July 4 sale

Independence Day for the good ol' U.S.A. is July 4, but we're kicking off the celebration savings a little early and going a little long this year, just to make sure all Android Central readers have a chance to take advantage of this special offer.

Starting now and going until midnight PST on Sunday, July 7, you can save 15 percent on your entire order using coupon code 7413 at checkout (and yes Canadians, the coupon will work in our Canada store too!).

The 15 percent coupon code covers all of our accessories, including Galaxy S4 cases, Galaxy S3 cases, everything for the HTC One — and all the spare batteries we got.  

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Love it

Lester Combs says:

Totally Awesome!!!!!!

Figs S4 says:

thats sucks, just ordered something for my S4 yesterday..

mouseglider says:

Was going to place an order - anything over $50.00 equal free shipping plus 15% off - so my order was approximately $52.00 - put the discount code in and it dropped my order to approximately $45.00 - now they added the shipping back in - now the cost is back up to $48.00. WTF?

You still get a discount, but not the 15% they say - more like 7% - the discount they advertise is a little misleading IMHO!

docbeatle says:

Yeah, keep reminding me I ordered $70 bucks worth of accessories the day before the sale started.