A Phone!!!

Samsung's quite the tease lately. It's launched a campaign of bizarre teaser trailers for the upcoming Galaxy S4, but so far these have been devoid of any real information about the device. Today it's stepping things up a notch, publishing the image above on its Twitter and Facebook channels alongside a message promoting the Mar. 14 "Unpacked" event where we're all expecting to meet the Galaxy S4.

It's the outline of a phone. A phone-shaped phone. It looks a bit like the Galaxy S3, as well as a purported Galaxy S4 design that leaked out of China this morning. We're left wondering what's happened to the earpiece on this model, though.

If nothing else, the image might suggest that Samsung's sticking with the curvy "nature-inspired" design language for its 2013 handset. We'll find out for sure on Thursday evening, when Samsung unveils the Galaxy S4 in New York City.

Source: Twitter, Facebook


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Samsung teases phone-shaped phone ahead of Galaxy S4 event


I tend to agree.

Edge to Edge sounds great in theory, just not sure how well it would work with smaller hands. I just tested typing with my S3 and don't touch the screen with the base of my thumb, but smaller hands could possibly.

Small changes will arrive on the Galaxy S4 compared to the Galaxy S3 as far as design which is fine for us folks who love Samsung products. The main goal will be software development and features implementations which NOBODY IN ANDROID LAND TOP SAMSUNG. They sold 213 million Galaxy S3's and Galaxy Note 2's in 2012 and will be well on their way to another 250 million Galaxy S4's and Galaxy Note 3's sold in 2013. Bottom line here their is NO other manufacturer better and it's 40% % market share in 2012 proves that fact. I'll be the first to say HTC has the BEST DESIGN to date compared to any handset in android land but that's exactly where the buck stops. Owners of Samsung products are well aware of what they won't and why they want it and Samsung delivers the goods to their customers which clearly NO other android manufacturer does that any better including Google and it's Nexus line of devices. The BEST smartphone in 2013 will be the Galaxy S4 and the BEST productivity/all purpose device will be the Galaxy Note 3 in September or October 2013.

Better check your facts, fanboy. Samsung sold 213 million phones from ALL ITS MODELS. The Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 sales were a total of 50 MILLION. Last time I checked, 40+10 didn't equal 213. And see? I can type in all caps, too!

I don't really care for how well they did, I only know they did the best out of any androind device, but that was due to the UNIQUE premium design. Now I 100% believe that this tech battles are won by who bring the most stuning desing to the table, and who makes it more available to the carriers. The main reasson why iPhone and GS3 dominated is because of the premium design and avalability. Believe it or not, ppl like to show off more that you think. Phone tech nerds like us see more than the design, but we are not the majority so the ones who make Samsung and Apple succesful are people who just love the phone looks at first glance (granted it needs to be a good phone inside, but not the best). It is going to be really hard for Samung to show off their new device on carrier's stores with the htc One under the same roof... Remember, not that many options on android last year that could match the GS3 (even more at launch)... now the story is completely different.

"They sold 213 million Galaxy S3's and Galaxy Note 2's in 2012" No they didn't. The WSJ article you are taking these "facts" from said no such thing. For one thing, Samsung SHIPPED that many devices. Not sold them. Secondly, it was ALL Samsung devices manufactured. Not just S3's and Note 2's. Stupid fanboy twisting the truth to fit your childishly retarded needs.

they sold 10 million at the end of summer and about 20 million s3's by november. And the Note 2 sold about 10 million so far like the original but will probably sell more. I like the Note 2 over the Sg3 usually it has a spec bump and I like the larger screens, but i'm 6'2 so the phone is perfect size for me and my hands.

Over at Droid-Life they proved the picture is actually the SG3 from last year and is identical to a press release picture that someone posted with the full phone in view.

You haven't even seen the S4. Who knows what this is a picture of, and you can barely see it anyway. I was looking very closely with my S3 next to this picture and I don't see a difference. I don't know, next week everyone will be leaking pictures of the iPhone 6 which will turn out to be the iPhone 5s. And on goes the cycle. That HTC One is catching my eye though, I'm just worried about the HTC software and updates. Plus I know the S4 will have TONS of ROMs, that is a huge reason to stick with the S4 for me.

Bro come on, that pic looks like the chinese GS4 (Now they have a video) we saw yesterday here.... It doesn't compare. Look, what the GS3 can be is a little better performance wise, but you can't compare the finish quality of the one with the gs4. And if it is sofware we are talking about then get an LG or Asus device. Samsung sucks at updates (I had 3). It is very selective at which phone it sends it to, and most of the time it depends on the carrier. I'm not saying it is going to be a complete different story with the One, but I will gamble on this stuning device that it will update faster than any other device. W/e I can be wrong, but never the less... I'm on the htc One boat/train/plain... ALL ABOARD!!!!!

earpiece is the samsung word itself , i think curve edges is more comfortable to handle , but that bezel is damn thick.

In some weird way, I wish this is really the S4... because i won't feel like I want it since I already have the S3. If this is the S4, it will be the biggest mistake by Samsung, HTC will eat them alive with HTC One (they just need better marketing)

I'm there with you. It appears to be the same exact style as the S3. I will definitely save my money and keep using my S3 for another year or so.

I don't mind companies sticking with the same model for a couple years, just don't feel the current Samsung shape is too awe inspiring.

Not at all. Samsung has much better marketing compared to HTC. Samsung is better known as a brand. And think about the 4 and 4S. 4S looked exactly like the 4, but it sold in droves.

Except The ONE will be tied to just ONE major US carrier, like the ONE X.
Unless ALL carriers sell the same phone, no variation, Samsung will blow away HTC once again.

everyone with S3 complaining about the S4 have to remember that most people are on two year plans and there's 10 million Galaxy S2 guys waiting to upgrade.

I'm one of them, I got the S2 the day it came out, September 16th 2011, although I got a Sprint Galaxy Nexus half way in between, then a S3. Now I have CM 10.1 on my S3 so it's like a bigger prettier Nexus, but more up to date.LOL

Yes I was thinking that too, it's very shiny. But on further examination I think its plastic. It's Samsung's trademark and they do it for good reasons.

I dont understand how people say HTC One will eat Samsung alive samething most people said about the One X. Most non-tech people will buy the S4 just off the hype of the product. Htc has absolutely no main stream appeal so how can they even compete with Samaung. Samsung will probably sell 50 million units, htc at best will see 5-10 million

Ya, HTC just doesn't know how to "sell" their devices like Samsung. Also Samsung makes so many things, it's more of a house hold name for most people. And they make great products all around.

looks like the s3 or any other samsung phone. i'm sure after everyone complaining the s5 will be very different looking because it seems like samsung somewhat listens to its customers. they said many customers want sd card and removable batteries so they have it. i don't see why most phones are moving away from these big features. i have never heard someone say that they refuse to buy a phone with a removable battery or with an sd slot. But i have heard many say they won't buy a phone without them. it really can't cost much more penny pinching money to keep these features in.

You are right, it doesn't cost much more, but it definitely affect the design of the phone. The most beautiful phones out there are with non removable batteries

The only thing is missing is Jessica Chobot licking the phone. That looks a lot like the leaked Chinese variant.

Personally I just never have been a fan of the Samsung Blue. So glad they diverged from that with the note 2. I like the Titanium Grey much more.

Yeah that seems like a generic image they're using for the teaser. It does look just like the leak, but last year there was an image Samsung used on their own facebook page of a very large screened device with almost no bezel that people thought was going to be the Note II. It was just Samsung working some graphics magic.

I see a lot of people thinking that the HTC One is actually a viable option. And it is if you're fine with the shortcomings of Sense, the lack of an SD card, and a non-removable battery. Plus, the phone is beautiful. But Samsung creates essentially the best developer phones save the Nexus devices. If you're not a huge fan of TouchWiz, you put a stock Android ROM on it. On HTC devices, it's not that simple. On my HTC One XL, I never had a fully functioning stock Android ROM due to HTC's dedication to cease after market software. Something was always messed up. On my Galaxy S2, I had Cyanogen Mod 9 (when it was new) within a couple weeks of it being released. Completely stable. That's the huge difference between HTC and Samsung devices and I feel that many people are forgetting it just because the One is aesthetically pleasing.

Yeah especially if some models use the Snapdragon 600. Qualcomm is open about their hardware and supporting the development community. And the One and S4(some models, allegedly) are using that chip. Hardware wise, Android is in a very good time. All of the high end phones are damn near identical or equal in terms of hardware and power.

I agree...

The the reason I got an S3 as my first Android phone is the removable battery and SD card. In fact, I am on an extended battery with no issues. I won't be buying S4 since I am happy with S3 for now. But I support Samsung in keeping the removable battery. Those who complain about the plastic; may be Samsung should make two different versions of the same phone. Because I am happy to pay for cheap plastic than to pay a lot for aluminum or carbon fiber. Choice is great.

My Sprint S3 is on 4.2.2 right now thanks to CyanogenMod. My phone is actually stock on 4.1.2 which isn't bad. At least I don't have a Verizon Galaxy "Nexus."

This looks so much like the S3 which isn't necessarily a bad thing..specially if they use premium materials :D

Just give me a black phone with a cool pattern like the NEXUS 4 or Optimus G and I will be happy. I don't like my phone's with colors.

I vote it's a fake... No speaker grill or front facing camera or sensors. Although I wouldn't be surprised if the design is similar, after all they do like them some plastic. At least I may not feel bad for holding on to my gs3...

Look closely to the leaked photos of the supposed chinese Galaxy S IV GT-I9502, it has a speaker grill and it's not blue, it's black with a carbon fiber texture to it... I doubt this is even the Galaxy S IV, this must be Samsung messing with our heads.

We know what's coming. We know what it will look like. No one's jaw will drop. This will be a great superphone, probably the best out there. But here's why I'm waiting to see what the first Moto from Google has to offer.

I owned an iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 all the while seeing all those Android phones getting larger and larger and got a bad case of screen envy so I waited hoping Apple would follow suit in 2011. Then came the 4S so I dumped the fruit for an GS2 then a Note and currently a GS3 and haven't looked back UNTIL NOW...

My screen envy has long been satisfied and over-satisfied (Note) and now what I have is a bad case of body envy. I want something that looks like an iPhone on the outside with what the S4 will reveal on Thursday on the inside. HTC One? Not for me, I'm not sold on ultra-pixels and I want CM which HTC doesn't play nice with.

Sorry Jeremy but I'll pass this year. The S4 will be Samsung's last non-bendable Galaxy anyway. If they throw in aluminum in 2014 they'll get my attention again.

What if Samsung is using the S3 in this picture to tease the S4? By not showing the bottom of the device (which many question will have physical buttons or not), it's Samsung's subtle way of forcing us to ask, "What's next?"

... and yes I know this is not quite the S3. Photoshop can go a long way to get the point across.

Like S4 owners (who will have shelled out roughly $900 for one) want people asking if their phone is an S3... This is a bad design so far.

I understand that it wouldn't make sense to 'move on' from the heavily promoted 'human' design style that started with the S3 after only 1 year, but they will have to find a way to make it follow that design style while not looking like the S3.

Pass... Going to wait until Key Lime Pie devices come out to upgrade... My Nexus 4 is plenty fast enough. Never could get into Samsung's design of their phones. Too cheap looking. I owned a Galaxy Nexus and though I loved the initial shock factor of the Amoled screen I soon grew tired of the over saturated colors and ridiculous tints. Samsung isn't my cup of tea for smartphones. I pray to the tech gods that the next Nexus device is from HTC since its obvious they care more about build quality than Samsung.

You people are insane. Who buys the phone strictly for the way it looks? I can understand not buying a phone for how it looks, but if you're happy with the way the S3 looks, why would the S4 looking similar turn you off?

Why would you jump ship to the HTC One or the Blackberry whatever just because the S4 seems to look like the S3. Why wouldn't it? It was a good design, and keeping it is a smart idea.

I think this preview pick indicates the supposedly "leak" pics are in fact fake. Probably a KIRF. It is China after all. (Of course, I "knew" that HTC would not call their new top of the line phone the "One" because One is inferior to One X+. Apparently, I'm smarter than HTC's highest paid executives.)