.) And seeing as you have been snuggling up to the N4 every night for two weeks now makes your view a little tainted.
I think the way to really decide whether to upgrade or not is by perspective.

In my case, I spent 2+ years with the OG EVO 4G and only two months ago upgraded to the GNEX. Naturally I think that this phone is the best thing since sliced bread. I slapped CM10 (Jellybro version) on along with overclocked Trinity Kernel and I couldn't be happier.

Not to mention that the GNEX is a fast, capable, phone straight out of the box. I also like the fact that I have 32 gig built in and a removable battery. These are both hugh advantages in my book.
I do realize that it is part of you guys job to perpetuate the Android ecosystem, however sometimes it's not always about the latest specs.

32GB & LTE. I'm good for now. But I'm also usually 6 - 8 months behind when it comes to my phones.

I'm still happy with the GNex. When that changes, I'll upgrade.

Upgrading. GS2 42mbps HSPA+ speeds were LTE-like in my city, averaging 15mbps. Getting that speed back plus having a nice camera again are worth it. The spec bumps just sweeten the deal, and it came in cheaper than I thought it would. It helps that we have to claim insurance on my wife's HTC Sensation, which means I can probably get more out of its replacement and give her my GNex, which she likes better anyways. It might turn out to be a wash depending on how much I can get.

Hey Phil, since you're pushing us all to the 4, are all of the Gnex accessories in the store going to be discounted by 90%?

I kid, I kid.. but not really.

Well I put a lot of thought into it and for now I'm going to wait.

My Gnex on Sprint still works perfectly fine, has the storage space I prefer, lets me swap my batteries all day long and will soon have LTE that I can actually use. Just stuck on horrible 3G now. Damn though the tech nerd in me wants the Nexus 4 badly.

The real deal breaker is this though. I've talked to a bunch of people I work with. T-Mobile simply has a worse signal than I get with Sprint at my work place. AT&T doesn't sound to be much better but I might give them a try. Not sure I want to pay to break my contract. I think my best plan is to wait a bit, see if an LTE Nexus 4 comes to life.

LTE covers around 20% of the US population and if you sold your gnex you'd only be losing around $25-50 out of your pocket...just sayin

GL using a N4 on Verizon in any way shape or form...and AT&T's LTE has 110 million people covered while T-Mobile's hspa+ has 220 million covered. Not to mention LTE drains more battery, which is going to be an issue with a removable battery. The average speed on AT&T's LTE is currently around 13 mb/s vs hspa+ average of 9; both being capable of faster. Why is everyone so obsessed with LTE? Slightly faster speed isn't worth less battery life and coverage imo.

I know this is off topic but what do people download that requires anything above 10 mb/s, a 1080p movie can stream using 5-10. Am I missing something?

I personally live in a rural area and am lucky to get 3g, so I could care less what it has as long as it's cheap lol.

^^^^^THIS^^^^^ +9000. When I used to bash going Prepaid, I thought that I absolutely had to have the speeds of LTE at my disposal 24/7. But, I noticed that whenever I had to download something (music, movies, etc.), I would wait until I got home, or go to a restaurant. In both cases, the Wifi was more than ample to download files and help me cut back on my data consumption (even though I'm Unlimited). LTE is nice, but not necessary. Hopefully, I'm going to get my sim card today to bask in the glory of $30/ month Unlimited HSPA+ data.

It's cracking me up how you guys think getting the N4 is a no brainer. Verizon dominates the carrier customer base, and although there are certainly those that may leave for this phone, I think the list is tiny. No matter how great the phone, if you you've got crappy service, then your device sucks. Personally, I hate Verizon and I hate LTE (it's a battery sucking piece of shit), but every where I go, on every trip I take, I have data and cell connectivity. I don't think any other carriers can give you that.

So do you have a gnex on vzw? I am due for an upgrade, thought I'd get a maxx, but now see I can get a gnex for $30 on amazonwireless; are there any downsides? Have you had weak battery or signal issues or ?

I have a VZW Gnex - i have had weak battery and signal issues. i live in the central Maryland area.

i should note, that i have minimized the amount of apps on my phone and a lot of those apps that have refresh rates (that arent push) have syncing turned off. and i am rooted and running a custom ROM (MMuzzy 4.1.1)

If you've got a Costco close to you, they've got I believe the original Maxx for $99. And costco always has pretty nice bundle packages that come with the included price.

Meh, I'm an AT&T user and travel often during summer. I've never had a problem with reception. But, I'm thinking of testing T-Mobile when I purchase the latest nexus phone

I think if you are already on T-Mobile, it's an easier decision. This is the best phone available on T-Mobile for the money (value for dollar). If money isn't a consideration, then it would still be between this and the Galaxy Note 2 for best phones on T-Mobile. But strictly from an upgrade from Galaxy Nexus to Nexus 4 perspective, I feel that if you're on T-Mobile, it's an absolute 100% yes to upgrade to.

I skipped a generation and I'm still using a nexus s 4g....first chance I get I'm dumping sprint, buying the nexus 4 and going with prepaid t-mo. My current ETF is only $100, so at that price I'll gladly give them the boot! They really screwed up the update schedule with their whining about proprietary radios, etc....screw them!

T-mo and 42mbps data, here I come!! :D

. Leaving Verizon for this. Price and plan savings are the determining factor. I lost my unlimited data with Verizon somehow so paying $150 a month for service (was $70) whomped. N4+straight talk or tmo prepaid= at least 80- 100 dollar difference in what I'm paying right now.

No way I would give up LTE and unlimited on Verizon for the Nex4. The Nex4 is better in every way than the Gnex EXCEPT for LTE, storage (for the VZW version), and removable battery. Those 3 things are enough for me to prefer the Gnex for now.

Also, the camera isn't stellar on the Gnex, but it isn't as bad as all these tech bloggers make it out to be.

I live in Eastern Maryland and unfortunately Verizon is the best carrier around. I like the Galaxy Nexus, though I still have some signal issues but not as bad as Sprint. That being said I am seriously considering getting the N4 and trying out Tmo or ST prepaid to cut my cost. Anyone on the east coast have experience with ST or Tmo prepaid? Recommendations??

"The camera

The edge: Nexus 4 wins, hands-down. End of discussion".

That settles it then, I'm buying one!!

I didn't get the Galaxy Nexus because I was stuck in a contract. I'm never going back to contract, so I plan on getting the Nexus 4 next week (especially since I lost my Sensation last week). I don't care about LTE and will never sign a contract with AT&T or Verizon, so I feel I win with this decision.

I like the specs of the N4 but will stick with my GNEX Here's why:

1. My phone works perfectly for me and I am happy every time I pick it up.

2. The camera could be better but apps, like HDR+ and such improve the
pictures and I actually see an improvement in the stock android camera
with Jelly bean.

3. Grandfathered into unlimited so any new phone I buy on Verizon will
remove this. Not a big deal since I don't use over 2 Gig in a month,
but I don't have anyone to share a plan with so I will have to go solo
when the time comes.

4. Most of my use is via Wifi via my home network but when I am out and
about LTE is faster than my home network. Sometime I use it at home in
place of my home network. I did consider the phone when
I thought it might arrive with LTE on AT&T but it's not. Why take a
steps backward just for a faster processor?

5. I get a 20% discount on my monthly bill because I have a corporate

6. Next year something new will come out so I can wait to see what that
will be and who will carry it because I prefer stock Android to carrier

7. I have a Nexus 7 free of carrier constraints so I will be able to enjoy
the current Android system even if my phone doesn't get upgraded.

Finally this week Verizon stated that they will complete LTE implementation a few months ahead of schedule. They have also stated that they will move away from CDMA and move to voice over LTE so I feel that Google must begin to address what it is going to do in the 100% LTE environment because it seems like the future at least in the USA and perhaps in the UK. I completely understand Google's current position with regard to LTE but it is not going to be a viable solution going forward.

If I can find a great condition Galaxy Nexus for $235 then I would rebuy it, I actually missed out a few that got sold too fast, right now they are going for $250. Not a bad price compared to the $400 of the 16GB Nexus 4 ($350 + tax + shipping). If I can't find one that cheap, I might get the Nexus 4 if user feedbacks are good and no launch hardware issues.

Unfortunately, the one BIGGEST reason I won't ever get a Nexus 4 is because... LG made it.

To me, LG is simply a massively inferior electronics company. I've never had an LG device and had it work well and longer than a week. They're a pathetic choice to make a Nexus device and I'll NEVER purchase one of their devices for as long as I live.

I want to give my best friend the galaxy Nexus, even though he knows its the older version he always wanted it but was to poor to afford it, where can i find one? The Google Play store discontinued them. Please help any info will do,Please only submit if the device is unlocked GSM as he has Straight Talk. Thanks!

I believe you could say that. but on resolution, brightness, contrast (Overall quality, I believe), the nexus 4's screen is better

Well, the back matters.

My daughter has a Galaxy, and she loves it. For all the talk about the plasticness and finish of Samsung phones, the GNex is molded very nicely for you hands. It feels good. And the prospect of a glass back did not appeal to her at all, and it doesn't to me either.

It's enough to make me look at other options. Razr HD, Xperia T, old One X's that are on sale.

But I will be buying a Nexus 4, and I will be sadly getting a case for it. I am a fairly clumsy human being. I WILL smash it some time in the next year if I don't.

The N4 may feel like a great phone, but with its inaccessible battery, can it be considered ahead of the Gnex in terms of hardware? It's been said many times, many ways, but a glass back, unswappable battery and no memory expansion? Kinda sounds like another phone I know ...

I'm not trying to be a troll, but several of the reasons I shoved my iPhone in a drawer and switched to Android are now a reality on Google's signature hardware.

I really would like to get the Nexus 4. I too bad Google and LG have gone out of their way not to make their new phone more readily available to the rest of the world.

It could be month and months before the Nexus 4 shows up outside North America and select parts of Europe, and when it does it will be tagged with a much higher price.

I'm a big fan of Google and android, but I must say that I always feel shafted with the last of product availability. Ok the Play Store may have issues with digital rights and copyright, but why can't Google sell their own hardware to from their online stores?

Come on Google you want to be an international brand... Sell internationally!

Confirmed to be in Indonesia at late november or early december. the price tag will be expensive, though.. in countries that cannot buy from google play store, it would be around $600

Have a GNex on VZW.. Picked it up used from a 3rd party locally and replaced my old phone with it.. was able to keep the unlimited data that I'ce had for years on the plan that way and still get the 4G/LTE speed update.

Have slight power issues if I use it heavily, but I think the battery that came with it is a little on the weak side and will do much better if I replace it.

Might look at a G4 if they ever get one that is VZW compatible. Like someone else stated, VZW isnt all that great, but I get data coverage more places than the people I know on TMo and ATT..

Galaxy Nexus has 4g. Winner winner chicken dinner. Even the iphone has 4g. Come on google, you're moving backwards

I don't see upgrading to this from my galaxy nexus at all, I would live without 4G. But can't be limited to 16gb, and I also got to call some of the fans boys here, and that made fun of the iphone 4 s and calling it stupid and saying the apple fan boys will buy anything from Apple and saying 4G was the wave of the future, please yet when Google does the same thing and not add 4G on their nexus 4, and those same people how 4G isn't that great and that it's not needed, just admit it already some of you nexus fan boys or no different from Apple fan boys.... And just to make sure I am not calling out android fans. I am only calling out the nexus fan boys only, and cause I know a lot of Android fans are not like those fans

Nothing, but nothing, shouts 'disposable' louder or clearer than a non-removable battery. That's enough for me to stick with my GNEX and wait for the next Nexus. It seems to me to be a way to trap people into a particular upgrade path, because when the next device comes out you're going to need to buy it since your phone's battery only lasts half the time it used to.

I will not upgrade from my Galaxy Nexus because I don't like the headphones jack on the top of the nexus 4. It makes it less user friendly. When using headphones and the phone is in your pocket it is natural to have the jack upwards, therefore witha Nexus 4 when you pull it out of your pocket it is upside down!! It may seem petty but would annoy the hell out of me because it shows no design consideration for the user.

I have another year on my contract so I won't be switching to the Nexus 4 just yet. My sister is due up from her Nexus S she might upgrade to the Nexus 4 but T-Mobile is so bad in Minneapolis I think I might recommend she get the S3 or the Galaxy Nexus. A free GNex might be a better solution for her.

Not even a year Everyone either cried or laughed when the iphone 4s didnt have LTE... now its okay? Some fools go far enough to say it is better? Truly a cult following, google its not okay to go backwards, ever.

My Gnex has LTE and 32 GB, which I was thinking wasnt enough:
Google play music sucks at actual playback (gaps between songs, and lag) so I have to put my music on the phone to use another player. I have 54.4 GB of music. Do the math, this is unacceptable.

These are things that effect daily usage. Kool I have a quad core processor, but no music and slow internet... but the back has sparkles!!!

Have fun with your Kool-aid.

I'm hoping to get the Nexus 4 (if it's sold at a reasonable price in the Netherlands). My Galaxy Nexus is still performing great, but that one will go to my GF replacing the horrible HTC Sensation she is using now.

When I pick up the HTC Sensation I cannot fathom how sensational a failure that phone is compared to the Gnex. She had the HTC ChaCha before and that was even worse. Couldn't even run Facebook without running out of memory. HTC really let us down. Nexus all the way from now on! Glad the Nexus isn't an HTC device.

Yes.. more people should jump on the nexus 4, so the used market of g-nexus swells. Allowing me to pick a couple up for even less money:)
I love my gnex.. its enough phone to last me for years to come..seriously.. got 1 in the drawer never used:)


For folks asking why we didn't mention LTE here -- it's because we're going to keep these comparisons carrier-independent for the most part. It's a big world out there, and a lot of it isn't on Verizon. (In fact, the vast majority isn't.)

If LTE's that important to you, cool. That's a perfectly valid opinion, and your answer should be pretty clear. (And, actually, I have a feeling we'll break that carrier-independency thing in a future comparison, now that I think about it.)

But the Nexus 4 is a carrier-independent GSM device, and we're going to treat it like such for the most part.

I love my CDMA Galaxy Nexus. It's rooted and running the newest software (JBSourcery 3.1) with 4.2 Gapps and I will install the rest of 4.2 as soon as it comes available to us root users. The development community makes this phone worth my time. Sure it's showing its age and the stock camera sucks, but the 4.2 camera takes much better photos and Franco kernels make it a beast that can hold its own against most new top of the line phones. I think I will stick with my Galaxy Nexus until something even better comes out with CDMA capabilities (since I live in the boonies) and which is an actual revamp, not just an upgrade.

++1...I'm not hung up on LTE especially since there is the HSPA+42 option is my city. However I am not happy about the way that AC is trying to make the GNEX seem like a piece of equipment out of the stone age compared to the N4. When it comes to realworld performance I would put the GNEX up against most phones on the market.

People take the whole quad core thing out of context. You will only get the benefit of all four cores if the process or application demands it. I don't know of many task on a phone that requires four cores. It is nice to have I'm sure, but necessary...I think not.

All we heard for 2 wonderful and exciting to have a gnex. Saints be praised! A God send! Boast, boast. NOW its old school? Give me a break! What are you? A salesman working on up sell? I'm sticking to gnex for a while.

The King is dead, long live the king.
(OK not quite, but for the past 11 months the GNEX has been King, just that the Nexus 4 in many ways, not all, is better). You didn't expect a newer phone to be worse than the current phone did you?

After going through hurricane Sandy here in NJ I'll stick with my Galaxy Nexus. While I am not a big fan of the way Verizon controls there upgrades, they were the only ones who had service here in my area. My friends with AT&T and Sprint were for the most part out of service for a couple of days.

It isn't like you can go to Google and buy a Galaxy Nexus or any of it's accessories anymore anyways.

So unless you're buying the Verizon version.. you'll have to buy a Nexus 4.

No LTE is a no Brainer for me. Maybe by the time my contract is up Google will have figured it out. How does apple figure out the update process over multiple carriers and include lte

I feel the CDMA Nexus is betterthan the GSM version for one reason, 32GB of space. That's a pretty major distinction. Especially with 99 percent of all people running out of room due to music, movies, etc. Plus games hitting 2GB a pop now. 16GB is just not enough. That simple. That right there is a deal breaker. Also the cloud sucks for nearly everyone due to data constraints.

I'll update to the NEXUS 4 when they get the 32 gig version that they promised in the GSM Galaxy Nexus. My 16 gig GN works fine but I limit myself on what I keep on the phone.

I just bought my Galaxy Nexus in Sep. So I won't consider the Nexus 4, maybe I will wait for the Nexus 6, I should be using my currently phone for at least 3 years, or God would kill me with thunder.

Androidcentral, are you serious about this article? I don't understand how people just can forget to mention something really important such as LTE where at least in my city I have everywhere. Also, what about the fact that you have to switch carriers if you're not on a gsm carrier??? T Mobile, which I would never do even with their hspa+ speeds. AT&T which their HSPA is a little better than 3g. How do you forget to mention these important factors in an article where you're talking about specific pros and cons of each phone. These are two huge Cons that people need to consider. I guess I'm just bitter that I have to wait for an LTE version(hopefully)!

I've had only one droid phone before and that was the S2 and I didn't like that, so I got the iPhone 4s. I also recently bought the Nexus 7 which I love, I have sold my 4s yesterday on eBay so I can get the Nexus 4 on Tuesday. I think this is going to be the best phone out hands down, forget S3 and forget iPhone 5. I like how this is from google and it has 4.2 to begin with and there will be no waiting for updates, unlike the S3 which is still on ice cream. When I had the s2 I didn't like samsungs os with all there added software I just found it made it slow and laggy and battery life was pathetic. I've used the s3 and still not a fan, I don't like samsung at all. If the Nexus 4 wasn't coming out i'd just keep my 4s, but it is coming out and can't wait !!!

Excuse me if this is a dumb question, but there's one thing about the whole Nexus discussion that I'm obviously not getting.

First off, I am a software developer for a living, and while I have dabbled in Android development, it is just a hobby for me at the moment. I also understand that the Nexus line is primarily a "reference standard" for developers and really isn't intended to be a mainstream device although anyone can buy it. Which is partially why the pricing is as good as it is.

The question is this - if Google is pushing online content through Google Play (including your own music) as much as they are, and it is one of the main reasons the initial versions of the Nexus 4 line are only available in 8GB and 16GB models, then why would they not provide models/versions that take advantage of the fastest wireless speeds available?

While the unlocked price point is fantastic, I'm just not sure that's enough to overcome the lack of LTE for me, and I do have the choice of taking my money elsewhere if that's a dealbreaker for me.

I can only hazard a guess as to the reasons for Google omitting LTE currently and that IMO was the farce that was the Verizon and Sprint LTE versions of the Galaxy Nexus.

The main ethos of the Nexus branding is for the latest version of the OS to be available ASAP, this has not been the case with Verizon and Sprint, with some delays up to 3 moths or more.

I think at a later date an LTE version will be released ("with Google" branding perhaps) but Google, quite rightly, does not need to the release of updates to it's phone being dictated to by carriers.

I completely agree with Phill, if you are on the gsm Gnex how can you not upgrade. I just sold my used Gnex for 280 on eBay and going to pick up the nexus 4 right away. How can you not take a deal like that ?!? The longer people wait the more the Gnex will drop in price and the more you'll have to put out on a new phone. Getting the latest nexus unlocked pentaband for practically even trade of the old nexus is a deal you cannot refuse.....unless you are not on GSM. And if you are not on GSM....what are you waiting for ;)

I'm not making a decision until i see the accessories that come out for the N4. I'm still pissed off about the lack of accessories for the GNex.

this is literally the worst comparison article i've ever seen. 3 biggest flaws of GN were speaker quality, camera, and battery life, and this article does nothing to compare them to N4.

I'm personally not interested in the N4 because its an LG product. I've had bad luck with LG products in the past (not all phones).

I usually change my phone once a year and I've had my Galaxy Nexus for 10 months and really have no interest in changing. Its an excellent phone, gets all the latest updates. May keep it for longer then I normally would.

Running CNA 3.8 on my GNEX 32 GB from VZW and am very happy. Yes, the build quality is a bit crappier than the N4 and specs are slightly weaker, but until they announce a variant of the N4 for Verizon with LTE and 32 GB of storage, I am staying with the GNex.

For quite awhile I was thinking, yes definitely I'll upgrade, but I'm trying to save money. The camera alone has me wanting to upgrade, if the camera on my GSM nexus didn't suck so much keeping it would be a lot easier, but with the nexus, I have to carry around my older work galaxy S2 if I want to take pictures anywhere.

Still on the fence I guess.

Where is the COMPELLING reason to upgrade? I don't see one. The screen of the N4 is better but not dramatically. The camera is better, but keep in mind that the Mobile Phone camera that can fully replaces a high-end point-and-shoot, hasn't been invented yet. The GNex camera is quite good in an outdoor daylight shoot, but not so good in lower-light situations. Chances are, if you want a good shot at a party, you'll bring a better camera anyway. The N4 probably gets a little better battery life, but I get pretty good battery life with my GNex, as I'm on wi-fi most of the time. AND, I can carry a spare battery when I'm on the road. That's a clear win for the GNEx.

I think the real bottom line is this: Are you the kind of user who has to have the latest and greatest? Or are you the kind of user that can skip a generation and not miss much? I usually wait it out, like I've bought versions 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 of Photoshop Elements, and skipped the odd versions. I figure the GNex will still be a great phone for another year, and who knows, they may have a GREAT camera for the new Nexus in November 2013. I'm sure the software will stay up-to-date on the GNex at least until then.

Totally agree with you trap49. As the voting poll in the beginning determines that majority of people still think that GNex is still a Beast phone. When it came out, it was way ahead of its time and it still a decent phone.
Let's start with LTE. I'm a t-mobile customer and I really don't care about LTE. In my town I easily get up to 12-15mb/s speed, on par with Verizon's LTE in my area -- and AT&T just aspirates.
I just love the high saturated Super AMOLED screen, and IPS LCD isn't a big reason to upgrade. Pixel density is just a bit up from 316 ppi to 318 ppi.
In my opinion the Quad-core 1.5 GHz Qualcomm APQ8064 Snapdragon processor is the biggest reason to upgrade, though It's not as fast as Optimus G, If you don't believe me benchmarks all over the internet are proof of it. RAM is doubled in N4, however, as I said, I'm a regular user and 1GB RAM and TI OMAP processor is more than enough. Unless you play 3D games on you phone, for which I think you should invest in a PS3 or Xbox.
8mp camera is a huge improvement, though it's an okay camera. BTW Gnex camera is okay too. And if you got some skills, you can still win races with your Honda civic. If you go to Formula 1 race, you better take your Ferrari "DSLR" -- you know what I mean.
Besides that, I rooted my phone and running Paranoid Android + 4.2 jellybean. I get very good battery life, and I do have an option to swap out battery.
In the end, I'll say just say this, If you bought a Bugatti Veyron last year and they came up with a new model this year with some more horsepower and some this-and-that, your one-year-old car is still a beast. However, If your dad is a Neurosurgeon and you got shit load of money, go buy N4(which is just 1% better than Gnex). As someone said in comments, I'll buy a 8-core N5 in 2013! Peace.

I personaly would stuck with my Gnex.. just because its grown on me. I luv my nexus and giving it up for a few improvements dosent seem worth it.. even thought a 1.5 ghz quad core is tempting as he said u wont see much improvement in daily usage. In contrast the Gnexus will get all the same android upgrades.. just look at the nexus s it hasent been forgoten by google devs