GS4 Black Edition

Update: Hot on the heels of Samsung UK's statement, Samsung HQ has announced that the Black Edition GS4 and GS4 Mini will launch in "select markets" from February. The phones will come with exclusive wallpapers and ringtones, as well as black accessories and charging cables.

Original post: News has come in of Samsung Galaxy S4 models with a new Note 3-like leather-effect back — in recent days we've seen the new GS4 variants in Russia and South Korea sporting a redesigned derriere. So when might we see a Western release for this new (and, we'd argue, improved) flavor of Galaxy S4? Well, Samsung's keeping its cards close to its chest for now, not exactly confirming a UK launch for the "Black Edition" GS4 seen in Russia recently, but instead hinting at the possibility of announcements ahead.

A Samsung spokesperson told Android Central, “Samsung UK will announce availability for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Edition in due course.”

That doesn't tell us a whole lot, but it does suggest we haven't seen the last of these new GS4 models without the glossy back cover. With a likely Galaxy S5 launch happening before the end of the month, hopefully we won't have too long to wait.


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Samsung Galaxy S4 + S4 Mini Black Edition availability announced


That leather look is bad ass! I'm all about Nexus but I'll make an exception for that. There's always root and cm

Nexus 4 - CM10.1.3

I like the Fleather back. But they need to upgrade to the 805 CPU or at least the 800 for me the make the jump.

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Even with the S5 out, they'll still sell the S4 along with it like they do the SIII with the S4.

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I just hope you can by the back cover and it will fit correctly onto an existing s4

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Nice... It would be great to have matching cables and chargers, all in black!

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If this version had come out just before the Nexus 5 came out, I would've seriously considered it!

Just another Samsung marketing scheme to foist their inexpensive to produce junk into the public domain so fanbois can justify superiority based on global sales.

It would be great if they release the faux leather back plate separately as well. Would definitely get it!

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