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As required under the open source rules, Samsung has released its Linux kernel source code -- and other open-source bits -- for the recently-released Android 4.0 firmware for the international Galaxy Note. While the source code itself isn't much for regular users (or even power users) to get excited about, ROM developers will undoubtedly be pouring over this code in the weeks ahead with the aim of bringing better, faster custom firmware to the international Note. Not that this code is for the international Galaxy Note (GT-N7000), not the North American version that goes by a different name -- GT-i717.

To grab the Ice Cream Sandwich code for the Note, head over to the source link, then enter "N7000" in the search box.

Source: Samsung Open Source Release Center


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Samsung releases Galaxy Note ICS source code


The few leaked versions of ICS for the Note had a faulty emmc driver causing hard-bricks when formatting different partitions in recovery. Same thing with the official release. One scenario where this could happen to a fully stock SGN (i.e never rooted, no custom ROMs, etc - just updated to ICS via Kies or OTA) is performing a factory reset from settings. Hopefully, this is going to get fixed now. I still can't imagine why Samsung would not follow the modding community discussions regarding their products. That would have saved them about a hundred motherboard replacements up to now. Yet this number is about to explode as more devices (they are saying about 6 mln. have been sold not counting the US version) get updated to ICS.