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Samsung has announced a major expansion of its Kid Store, included as part of the Kids Mode feature found on its Galaxy S5 smartphone and Tab S tablets.

Samsung says that the Kids Store section now has 900 apps that have been especially selected for any children who are allowed to access those devices. Samsung says:

Comprised of two tabs with a choice of content grouped by age and subject, Kids Store allows users to easily navigate through the available content. The content classification is as follows: 0-4 years old for preschool children, 5-6 years old for kindergarteners and 7 years old or more in primary school children. The content is also categorized by subject: learning, play, and story.In addition, the Kids Store brand zone provides premium content for children from providers such as, PBS Kids, Budge Studio, Cupcake Digital and Intellijoy and offers free gifts of over $50 to users, which can be used to purchase applications such as Toca Hair salon 2, Sprinkle Island and Pucca Funny World Tour exclusively.

The Kids Mode feature only allows children to download apps from the Kids Store section and they can only purchase content approved by their parents via a password. What do you think of this expansion of the Kids Store?

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Samsung's Kids Store on Galaxy S5 and Tab S now has 900 apps


Kids Mode is such a good idea for phones. My only wish is that Samsung would bring it to the S3, as my kiddo uses my old S3 as her device. She loves to "wear hats on dad's phone" (there's a photo app in Kids Mode that you can put hats, mustaches, etc. on in real time, then snap the picture)

This is a step in the right direction for samsung. I love the idea of kid mode to let
the kids play with your phone without looking at all your private stuff and apps

I absolutely love kids mode. I have no worries about giving my 3 year old my s5 because once their in kids mode they can't get out plus the phone being water resistant. I feel very secure. Plus a decent case and ur all set.

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It's a great concept. My Grandson's Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 has the kids mode with access to the kids store. I will have to help him look through the new stuff! He loves new apps as they look like presents he gets to open when added to the kids mode page...

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Learrie, I had the same issue and it said I must turn on Samsung GALAXY apps in settings to download the apps in Kids Mode. Go to Settings and in the Application Manager, scroll all the way to the right (Turned Off) and find the Samsung Account application. You'll need to set this up to download the apps in Kids Mode.