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Shazam, the classic music ID app for Android, is expanding its presence in television. Now activating the app while your show's on can instantly pull up information about soundtrack, cast information, trivia, related celebrity gossip, and links to helpful IMDB, Wikipedia, and official sites. As always, Shazam can share tags out to Facebook or Twitter. The downside? It's U.S.-only for now. 


Shazam had previously tested these waters with a few select TV programs, but they've obviously expanded their database enough to handle any show on any network. Tablets are quickly finding their calling as a second screen during TV-watching, and being able to pull up relevant show info without having to type in a thing plays into that role perfectly. Of course, expanding geographic coverage of the service is the next step and making sure the ID database is deep enough to be reliable is going to be a perpetual challenge. Plus there's a bit of competition from existing TV companion apps, such as IntoNow, but I trust Shazam will be able to give them a run for their money. 

How often are you guys checking your phone or tablet while watching TV? Do apps like this enhance the experience, or is yet another distraction from what's going on on-screen?

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Shazam updated for universal TV show tagging


Totally found this out by accident yesterday. They must have some sort of live integration, because you can even find out what show you're watching by tagging non-shazam integrated commercials during the show. Amazing.

Color me impressed when Shazam can handle Anime music.

As it stands right now JP is not yet supported, and Shazam just looks at you with a confused expression when you run it during almost any Anime. (It works on some older series where the soundtrack has been released in the US, such as Cowboy Bebop and Ghost in the Shell, but nothing else.)

Might be fun at a bar (with the volume turned up) or at the house of someone whose cable remote doesn't have an "Info" button on it like ours does. At home, don't care. I'm more likely to want to shazam the music cue in a show I'm watching (since they're rarely credited except for the theme song) than the show itself.

We were disheartened to discover that Shazam couldn't recognize "Emaline" by Ben Folds Five... as they played it live last Thursday night. I guess you can only stretch audio fingerprints so far.

Is this just for the "Free" version cuz I have Shazam Encore and I've checked for the update a few times today and I still have no updates on my Google Play account?!