Samsung Galaxy S II

It should come as no surprise that the Samsung Galaxy S II (check out our review) is quite a popular device overseas, but just how popular it is may surprise you. Samsung has announced that this is the fastest selling Galaxy device to date, selling over 5 million devices in just 85 days, compared to the 125 days it took for the Galaxy S to reach that number. This is quite an accomplishment considering that the Galaxy S II has yet to even arrive in the US on any carriers, at least until August. Samsung anticipates that they will also beat the 10 million mark, which previously took 7 months to reach. Will you be helping Samsung blow out the previous records by picking on up when it is available?

Source: Oled-Info; Thanks Ron!

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dkotoric says:

add another 30 million when it comes to the states

Ya if they can get it to the statesin time that will add a lot more.

madkaw says:

I will be in line at the Sprint store on release day. Almost everyone I know is waiting for this thing.

tag617 says:

This thing better be on Verizon soon... Ive been sitting on my upgrade for this.

Verizon is getting it first, so your in luck

gmihalakos says:

I have as well. I have a fascinate and one of the few
who actually like the phone. Can't wait to upgrade to the gs2.

thascourge says:

Got the Evo 3D because I couldn't stay with a Palm Pre- till September.

DaGODFather says:

Me too, My Pre was literally falling apart so I had to get the EVO 3D!

Given Samsung/Verizon's inability to keep the Fascinate's software up to date, I will not be considering a Samsung device for a long, long time to come. Great hardware, but the software's gotta be there, too.

El Jefe says:

I couldn't agree more. It's funny how people have such a short memory when Samsung dangles something new & shiny in front of their face.

Everyone was drooling over the OG Galaxy S phones even though past customers (Behold II, Moment, Intercept, etc.) warned them how Samsung & the carriers stopped supporting their devices after promising to continue to do so, but they bought them anyway because they fell for Samsung's promise to change. Next came the Froyo debacle on all the US Galaxy S phones (Vibrant, Epic, Captivate, & Fascinate) & how the Nexus phones were getting Gingerbread before even the first US carrier got Froyo to their Galaxy S. Now the Galaxy S2's are on their way & everyone is having nerdgasms again.

Well, good luck, I say...but don't come on here b****ing when you have to flash ROMs just to get Ice Cream Sammich' in a reasonable amount of time. History proves that you will have to & until I see Samsung supporting their phones on the software end for A LONG TIME, I am steering clear of any Samsung phone.

IceDree says:


mgsfoxhound2 says:

i want this but hopfully it has the Mali 400 GPU in it and not the tegra 2, my wife and I have rooted facinates 2 of the lucky ones to get 2 of theis phones for free at best buy in oct. 2010

IceDree says:

The Tegra 2 version is called : Galaxy R (I swear to god it was named galaxy Z about 2 weeks ago)

mgsfoxhound2 says:

not sure though because the sgx 540 gpu isint even maxed out yet so i might still wait

DroidATX says:

As long as Sprint keeps it thin and powerful!!!

ben dover says:

This was going to be my next phone. But due to it taking so long to release states side, the nexus 3/prime has stolen my attention.

I will wait for the next nexus and if it disappoints in specs, I will at least be able to pick up the sgs2 for cheap by then :)

I guess i did my part :) Ordered mine yesterday and should have it next week. Moving up from my Galaxy S 1.

spectre1006 says:

This gets me so mad.... But waiting for this and the bionic is killing me

Mr. Fisk says:

I am hearing that it wont have 4G LTE under verizon which is something i want. The 2nd thing is i hope to god verizon dont go and bing this up.

hmmm says:

After all the criticism I have seen about Samsung's build quality and crappy OS updates I am surprised people are so willing to go out and buy another so fast. I guess people's memories are short or they have a lot of blind faith in statements a corporation makes.

I am more of the wait and see kind of person.

ben dover says:

I was one of those people.

Samsung has changed though. They said they would be better at updating and they have been. Their products are also really nice now. (sgs2 tab 10.1, infuse)

They are no longer on my "I'll never buy" list and now with everyone else as in: if the phone is nice and has good reviews, I'll consider buying it.

Dark_Blu says:

If it isn't a world phone, then no. I'm holding out for the Photon.

trojandrew says:

I've seen waaaaay too many people left high and dry by Samsung's horrible update cycle. Sure when the phones come out they get great reviews and roll out with the latest Android. But review sites take a phone, love it and leave it and don't have to go through the agony of waiting 8 months + for Android updates and the horrible bugs that accompany them that a user endures.

All that to say, I'll never buy a Samsung Android phone unless it's a Nexus.

orlanka says:

Isn't Samsung going to be creating the Nexus Prime? Even with Phil taking off the unconfirmed portion of his update yesterday, it's still a rumor but one that seems to be getting a little clearer now. That said, why bring two phones stateside that would most likely compete with each other?

Croak#AC says:

I already did my part. Best. Android. Ever.

2.3.3 on shipping devices, 2.3.4 being tested (and leaked), and I can almost guarantee a fast ICS release later this year for non-branded versions.

Those of you fortunate enough to be on a standardized GSM carrier (AT&T) can use the international (and Canadian) versions worry-free, and your choice of unbranded official firmware for the fastest possible updates, not to mention CM7 and a host of other solid custom ROMS to choose from.

Those of you on proprietary (CDMA/LTE/WiMAX) networks, well, good luck, if and when it does ship in the US, you'll be at the carrier's mercy (not Samsung's).

Scott500 says:

I'm so getting this phone if it comes to Sprint.

I love my EVO but have no desire to get a 3d gimmick. I only wish HTC and Sprint would release a non-3d version.

I'll miss Sense but I'm sure I can find a suitable replacement. This Samsung looks like a screamer and that display....oooo la la

DWR_31 says:

If it looks like an iphone, moves like an iphone, and gets sued by the makers of the iphone, its a Samsung GS2.
This thing needs stock Android and/or a gimmick.

Then again, who wouldn't want an iphone running Android?

Croak#AC says:

Other than being a rectangle with a button at the bottom of the screen, it doesn't look at all like an iPhone (now the SGS1, that looked like an enlarged 3GS).

Stock Gingerbread SUCKS compared to TW4. Seriously. It's painful. TW4 and the launcher of your choice makes for a much better overall experience than AOSP does.

Gimmick? 4.3" SAMOLED+ is a pretty neat gimmick. Blistering fast 1.2Ghz Exynos with Mali is a pretty cool gimmick too. Super light, super thin should qualify as a nice gimmick, methinks. Freaking awesome 8mp camera with useful 1080p recording might fall into the gimmick category as well.

b737thurman says:

+1 no how, no way. Had the moment, have the epic. I won't be fooled again.

thepattyrick says:

I love my Fascinate w/ KangBang! And I know that our devs will jump right into the GSII and make it, if even possible, more awesome than it is stock! Or CM7 support which I'm sure will happen is great too

IceDree says:

only 5 million ? with all that promotions & adds ?

To be honest , its too expensive & it price will fall pretty hard & dies in your hand
In Saudi Arabia the Galaxy S II costs 2750 ryials (about 733 USD) which is more expensive than iPhone 4's 2350 ryials (about 626 USD)
The SGS was 3200 ryials (about 853 USD) when it was launched a year ago , few month ago it price fall real hard to 1300 ryials (about 346 USD) , even before the rumors of an upcoming SGS II came up , now a used BlackBerry Curve 8900 can be more expensive than the SGS !
What Samsung should've done is keeping it price under the iPhone 4 , so it can compete with it (even though its still looks like one)

No offense , but the build quality is NOT that good though its better than the SGS , its still feels & looks cheap compared to other High-End phones (it was cheap compared to my old MileStone when I held em both -one in each hand- , I don't how is will feel compared to HTC devices , but it won't be good)

IceDree says:

What ever happened to "I'll never buy a samsung again!" ?
With all the GPS problems , Fro-Yo update & pricking issues ?

ConceptVBS says:

5 million shipped, not activated.

franksa81 says:

picked up a gs2 about 2 weeks ago fantastic phone indeed. but us versions will not have exonos processor i heard it will be tegra 2

droidbeat says:

It's got to be the exynos (or faster). Else, immense lost opportunity.

droidbeat says:

I'm definitely picking one up the instant it is available on Verizon. Here's hoping they can produce enough exynos processors to fulfill the demand.

BCwrangler says:

Canadian versions don't have Tegra chips and I couldn't see the North American market being split up with different processors. Has there ever been a Tegra powered SGS2 seen? or still just hearsay? I'm sure AC would have had a confirmation by now......maybe the US release was delayed too build up the inventory of Exonos processors?