Sprint Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch

Safe to say this one's official now, folks. Samsung's Mobile Product site has outed the Sprint Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch -- the SGSIIE4T, for short.

A couple of specs appear to be official confirmed as well -- a 4.52-inch (no mere 4.5-incher here) Super AMOLED Plus display in an "ultra thin" design. There's 4G Wimax data, natch, and a dual-core 1.2GHz processor. We'll have to see what this "advanced Android experience" is -- typically that'd be something that comes along with its very own Android nerd.

Anyhoo, be sure to stop by our liveblog tonight as we bring you all the dirty details, live. And on a blog. We've got a couple more pics after the break, one of which might show you what that "advanced Android experience" is about, with a new-look app drawer.

Source: Samsung Mobile Product Training; thanks, ScottiePimpin!
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Sprint Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch

Sprint Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch


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Samsung outs Sprint's Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch ahead of tonight's event


Except that while we all get this.... VZW looks to be getting an exclusive on the Nexus prime!! So pretty lame trade off IMO. This is nothing all that spectacular so far. Specs are inline with Evo3d. However, just because i have never had a samsung android phone, i may just try this out.

Actually new info points to Verizon getting the "Droid Prime" a clone of a Nexus phone, except that it will have all the usual bloatware, and skins, and locked internals that we all know and love, and in the mean time Sprint will most likely have the Next Nexus in addition to the GS2.

Except the Prime hasn't actually been confirmed to actually be going to VZW. The Camera on the GSII is far superior to the EVO3D's, it's thinner, and if it has the Exynos processor it will be faster as well.

That's the clincher for me whether or not is has the Exynos or a Qualcomm. If it has anything other than Exynos I'm passing because every single review of the Euro version said that you COULD NOT bog, lag, or slow that phone down in any way shape or form, the EVO 3d, and Sensation cannot say the same and both have Qualcomm processors.

Since it's running at 1.2 I am inclined to think it will be Exynos. I think Tmo's version is supposedly running a 1.5 qualcomm.

VZW has an exclusive on the "DROID Prime" not the Nexus Prime. It will be awesome until the first update comes out. The Nexus series will get it and the DROID Prime folks will wait until VZW approves it. Have fun!

I WANTS IT, Release date please. Good job Samsung for changing up your UI and the physical phone, suck on that apple. One thing, is the extra ,02 inches going to matter ??

Not just that but if it gets the DROID branding, it won't be going to any other carriers anytime soon. Unless google is going to let carriers do their own naming conventions.

It's not the Nexus III...Google is not just going to up and shaft TMO, Sprint and AT&T users...

Especially Sprint since that's the only place you can get all the Google services in one device....

We still have some digging to do on what the Nexus 3 will be and when its coming...the "Droid Prime" is not a nexus or the Nexus 3, its another Droid!

I'm glad I'm not the only one miffed about that BGR rumor. I am DONE with carrier branded devices, which pretty much leaves the Nexus series. (for Android anyway, which I want to stay with) I MIGHT consider the Verizon Droid Prime if it is truly a Nexus like phone, but I seriously doubt that. I'd much rather see the Nexus Prime on Sprint in October personally, but that's sorta hard to imagine considering this Epic is coming out soon.

I'm assuming you mean on Sprint, because Sprint will continue the Nexus series. They'll just have to give up 4G exclusivity on the Nexus series because the rest of the carriers are finally catching up.

sick. cant wait to hear about the attain now. i liked the size of the infuze but 4.52 i hope at&t also gets something bigger than 4.3" display

Ditto. I'd rather have that resolution at 4.3" -:

You won't be able to see the pixels if Samsung's Infuse (on AT&T's network) is any indication. The 4.5" SAMOLED+ screen is gorgeous with the X-Men trailer they put on that phone...

Infuse display is awesome so Im sure this will be as good if not better. Nothing to complain about with this phone. Haters will hate mainly because they already used their upgrades on the evo 3d or photon.

You're correct, but it's not the pixels that's the problem, it'll just look like you're blind with huge text and a ton of wasted real estate.

That's not a new app drawer. that's the regular one in edit mode. android central, come on get your game on. phffff

I have to say, if it truly is bigger than 4.3, I may have to pass as well. My EVO is about as big of a phone as I would want, and unless they manage to keep the same overall form factor, damn.

I wish my original Epic 4G wasn't so terrible, otherwise I would have trusted Samsung a little more. This phone does look nice. Ill have to stick with my Evo 3D for a while, which is nice and error free. (thank you HTC)

i'm with this guy, as history has shown with the previous Epic 4G, it will once again take eons to get updates from Sammy, heck the OG epic hasn't gotten official GB yet has it, lol.

Interesting. Notice there is no mention of which version of Android.

Knowing Samsung, they will probably ship this phone with FroYo with a promise of Gingerbread to be delivered "at some point".

anything bigger than 4.3 is too big for me.. ideally i want a 4 inch screen but 4.3 is the max screen size for me.. So I will have to pass on this .. sadly.

Same, the Photon and 3D are large enough as it is... Having another solid choice on Sprint is always a good thing tho, they just need to introduce a current gem slider now to round out the lineup (VZW has the Droid 3 & T-Mobile the MT4G Slide...).

The Epic Touch will end up being roughly 3 mm wider and taller, BUT will be a LOT thinner. I think the thinness makes up for the extra width and height

Have the original Galaxy S US variants received official Gingerbread updates yet? I'm not buying any Samsung phone until they at least match HTC and Moto's commitment to updates. qHD makes a world of difference too... I didn't realize how much more stuff fits on screen tthanks to the higher resolution until I used an EVO 3D and 4G side by side. Can't say I'm ecstatic about WVGA on an even larger screen.

when HTC updates the OS, it is not noticible because of Sence. So it doens't matter if the OS is 2.2 or 2.3. If sence remains the same. Each time Sence updates it gets bigger and bigger slowing the phone.

4.3" was really to big for me, but I was willing to go with it to get such an awesome phone. However, 4.5" is simply too big. I'm at the point in my life where I can't wear cargo pants to work, and this simply isn't going to cut it.

If this were 4" I would be waiting in line now. Oh well.

Do note that even tho it's 4.5", it's also packing a wider aspect ratio (in portrait) than the EVO 3D or Photon. So it may not be any longer/taller than those, but it'll surely be a bit wider on your hand, wider than the EVO 4G. OTOH, it looks like it has plenty of bezel, particularly up top, so it may just be bigger all around. I wonder I'd it'LLC be thicker than the Infuse due to the extra Wimax radio...

I am droping the 3VO and getting SGSII. The 3VO is just a brick, too heavy and thick, with an ugly back.

From an existing Epic 4G owner, here's hoping for a Slider version. At 4.52", the slider would have 6 rows of keys instead of the 5 now...haha.

They say if you can get 50% of the people to love you and 50% to hate you, you are doing something right.

Judging from these comments this phone is hitting the mark.

Which processor does this come with ? I hope not the Tegra 2 ?

And can't wait to learn some info on the upcoming Nexus-Three for Sprint. The Prime thing was a hoax as a "nexus" device, it will just be another "Droid" brand phone coming to Verizon, and NOT the next Nexus phone.

I have guns that I carry that are smaller than this phone... 4.0 is the biggest phone I want... To each their own though.

This phone HAS THE EXYNOS! I just submitted proof to android central, hopefully they post an update with the pics I sent.

Mind giving us a hint on the source of your proof? I'm a believer that it'll pack the same Exynos based on the Nenamark benchmark test results that popped up a couple months ago, but I'm a sucker for more pre-release leaks if you have something more concrete. I'm guessing you work in the industry and were able to log in to Samsung's training site?

Correct. I logged into the training site, screen-capped all the specs, and submitted it all to androidcentral. They just posted a new article about it. :)

This phone looks like the Infuse 4G but with GS2 specs. And I already thought the Infuse was too large to be a phone.

I dont really see any "haters", just more people that dont want a tablet phone. I have the OG evo and love it. I wouldnt want the SGSE4gT or what ever its called... I dont really care for samsung due to the lack of support they have been giving the damn phones. My girl has an epic... I hate that phone and she wont let me root. So just because someone doesnt like something that "the latest and greatest" doesnt mean they are haters... If people were smart they would wait for ICS anyways!

What happens when Sprint tosses away it's Wimax 4G and starts with the LTE 4G, that new shiny Samsung SG2 will be crap. I wouldn't bay anything with Wimax involved until Sprint shits or gets off the pot. They said they are going LTE very soon so by by to anything that has Wimax involved.

For me, with no slide out keyboard it should be called the Epic Fail. Not seeing a keyboard in the pictures doesn't mean it doesn't have one but wouldn't they be showing it off it did have one? Plus the name has "touch" in it which may mean no keyboard.

Anybody have confirmation on this? My tmobile G1 has reached its EOL and it is time for a new device.

I think WiMAX is so crappy. It's so unreliable and Tethering sucks big time. I hope att gets the same exact specs, but I know they won't. I was hoping to get rid of the evo and Get the New iPhone and gs2 on family plan Instead of having two separate carriers.

how about we call it the epic touch, kind of like how the original was always called the epic. i mean, you call a half ton ford truck an f150, not ford motor company f series pick up 1/2 ton 150.