Great news for you owners of the Samsung Mesmerize (check out our review), as your phone will officially see the Android 2.3 Gingerbread update at some point. There have been a slew of devices receiving Gingerbread in the past few months, which has led owners of phones that have not received the update wondering when or if their turn would come. US Cellular's version of the Samsung Galaxy S has been a popular phone for the carrier, so it's good to see it committed to the updates. We don't have an official date yet, but you can bet as soon as we do, you'll know it. In the meantime, hit up the Samsung Mesmerize Forum.

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Samsung Mesmerize will be receiving Gingerbread update


Oh great...

Here come the people complaining, "But when is my (Epic, Vibrant, Fascinate, Captivate, Thunderbolt, etc., etc., etc.) getting Gingerbread?"

Go to any thread about a phone that is being updated to Gingerbread & you will see a lot of people asking why the Thunderbolt hasn't gotten Gingerbread yet.

I wasn't implying it was in the Galazy S line.

You bet ya!

Nothing but Gingerbread love for as far as the eye can see - and what does the Thunderbolt get? ........Last call for the Seidio CONVERTĀ Combo Case!!

YEAH! The nerve of those people who are getting left behind to complain, and who don't go out and buy the newest phone every time it comes out! Bastards I tell ya!

Now where's my Epic *3*G Gingerbread update (since 4G only worked briefly the first day on the 3 of them we bought and never again since, despite being in SATURATED 4G coverage per Sprint's website map) -And will it fix the damn 4G so it actually might...I dunno, say work?


That's because anyone who has a Vibrant/Captivate that wanted Gingerbread flashed CM7 or another Gingerbread ROM and those that had an Epic/Fascinate ditched it already for something better, haha.

I'm happy for Mesmerize owners. USCC doesn't molest their phones like Verizon does.The Mesmerize was everything the Fascinate should have been. Enjoy!

Looks like Samsuck's at it again with updates. They release a new phone and forget about anything else. They've got a shorter attention span than a 5 year old.