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If you've got a U.S. Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung's running a promotion until Jan. 6 that'll allow you to claim $50 of free Google Play credit. Simply hit up the promotion site, enter your details — including phone number, address, email and IMEI — and you'll be able to score $50 credit to use on apps, music, movies or other content on Google Play. The offer is open to all U.S. Galaxy Note 3 devices regardless of when you purchased, but you'll need to sign up before the Jan. 6 cut-off.

And you'll need a valid U.S. Galaxy Note 3 IMEI to complete the process — even if you fake your way through the address and phone number requirement, a non-U.S. IMEI won't work.

Hit up the promotion page to get started.

Source: Samsung Promotion; via: SamMobile


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Samsung offering U.S. Galaxy Note 3 owners $50 Google Play credit


So far I've received $75 in Play Store credit from Samsung within the past two weeks.

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Whoa.. this is amazing. 50 bucks isn't just chump change either. But what's the other 25 credit from?

Gee, thanks Samsung! I thought we'd be left out of this promotion.

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I understand that. But I'm talking In-app. Just curious if I can purchase things like power ups or extra life type stuff in games I play. I don't really want anything out of the play store right now. LoL

Did you get it immediately? I have a moto x on my line now. Would it matter that it's not tied to that number? Do they send it via email or text?

UK? I would like free stuff for my note 3.

Sent with My Note 3 needing apps to be full of life.

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I'm in Canada, and I didn't get anything extra with my Note 3 purchase... the $50 Google Play credit would be appreciated, Samsung !

Anybody remember when they gave away free flip cases for SGS3 owners? Thxz Samsung.

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Yes, got the lime green one and was a pretty big fan of it. Hopefully they'll do that again for the Note 3

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Somebody told me today that they are but you had to have purchased the Note 3 after November 15. Don't know how true it is though.

Awesome thanks samsung and androidcentral for making me aware of this promo!!! Seems every samsung device I've purchased in the last few months has come with play credit!!

And the sad part is,I was gonna get the international Note 3.Im glad I didn't now.

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Samsung is giving free stuff away just like this present administration.That was ugly :-D

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Come on UK,you're gonna get KK before we do,can we get a little Love 8-)

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@kj11,I'm thinking this promo covers the free case,but I hope they do that for the Note 3 as well.

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Thank you, AC.

Just got my Note 3 day before yesterday, and that helped ease the pain of buying the phone.

I got the following message: "Out of gifts"... and when I tried to resubmit I got a "The code entered has already been used".


Ok Americans soak it up- we in the UK as mentioned may get kitkkat first so enjoy. Im not bitter HONESTLY lol

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I'm shocked no Nexus enthusiasts has mentioned "Nexus" yet..... So I'll do it for em: (lol)
I wonder if you can use that $50 towards a nexus 5 via the play store ....

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That's not necessarily true, the Google play gift cards cannot be used for hardware purchases so I don't really see how this is any different.

*edit* I just checked and you CANNOT use this towards hardware

People should just read the Terms and Conditions on the site. It is written on page 1 plain as day "...cannot be redeemed for Android app subscriptions, magazine subscriptions, or hardware and accessory purchases..."

Well, this is a nice way to start Hump Day! Thanks, Sammy! Now...need to remember if there were any apps I wanted, but couldn't justify paying for. Hmmmmm.

This is awesome. Applied and got the credit almost instantly. I had to wait almost 3 months before I got the $25 credit HTC gave to the One owners, by then I didn't even have the one anymore! Thanks A.C. for the tip and Samsung for the credits!

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What about €50 credit for all the S3 and S4 owners that were upgraded to 4.3 and are now left with unstable handsets!!

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My note only has a14 number one if. They are asking for a15 digit number. Anyone can help me....please

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Goto Settings>General>About Device>Status> Scroll DOwn you should see a 15 digit number With the letters IMEI above it.

My note only has a14 number one if. They are asking for a15 digit number. Anyone can help me....please

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My note only has a14 number one if. They are asking for a15 digit number. Anyone can help me....please

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yes sir......when people complain about the purchase price, they never usually count on a $50 $50 bucks off. Thanks Sammy

Just got my credit! Thanks Samsung! Now drop me that 4.3 update with the new TouchWiz features for the 2012 edition Note 10.1 and I'm good!

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Very nice way to wake up on a Wednesday. Now if my N7 would get the kitkat OTA I'd have an amazing day.

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I find this promotion really suprising given that Samsung has its own app and media stores and they could have easily gotten people to try those out with a promotion. I think this is pretty solid proof that Samsung is not intending to fork away from Google Play and Google services any time soon.

when I got that message to correct my name, I just had to use lower case letters for my name. some odd reason it didn't like me capitalizing the first letters of my name

I originally got $25 from the HTC One promo. Then another $25 from my friend who originally signed up for the One promo and then got an iPhone before the codes went out. And now $50 from Samsung? I'm stoked!

Tip: If you're getting the error to correct highlighted fields. Try doing the 14 Digit code on your box instead of the 15 digit code in the phone... OR just delete the last digit (Sprint)

Worked for me.

Thanks Androidcentral works like a charm got it in one minute in my email $50 credit yeah yeah

posred via my Galaxy Note 3

Thank You!!! I was needing a bit of good news today and getting $50 to spend in the Google Play Store was outstanding.
Android Central is the BEST..!!

When I registered my Note3 with Samsung, I was given a $50 credit for purchases of Samsung accessories for my Note3. Now I can also get a $50 credit to the Google Play Store? I'm tempted but if these are mutually exclusive, I'd rather keep the Samsung store credit for Samsung accessories.

When I registered my device with Samsung, I believe in relation to it's warranty. An email was sent with a discount code for N3 accessories purchased from the Samsung site. Now it might have been 50% off, not sure. What I wanted to buy wasn't yet available. Was good for 90 days.

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My Note 3 keeps getting cheaper and cheaper between pricematch, BB gift cards, and now GP credits

Now who would know your IMEI except you and the store where you purchased your device from. Or maybe you got your device off the black market.

do you know how hard it would be to guess that number at random? Did you buy it off craigslist or something? If so, they more than likely beat you too it

I bought it from official Verizon store, not even authorized stores.

I ordered the unit through Official Verizon website. It was all official channel.
Yet my IMEI is already used.

This is great because I was jipped out of my $25 credit when I purchased my Galaxy Note 8 and then my Note 3. The confirmation email came within minutes of signing up and Imma go SHOPPING for some good stuff...LOL

Got it!! Thank you Android Central for the heads up and to Samsung for the $50 credit. :-)

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When you are emailed the form, there's a place that will explain where to find the IMEI number for each carrier. It's small, but highlighted. So just click on it and it'll tell you where to find it.

Thanks Android Central and Samsung! Got one for my T-Mobile and Verizon Note 3, $100! yeah!

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Something very weird is happening to me. I have a U.S. Cellular note 3 and my imei is only 14 digits where as the promotion is asking for 15? Anyone else have this problem?

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So if you buy a Note 3 from AT&T, you get a free Galaxy Tab 3 7" (but pay for service which isnt bad) AND a $50 GPLAY credit. They're just giving it all away!

I saw this and let my wife know about it. She got hers right away. I did mine about 10 minutes later and didn't get squat as far as a confirmation email. I am more than a little irritated to say the least.

I signed up for this, and had 2 other buddies sign up, all 3 of us are still waiting on the email with credit

I did mine over an Hour ago, No E-Mail yet......... But it did give me a conformation # after I filled everything out.

Over on another site they're say on slick deals that people are or were being shown how to generate # without owning the phone some were claiming getting up to $600 worth. So they might have shut it down. Mine was done at 6:30 am

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if this is true, it explains my situation.

perfectly legit GNote 3, but the websites says my IMEI is already used.

Got the email 2 minutes after completing the sign up process. Thanx Sony I mine *Samsung* !! lol

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I have yet to receive my email but have a conformation number for reference but that's of no use. I don't see what could be taking so long!

It seems to have been shut down, or at least placed on hold. I should have done it this morning, because when I go there now, there's no form to fill in, simply "We are all out of Google Play credits, please come back later."

So, thanks to everyone who scammed it with fake IMEIs or whatever.

I said to myself this morning, "self, we're at work and can do this after work". That's what I get for listening. I'm sure it'll be back, won't wait or listen to self next time this shows its face.

That's what I just got too. I hope they get it worked out. I have mine registered with my email so I would think I'd someone tries to use my IMEI#, the email addresses wouldn't match & they would see it

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I hope the people who misused this kindness by Samsung get caught.One person on this site claims he got $600.00.

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Well... he said it got $600, but he didn't say it was *just* from this. AT&T has a promotion where you get $50 also. So, if he bought 6 phones, he would have gotten $600 in credits.

Just saying, we should automatically *assume* it's because he scammed the system. If he did, then we should find him and remove his toenails ;)

He would have had to buy 12 phones at $50 each. But they apparently were all pretty proud of it.

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I am in the same boat. I have my confirmation number and everything but no email yet.

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Thanks Samsung. So glad i made the switch from the iPhone. Apple never gave freebies.

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I just tried and the page says they have no more credits right now try back later wtf!

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Saw it 16 hours ago and should have jumped on it but I read the details and thought after work don't hurt I have till January 6th.

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There is a Terms and Conditions link at the site.
Site tells me they are all out of credits.
Oh well.......

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Credit site says it's out of credit come back later. Really how is that possible? Garbage. Total garbage.

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The Terms and Conditions state "A total of not more than 30,000 Gifts will be available during the Offer Period." I was thinking to wait after work too like parmijo92678. But when I saw that I signed up right away. It pays to read the conditions.

Sure glad I did otherwise I would be SOOL.

Same here. I submitted my info yesterday right when this article was posted and have yet to hear back.

The promotion is over. Like many of you, I lost out. Damn! Since there was a finite suppy, they should have set it up so that once they're gone no more confirmation #s would be sent.

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There is some serious b.s. here...according to the site, it says the promotion started Nov. 5, but we just find out about it yesterday? WTF? Don't promote something if you're not truthful about it.

Well, I went from thinking how cool Samsung was for doing this, to feeling bilked by the shady terms of this offer. Why say that it's live until January, only to say that it's not - this blows! Nothing like bragging to all of your friends (especially your Apple friends) about how "my" brand gives back and then getting yoki-doked in the end.

48-hours after getting my confirmation I JUST got my email with the credit. I'd say if you got a confirmation number stay patient.

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I signed up the first day and just now got the email for my 50$ credits. Thank you samsung!!

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w00t! I got in on this around 2 PM on the 20th, got a confirmation number, and just now received my code. Immediately went in to Google Play and redeemed it:

$50.00 has been added to your Google Play account.
Your new balance is $50.00.

Well, I was wrong. Today, I received my redemption code. Awesome. Just be patient.

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Is anyone else going to complain to the company about all this? If so, please let me know so I can get touch with them as well. Because of those who abused & stole IMEI's that didn't belong to them, the rest of us got crapped on. Thank you

♥ LeLe

Apparently the promotion has ended more than a month before it was supposed to end "due to exaustion of supply"

And of course now that im seeing this theyve exausted the credits. Smh. Thats bs given that its until january 6th. They should keep their word on that

Same thing just got my note 3 to find out the promo ended especially when people were using generated imei numbers