Quarterly operating profit up 26 percent, semiconductor sales up drastically

It's earnings time, and the next company up to report its financials from Q3 2013 is Samsung. Riding solid growth in nearly all of its major divisions, Samsung posted huge sales and record profits for the quarter — here are the highlights:

  • Sales of $55.6 billion, up from $49.1 billion last year
  • Record operating profit of $9.65 billion, up from $7.58 billion last year
  • Net profit of $7.75 billion, up from $6.17 billion last year

Samsung saw year-over-year growth in nearly all of its divisions, with the largest jumps coming in the semiconductor and mobile divisions. In terms of smartphones, Samsung claims shipments increased quarter-over-quarter, primarily driven by "mass-market models" with high-end model shipments staying flat. Tablet sales "sharply increased" as well, due primarily to the launch of its latest Tab 3 lineup.

Looking forward to Q4, Samsung naturally expects demand for its smartphones and tablets to grow with the holiday shopping season. Growth is expected to be evenly split between developed and emerging markets for phones. Demand for its products from other divisions are also expected to grow with the increased sales of other company's products in the holidays.

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Samsung posts record operating profit of $9.56 billion on sales of $55 billion


Good time to go long on Amazon. Look at their historical chart. No stopping them.. Wait until they turn a profit, $650+/share..

Nexus 4 - CM10.1.3

I'll get this out of the way: "Yes but Apple...... "

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I wonder what would happen if Apple dropped Samsung for its hardware and parts and just bought HTC, once the company falls far enough to be purchased for a few billion, probably by the end of next year. Use and have any patents by HTC and use their hardware manufacturing and assembly with their own built parts.

Does any body stop to reflect on the scale of these companies? I'm mean Samsung pulled in 4x the revenue of Google. Google in turn generated nearly as much revenue last quarter as the entire recording industry did in 2012

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I would hope it's at least 4x's Google. They sale phones, tablets, chips, hard drives, appliances, computers, TVs, Blu-ray players am I missing anything?

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I think in Korea they also do insurance, automotive parts like tires. The list goes on and on.

Samsung Construction is one of the biggest in the world. They are ones who is building the tallest building in the world in Dubai.

Holy shit $9 Billion PROFIT that's impressive.

I wonder though, how much that is from mobile.

Hopefully the S5 is much more feature rich than the S4, I found it to be lackluster in terms of an improvement from the S3.

Good Job Samsung.

I was thinking more about hardware features, miracast, wireless charging, etc.. I know that you can get these features with some workarounds but still.

I didn't think the S4 was very much of an upgrade from the S3..

But I also only used those phones, I didn't own them. So I guess my opinion isn't very valid.

A big part of the problem with features is of course, waiting on Android 4.4. The S4 is getting ANT+ support, at least in the version getting updated in Europe, and that is an under-reported feature addition. The screen improvements plus being able to use the phone while wearing gloves are also benefits that many have not had a chance to notice just yet because most people have not needed to wear gloves since the S4 was released.

The S5 will probably jump to 5.2 inches or so, not quite the 5.5 inches of the Note 2, but still a bit bigger, and with it the bigger battery. Features are going to be a "how many more ideas were thrown at the wall and included, before they were even checked to see which of them would stick" type of situation. More to the point, Samsung gradually releases new features with each phone, and the S4 is getting some of the new stuff added to the Note 3. We just need to wait.

I will point out that there isn't much of a need to upgrade a phone every single year, so you will see most people going from Galaxy S2 to 4, and S3 to S5, than going from S3 to S4 to S5. The Note 3 is a nice jump. The S5 may also go with the 8 core all the way around, and may even have all cores active all the time, rather than the 4/4 currently used on Exynos based versions. Who knows, but we SHOULD know in another 4-5 months.

HTC is a taiwanese company, and operating at a loss. They are seriously at risk of going under by this time next year say a few sites

Being a fanboi of either company is kind of sad. Samsung isn't what you might call a pillar of the business community.

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Well, quality wise the ONE is a much better phone, and sense alone is a reason to prefer HTC. Anybody who really like Samsung and it's touchwiz crap is either a moron or clueless..or both :-P

The HTC One is a nice phone except for sense and a crappy camera. I love the design and wish all phones had something like the boom speakers.

I guess that's why HTC is pulling in those major profits... Oh wait. As one of the clueless morons here, who at one time was a major fan of all things HTC, I'll admit that the One has a nice design. However, I buy my phones for what they can do, not what they look like - hence no iCrap will ever be seen on me. Sense 5 , wow, yippee. Boom Sound - Never really used my phone as a social media center but I guess that appeals to some people. What's left? Crappy camera? Ultra pixels? Sorry. Not worth my money.

Considering that HTC doesn't sell refrigerators, washers and dryers, toasters, TVs, vacuums, processors and solid-state drives, even if their phone sales were comparable to Samsung's the profits and sales are going to be drastically different.

Samsung is such a bigger company than just selling phones and tablets.

And yet here you folks are ragging on him while you puff up a company that doesn't actually give a shit about you beyond whether you buy their hardware and has no problem paying people to advocate for their hardware and talk crap about other OEMs in reviews and online forums.
Are you on Samsung's payroll too? Is that why you praise them

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Samsung is an amazing company that have the best products in the industry.

Dear Samsung, please send my check too........

Samsung is a very well run company that makes a lot of money. I don't know that I would call them 'amazing' though. TW is so bloated with gimmicky features the GS4 was lag plagued on launch day. Hardly an 'amazing' product.

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Hell Yeah! Go Samsung! Trash those other OEM's. They all suck anyway! HTC? Yesterdays news. Apple? Only retards and old people buy their crap! Go Samsung! SAMMMY! SAMMY! SMAMMY! SMSAY.,,

I was thinking the same thing... but I guess if it has to happen, might as well have your favorite phone manufacturer making everything from artificial hearts to peanut butter in 10 years. Sigh.

Their LED TVs rock though. The next LED flatscreen that I'm going to buy will be either Samsung or LG, theirs look the best :)

Go LG.. Much cheaper price yet same amazing quality. Snagged an awesome 42in 3D LED for $400 a free mouths ago. (One of the main reasons I bought it was because the USB port can read and play MANY different file types, Mkv, MP4, MP3 etc, makes my life so much easier,I searched for months and other brands didn't support as many formats as LG with their USB ports)

It's been an awesome TV.

I don't know about their plasmas but their LEDS and other appliances are the best here. They are more durable and withstand the terrible weather here easily.

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Such a shame that a company with so bad hard- and software makes so much money while other companies struggle.

Marketing is everything.

I'll put the specs of my Note 3 up against that HTC One any day of the week. Ultra pixels. Yeah right. LMAO!

Who cares about specs as long as the experience is great? And why compare it against the ONE anyway?

Moronic kids.....

Well by the time they are announcing 9 billion+ in proffits and yes thats down to the sales of t.v's, washing machines, hard drives ect ect, many people must disagree with the folks that mouth off about sh@t software and hardware and their t.v's suck hmm well i have a 43" Samsung Plasma that i got cheap and it serves the purpose of being able to watch stuff on it -wey hey and its got the ports that i require and it looks great, yes LG produce really good t.v's also. Samsung is a fantastic company and no your right they dont get everything spot on all of the time, but at least they think outside of the box :-)

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2/3 of the operating profit comes from their mobile division. We can critique Samsung all we want. Whatever plan they have for their mobile division seems to be working to perfection.
I've travelled extensively in Africa and East Asia, and the name Galaxy is synonymous with Android.
It's either iPhone or Samsung Galaxy.

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HTC fanboys are too busy voting in meanjngless polls so that the One can be the one. Meanwhile Samsung is making beaucoup money. That is so sad.

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I will never get why people cheer for some companies profits... I mean the only people benefiting from it are some managers. Are you guys really that stupid?

It's profits like this that make me want to punch all the iDiots in the face who claim "Shipping units don't equal sales!!!"

Samsung gets paid when they ship to retailers, so "shipping doesn't equal sales", at least sales to retail consumers.

Samsung customers are the carriers and for them that's a sale.. We are the carriers customers.

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Had S3 for a year. Problem/lag free. I also don't install useless apps that cause mischievous behavior. I purchase apps shortly after trying. Anyways... My point of post is, I just upgraded to note 3 last week and I love it . My earlier purchase of note 8.0 influenced my decision. I have Samsung Led, Plasmas. We have all major appliances from Samsung, never had an issue. Not once. EXCEPT for dvd players a few years back, never had luck with that one item. So I can see why their profits are so high. Keep up the awesome product line. But please drop price on fridges, wife damn near gave me a heart attack when she bought a $4300 fridge.. wtf? Now I can't afford to fill it. Lol

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