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Samsung Galaxy S2 owners eager for a piece of Jelly Bean action will no doubts be delighted to hear the first official information surrounding the update. While no expected date has been provided, Samsung Korea has provided some details on what will be contained within the update to Android 4.1. 

First up the less positive points. The available internal storage will be reduced from 12GB to 11GB, thanks to a new system partition. Samsung says the changes in structure potentially means the update can take an hour to flash. Also, apparently it's only going to be available by Kies, with no OTA update option available. 

Now onto the fun stuff. Of course, an update to Jelly Bean brings the likes of Project Butter and Google Now to the table. As part of the update, some additional applications such as Google+, Google Play Books and Google Play Movies will be pre-loaded. Additional functionality will come to the camera app, and Pop Up Play and Smart Stay from some of Samsung's newer devices will also be added to the Galaxy S2. 

It's sadly still a waiting game at this point, but with some official news coming out from Samsung, we'd like to hope it means the update isn't that far away from dropping. 

Source: Samsung Korea (Translated) via SamMobile


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Samsung Korea details Jelly Bean update for Galaxy S2, without giving a date


This would be a nice offering for those that do not like rooting their devices.

I just wonder if carriers would even bother seeing as the phone is roughly two years old.

As mentioned, definitely a waiting game.

I've been using the leaked FK23 version for about a week now. Works great & much smoother experience than CM10 beta (which I also liked).

Same here! I'm good with the leak til the OTA is released. I basically stopped wondering about when the upgrade would happen. I'm now waiting for the Galaxy S4...and BTW...the New Sony Xperia Z is looking sweeter than honey @ CES 2013=^P

My problem with the fk23 is the battery life. I didnt get "cards" in cm10 but I did get battery life. I fortunately am not far from a charger and Google now is a real plus

I really didn't think that the galaxy S2 would get jelly bean though this makes me happy and glad I am wrong.

After the shitty job Samsung did with the ICS (ice cream sandwich android 4.0), destroying the improvements google made to the interface, I only want this update to come out to help the cyanogenmod community to have better drivers and code to work with.

What the hell you talking about? They didnt destroy anything, they just not updated there UI, for example laucher still does not support widget resizeing, but other then that is has all ICS UI support, which imo is most importent thing.

If you look on leaks they actully plan to bring GSIII laucher with JB which should improve expirence

Good for Samsung for supplying major updates to this phone for so long after its release. May other Android OEM's take note and follow suit.

If this is only available via Kies, Samsung better get the compatibility bugs sorted out in Kies that no longer allow me to backup my S11 content to pc since upgrading to ICS a couple of months ago.

Couldn't agree more -- forcing users to upgrade through Kies in its present half-assed form is classic corporate stupidity.

Ill be honest. If you are in the States with ATT then you are SOL as ATT will not issue an update for the device as they have already marked it as EOL and only have minor support left for it with no update options.