SE Xperia X8

The Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 has passed the testing of the FCC, and information (including the user manual and a mess of pictures) is available for your viewing pleasure.  While the prototype looks a little different from the polished glamor shot when the X8 was announced by SE, the specs remain the same -- and that's a concern.  The hardware is passable for a mid-range phone, but Android 1.6 is soo last decade (or at least last year).  It's still worth a look. Here's a direct link to the user manual and here's one to the pictures. (Warning: They're PDFs.) [FCC via Engadget]


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SE Xperia X8 passes the FCC, user manual available


Unfortunately the bootloader on the x10 is yet to be hacked (there has been some progress recently) and I assume this will be the same.

1.6? Wow. SE really can't do this Android thing properly, can they? There's no reason for a mid-range device not to run 2.1, or 2.2 for that matter. 2.2 increases general performance so much it's ridiculous.

They need to get 2.1 on their high-end device (x10) before they can think about their mid-range devices. Glad I jumped ship!