iMoreLook, we know how you feel about Apple. We know how you feel about iOS. We get it. We really do. But we also want you to keep your friends close, and your frenemies closer. And so we're tickled pink to tell you that our pals at TiPb have been rebranded the much more awesome iMore. They'll still be doing all the great iOS stuff that they do on a daily basis -- and, erm, (i)more is on the way. So go on over and say hi, won'tcha?

And let's all hope they don't try to lop a lawsuit our two our way. More at iMore


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Say hello to iMore, our all-things-iOS cousins


huh? Whats an iPhone??? Hmmm never heard of such a thing. Anyways next post please. :) WHO RUN THE WORLD DROIDDDDD

That name is iLame, iBoring, and perfect for iPhone zombies. "Hi, this is the snobby Georgia from iMore..." lol so pretentious- yet perfectly fitting

To me anything that starts with an "i" is something I neither want or need. That includes iMore. Hell, I'm in the IT business and I have to deal with iTards and iCrap on a daily basis and I still cringe when dealing with it or them. No thanks.

I work in a small store and my boss and managers go by what they like to call iTime
We don't close until iTime says we're closed, highly annoying!!

Not hating on TiPB as a site, but I hate the rebrand to iMore. There was nothing wrong with TiPB (except for Rene's occassional anti-Android rants). :)

Wow think whoever's site that is has a worse name. when the tnc stands for tech news central. So essential your domain name is Tech News Central News Central. How dumb rofl.

TiPB was always a dumb sounding name, iMore is even worse. Why iMore maybe they should have named it iSnore.

no need to hate.
i'm a galaxy nexus user and love Android more than iOS
but i still enjoy tipb. and Rene Ritchie is a cool dude.
all good. i enjoy the whole Mobile Nations network.
i'm not a hater.