Android tip- save images

One of the great features of the Android browser (and most third-party browsers) is the ability to save any picture you might find on websites. You simply long-press on the image, and a menu pops up. Sometimes you may get several more options if the picture links to another webpage.

Once you save the image, you can quickly find it within your "All downloads" album in your gallery app, or just click on the file once it finishes downloading. As an example, this is a great way to find and use wallpapers for your Android phone. Enjoy!

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onixblack says:

When is Android Central going to do a video or review of the BEST mobile browsers out there for android?

Maxlowry123 says:

That would be nice.

gspeed says:

Android 101?

edit got the feed from twitter. just realized it was labeled android 101. my goof.

muziqaz says:

But have you guys seen how those web images look like on android?

check this on your Android phone.
it looks like that:
I know it is a huge image, but smaller ones look almost the same. Especially on mobile internet. And when you save those images it looses some of the quality.