Samsung's Galaxy TabPro and NotePro tablets have been available for some time, but that doesn't mean it's not too late to start advertising them. In that spirit, Samsung today pushed out four new ads touting the software and hardware features of the Galaxy Pro Series tablets, including bits on Multi Window, the "4 megapixel display" pixel density, and support for multiple users.

Like in previous ads where Samsung explicitly and repeatedly targeted Apple devices, the popular iPad Air is squarely in Samsung's sights. Though they're not unwilling to point a finger at their Android-based competitors either, taking aim at the Amazon Kindle Fire tablets' lack of multitasking capability.

Multi User

Note: Samsung is not wrong in that iOS does not support multiple user accounts. iOS does allow users to lock the tablet to a specific app, but that's not a feature that's easily discoverable or well-advertised.

Book Club

Two Things At Once

Note: While, yes, the Galaxy Pro Series of tablets do support Multi Window mode so you can run two apps on the screen at the same time, they're also making that iPad user seem awfully dumb for not just switching to the other app as the video client runs in the background. Because iOS can do that.

Pixel Density

Note: The iPad Air has a pixel density of 264ppi. The retina iPad Mini: 326ppi. The Galaxy Pro Series 12.2" is 247ppi, 10.1" is 299ppi, and 8.4" is 359ppi. So, yes, at the closest matching size, the Galaxy Pro tablets do have a greater pixel density than Apple's iPads. Except you're not likely to notice unless you have them less than a foot away from your eyeballs.


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Samsung heads to YouTube to show off the Galaxy Pro tablets


This is how you make ads!!! these ads has been effective against Apple.

HTC do something about your ads

The comment on the two things at once. I disagree. If you were on a conversation with your boss, you are all looking at a slide AND your boss is holding something up in front of the camera then it helps not to have to switch in between screens. Just my two cents.

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Maybe they can show off how they update the original Note 10.1 to Kit Kat.

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Exactly...that is why I'm not buy Samsung anymore. They have now S5 and Note 3 and they forgot all about n7100, still stuck at 4.2.
Since i cant buy Apple, maybe I'll pick M8.

"Two things at once" -- really, guys? iPads can have video running in the background? I assumed that most videos,when sent to the background, stop playing audio or advancing. iPads are very bad at multi-tasking, and shortcuts like these are how they thrive.

Meanwhile, I know Samsungs have floating video OOTB

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I have the Pro 8.4 and it's great, except for two gripes 1) The side bezels are too thin. Would love to have an 8" version of this with thicker side bezels, so when I put in a dock in landscape mode, progress bars like in the Youtube app wouldn't be covered up, and b) 16gb only :(