Sony Z Ultra Google Play edition

If you've been eyeing the Sony Z Ultra Google Play edition but couldn't stomach the price, have a look here. T'was $649, now available for $449. Plus free ground shipping, so there's that. Basically this extra-large smartphone — again, it's pretty damned huge at 6.4 inches — has gone from oversized and overpriced to merely "Damn, that's big."

Still, you're going to have to ask yourself why you wouldn't just save another $150 and pick up a Nexus 7 and make calls some other way.


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Save $200 on the Sony Z Ultra Google Play edition


This. Is. So. Tempting.

The only thing keeping me from buying it is the lack of a camera flash! Why, Sony!? Why!?

I don't even care about the flash, just wish it had one of the better image sensors. Everything I read about this reveals a disappointing camera.
I am still very tempted. I'm not sure I could use a phone this big every day, but probably most. I can see switching back to N5 when I needed something smaller or if I want a decent camera.

Yeah, I ended up opting for the Lumia 1520, this time around, because I wanted he bigger screen and a good camera. Also, I do use the flash as an assist light very often, so that's why it was a deal breaker for me.

I also heard that battery life left a little to be desired. That screen looks gorgeous, but the battery definitely should have been a little bit bigger.

Still, at 450 dollars, it's a steal, for sure. That's a lot of handset, for the money. Not to mention, it's unlocked.

Not a Nexus or Google Play edition. Great device, but I can't take any more touch wiz and I want real support, not ROMs for a primary device. I would be all over a Note 4 GPe.

It's actually for sale. I don't hate the Note 3, by any means. But, I wanted to give Windows Phone a try. Not to mention, my TMobile service started going to crap (I'm not sure, if it was the phone or the network). TMobile ignored me, so I ended up switching to AT&T. I liked TMobile's service, but I use my phone A LOT.

tl,dr: the Note 3 is for sale.

Hope you like it. I loved the hardware and the design philosophy/function of wp8, but had to give it up because I couldn't moderate Facebook business pages on the go. No dedicated app and the Facebook app wasn't up to snuff at the time.

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Still too much to spend for me (considering I have a perfectly working Nexus 7) but I was actually very interested in this size of device as a small tablet strictly for ebook reading. I want something that is comparable in weight (and screen size) to my kindle but which is not locked down to amazon's ebook ecosystem (I vastly prefer Google play books) while at the same time having some flexibility for web browsing/game playing.

A wifi only google play version of this would be perfect for me but I don't know that I could justify paying more than $250 for it (so it will never happen).

The Sony Z Ultra is a giant phone. if you were to get this, you would pretty much be advised to use it as a giant phone. i think i heard somewhere that this was selling in Japan as a WiFi device but i'm sure it'd be hard to find elsewhere (that's assuming it did exist in the first place).

Yeah, there is a Wifi-only version selling in Japan for around 450 dollars, I believe. But, at that price, I'd just opt for the Nexus 7. It's not too much bigger, and, with it being almost a year into its release, can be had for almost a third of the price of the Z Ultra Wifi Edition.

Yeah I know. That is why I am resisting but I wish there was a cheap wifi only version available in the US. (Nexus 7 is of course the next best thing)

The value of this device is that it is the largest screen you can get that is mostly pocketable. The only hesitation I have is that the camera is mediocre at best. Hate to take a step down in image quality.