These aren't your granddad's hand tools

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If you're thinking of screwdrivers and hammers, think again. Striker Hand Tools sells tools and gadgets for geeks like you and me. Tough gloves, a space-age carpenter's pencil, and some of the coolest "flashlights" you'll see anywhere are a few of their cool products.

John P. and Rene sat down with Brandon Hoover from Striker Hand Tools, and had a look at their Light Mines (tre cool) and some other neat products. If you geek-out over little gadgets like I do, you're going to love this segment.


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Seeing the light with Striker Hand Tools #CESlive


I use to get all geeked out about this stuff, but nothing seems to work as good as a small bright flashlight in my mouth....

Those thinks won't go in a tool belt and those magnets stick to all sorts of crap that managed to get in my bag. Maybe in a cleaner environment they would be more awesome.


You dont want to have the striker pencil, random screws and nails, drill bits, and screwdrivers attached to your flashlight? your using it wrong then... cleanup is a breeze! *runs magnetic ball across workspace* see? *holding high-tech medieval mace.