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Samsung's latest Note inducted into '10 million seller' club

Not long after the company announced it had shipped 5 million Galaxy Note 3s worldwide, Samsung has revealed that the device has now passed the 10 million sold mark. The milestone earns the Galaxy Note 3 in the "10 million club," Samsung says, alongside recent successes like the earlier Galaxy S and Galaxy Note phones, and popular clamshell phones from the last decade. 

It's unclear whether this means 10 million Note 3 devices are in the hands of end-users around the world, or whether Samsung has sold this number of handsets to retailers and carrier partners. Either way, that's a lot of Note 3s in a relatively short space of time. By comparison, the Galaxy Note 2 had shifted 5 million units shortly before the end of its second month on sale.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 also earned the title of "best oversized phone" in our recent roundup of the best Android phones on the market.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow


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Samsung hails 10 million Galaxy Note 3s sold after second month on sale


Out of the 10 million phones, I think they would be ok with not having you- 1 person- as a customer. If you dont like something, dont buy it.

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What if he did? When I had an S3, I actually liked the experience it provided.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

I like my touchwhiz but I also like the stock vanilla UI.

Even though I'll lose loads of features, My next phone will be a nexus.

Why don't you learn that the ugly can be hidden, and that it is the most feature rich phone available because of Touchwiz?

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

No argument there, but that comment was close..

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

Have you ever tried a note? I'm using the Note 3 and I dont face any issues with touchwiz. Note is all about Touchwiz. Dont like it, please go away.

I have to agree, note 3 is my first Samsung phone and so far I've got no issues with touchwiz

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They used those earnings sending out $50 Google Gift cards.May I buy you an app? :-D

Sent from my Note 3 rockin Jelly Bean 4.3

To me, all of the UI's pretty much look the same; they just function differently. I don't understand the hate, but you're entitled to your opinion.

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Plain and simple nothing beats Samsung or the Galaxy Note products period.

You can add that boring, dull, featureless, Nexus 5, or the Motorola X, or Motorola G, matter of fact throw in the Htc One and they all don't sell like the Note 3.

At 63% market share of the entire android platform just like I have always said Samsung is android period.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

"You can add that boring, dull, featureless, Nexus 5, or the Motorola X, or Motorola G, matter of fact throw in the Htc One and they all don't sell like the Note 3." That wrong enough for you?

What did he say that was offensive or inaccurate. I think you should take your own advice and shut up.

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Missed you Richard, thought maybe those checks Samsung sends you may have got lost on the mail j/k

But seriously market share doesn't have crap to do with quality or what's best. Everyone has their own opinion and I get that. I have not personally used a note 3 so I will not comment on the speed or usability of touchwiz on it, but if you think touchwiz wasn't slowing down the s2,s3,s4 and occasionally the note 2 then you haven't experienced how fluid android is without it.

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Sources to back up all of these "facts"? Or are you pulling all of this stuff out of your ass, like usual?

I'd love to be sitting in that meeting: " gentlemen, we just sold 10 million of the Galaxy Note 3. it's a monumental success. As such, were going to completely overhaul the entire thing"

Yeah, great idea.

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If you take out the screen size, it is the best phone overall. Screen size is just preference.

Quality, features, camera, battery signal strength, and usability, it beats, or at the very least matches, any phone on the market.


So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

Hmm, I don't completely agree.

I would still put it in another category and say that it's the best phablet out there, as the awesome features available (I'm thinking about the S Pen) would be a little difficult to use (in an optimal way) on average-sized devices.

That's at least for now. When 6 inches devices become the average, the Note series will probably have a huge advantages over competitors.

If you take out the screen size, it's the Galaxy J, which does share the same specs.

But, if you take out the screen size, you lose all of the S-Pen features and the functionality that the extra screen real estate provides.

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People on here say the phone is too big, it lags (which is a myth), its got bloat (I use every feature besides the air pause crap) and touchwiz is ugly (Why not use a damn launcher) but yet its sold over 10 million in 2 months.

I'm 6'2 and the phone feels good in my hands or anyone above 5'10. Any thing lower than this screen feels so tiny in my hands.

This is the best overall phone this year. Only the G2 comes close to it.

Sent via the Android 5.0 MilkShake.

i'm barely 5'8 and it feels good in my hands, too! i can honestly say that i can never go back to a non-phablet... spoiled!

Sorry buddy it's isn't a myth does lag stutters you still can't open the gallery without several seconds wait ..I know ..I have one too ..and I struggle to get the battery to last a 12,hr shift ..
True is is very feature rich but all that gimicky stuff slows it down some needs all that ram to run all that bloat ware ...
The HTC max with half the ram is smoother and quicker in my experience...and I can 15hrs out of the battery..
Yes I know it's lacking s pen stuff ..but I prefer it ..

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It definitely is not a myth watch Marques Brownlee on YouTube who is a huge Note 3 fan and even he admits there is stuttering /lag when pressing the home button and when swipping through the home screens.

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Sorry buddy it's isn't a myth does lag stutters you still can't open the gallery without several seconds wait ..I know ..I have one too ..and I struggle to get the battery to last a 12,hr shift ..
True is is very feature rich but all that gimicky stuff slows it down some needs all that ram to run all that bloat ware ...
The HTC max with half the ram is smoother and quicker in my experience...and I can 15hrs out of the battery..
Yes I know it's lacking s pen stuff ..but I prefer it ..

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Thats wrong also and in my own experiance im only having to charge at around 1am from an average wake up of 10am so thats around 15hrs of heavy use and i still have around 10-15% left. I cant comment on your usage but in my experiance the Note 3's battery although not perfect it is by a great margine better than most bit not all.

There is repeated attempts to throw in absolute bs and although this is an open thread i do think the bs comnents should be kept in check.

Many just repeat themselfs over and over and over and over and over see how annoying it is you morons that lack any inteligence hence why the reason then is to repeat the same bs as you cant be rashional and have reason logic and to be constuctive in any debate.

Go out and get laid or perhaps thats beyond you lot but there are services to go to and failing that shut da f@ck up.

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C'mon, brother! Don't be like that! You have to get used to the fact that not everyone is going to agree with you or see things your way.

The Note 3 is a great device. If you realize how great a device it is, and it works great for you, then what other people say should never matter.


Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

"themselfs"? "rashional"? Isn't there a spell check on that Note 3 you have? You should really learn how to spell before you start calling people morons that lack any "inteligence."

In any case, my brothers have Note 3's and they swear it's the best phone they've ever used. Amazing screen, blazing speed, feature rich and the size doesn't bother them at all.

I'm good with my HTC One for now, but will take a serious look at the Note 4 next year. Hopefully, it comes with a spell check. LOL

Wow another bandwaggon ffhdjhjjfgh woops nah im dyslexic so you going to be a moron just bacause i happen to type fast and over insert a letter wow how about you go fuck yourself aswel lol cheee i was being civil upto the point some dickhead had to jump on another dickheads comment.

Butt buddy's followed by i think fluff buddies would be more fitting. So you then take the notion that im being a twat. Well fuck this bollocks and AC. Your defending a twat.

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You're trash talking any person who 'criticize' or say that they don't like Samsung products, yet you're on every HTC news comments section doing the same thing, and praising the Note 3 superiority.

Everybody doesn't have the same tastes, so get over it and calm your tits.

When? copy and paste i bet you cant and calm my tits eh where do you get these fucking stupid phrases from. Ach im done with morons like you and to some not all that use AC bollocks is all i can say. Right talk shit amongst yourselfs i cant handle the stupidity of some.

And pointless replying with yet another parhetic attempt to dismiss my facts. Im done.

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I may be inclined to take offense if I had any idea what you're talking about. I'm just saying, if you're going to be calling people moron who lack intelligence, people might take you more seriously if you don't sound like a moron yourself.

Wow what a scathing retort how long did it take you to be flippent?

I was being civil and joining in on a rashional debate i then got annoyed at certain folk repeating the dame bs bloat ect ect i then said tour welcome to a guy that thanked me. I then get called a butt buddy and then a fluff buddy would be more fitting and im the moron? Right get to fuck you bunch of inbred parasites.

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You respond to his post about spelling and grammar mistakes with more spelling and grammar mistakes? That's not smart.

Oh wow so your saying in that statement that people with dyslexia aint smart hmm cmon reply you complete and utter fannie. You may aswel come out and say whilst your at it that anyone with a disability aint smart. Im just typing to fast and it has fuck all to do with my inteligence which by the way i have degree's and an iq measured at 120. Which is above the average which sits around 80. Anyway please continue and mercdroid lol really you though that was funny just shows eh haha must say im finding this amusing i get attacked and just because i defend myself you then jump in with 2 pennies worth now i was called a butt buddy haha just take a look around and youl see who the fudge packers are lol

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You're overreacting, brother. Stop getting so worked up. Some of the insults are funny; that doesn't mean I necessarily agree with them.

I've been insulted on here and various other sites, before. So, I'm speaking from experience when I say that you need to be the bigger person and just leave it alone.

Posted via my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

Actually, it's probably not right for me to criticize your spelling and grammar. For all I know, English might not be your first language. Having said that, comments like "inbred parasites" make you appear equally as stupid as those spelling/grammar mistakes.

And, yes, you're right: Those who called you butt buddy and fluff buddy are just as moronic. But don't go down to their levels.

You like the Note 3. Great! Good for you! That doesn't mean that people can't enjoy other phones, right? And if someone says something negative about your Note 3, so what??? 10 Million sold! Enough said! Who cares what someone in a comment board says??? Let. It. Go.

^^^^^Couldnt Agree More^^^^ The not so constructive critisism will continue by the attention seeking muppets as they are so bored that i bet when they post on fb they stare and stare at the screen for that 1 like lol

It is tiresome when the only thing they can point out is touchwiz which is feature rich and i use Action Launcher to add more customisation and Smart launcher yup alternate between the two lol

But give up with the bloat, samoled ect ect no one gives a toss lol

The Note 3 bloat and all is a great device as is the S3, S4, Note 2 ect.

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Your Welcome its good to hear from people that makes sense mate. Yeh touchwiz is not perfect by any means but its far from dismal that the select few elude to.

Smart Pause is a bit daft (a gimmick) if you will, however its a trial and error and its not like having that feature present is effecting the phones performance in any way.

And as for the look many enjoy tbh but for those that like to customize there are launchers that will let you do exactly that.

The Note 3 is a brilliant device i know i own one :-)

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Wow delusional brain dead fannies that cant get laid so the best you can come up with is butt buddies or fluff buddies haha your lack of inteligence is obvious and to think that is funny or insulting is delusional-im no homophobe the gays dont scare me lol but just for your info i have a daughter and im 100% hetro but fire away with the lame and pathetic gay comnents if you like ya bunch of brain dead wankers lol

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Your lack of commas and punctuation gives me cancer. However, I'm not sure how my light-hearted statement indicates that I need to fornicate more frequently. Why so serious? De sini kaka dear sir.

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my lack of commas and punctuation gives you cancer. Wdf you really are that delusional and may i add simple minded. It's Arrogant Loud mouth Americans like you that gives the rest a bad rep. Go find them tweasers and fuck yourself TWAT.

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Who said that I'm American?? Don't worry, although your replies seem aggressive and are laden with insults, I know you're not being serious.

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It just annoys that one can be daft and instead of using inteligence one has to follow another to phycalogically seem to get that positive reinfocement. If it's come across that its been agressive then it probably is as the world could do without the small minded morons that do exactly what you did. But if that was and is a stupid mistake on your part-then i do appologise.

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No need to apologize. It was my mistake to assume that my comment could be read as sick humor, instead of demeaning.

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Nah its just that all be it in jest having to jump on a morons comment butt boys then fluff boys would be more fitting. That level of stupidity i find unwarrented.

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I agree that it wasn't appropriate, but going back and forth isn't going to solve anything. Trust me, I know lol.

But, you did apologize. Leave it at that, brother.

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Most people would say the iPhone is the best phone on the market, therefore it is. According to your logic, that is.

Regardless, that Faux Leather back is tacky.

After using my friend's Note 3 for a few minutes, I actually like the faux leather back. It does provide a different feel to it, for sure. But, overall, it's easier to grip, and the phone doesn't feel like it's going to just slip right out of your hand.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

Yeah, I'm a fan of the screen size, too. I'm just not a fan of the cost, lol. A Nexus 5 and a Nexus 7 still come out to be, at least, 100 dollars cheaper.

I'd rather pay the amount of money and get two devices.

That's just my preference, though.

Posted via my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

Are you joking? It feels 10000 times better than the cheap plastic on galaxy S... I had Note 2 before Note 3 and the difference is HUGE! :-)

that stuff is actually quite nice... keeps it from slipping out of your hand or getting marked up with fingerprints, and even helps it stay propped up if i lean it on something. i just bought a case because i wanted a kickstand, but i'm honestly reluctant to cover up the all-too-practical new backing.

Sammy should actually put this on ALL of their phones IMO... dont knock it til you try it ;)

And at a quick glance, everyone i encounter thinks it's real leather. i actually explain that it's plastic to them! it's only because you come on sites like these that you know what it is. most people dont, and find it to be a pretty nice, "high-end-looking" change.

so, from an untrained eye, it looks like leather. and from an owner, it just FEELS so much better. no reason to bash, just because you havent really experienced it.

I finally had a chance to hold one and I've concluded that the faux leather was a mandate. The grip it had during one-handed use, is good to me. It's better than the hyperglaze, but if it had the feel of the HTC WP8X or HTC One SV, there "should" be no complaints. The Note 3 (and 99% of Samsung products) is not my cup of tea, but this is their best version and it is a good upgrade to the Note 2.

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My Note 3 has probably an issue as it takes 3 seconds to go from portrait to landscape and the video stops even if I watch the screen. Probably something with a sensor..I'm going to ask for a replacement unit.
Otherwise, extremely happy with the Note 3/Gear combo!


People with touchwiz problem?

That is the reason why its Android! You can choose if you want to root, use launcher or whatsoever.

Touchwiz bad here touchwiz bad there. Get a life guys. Everytime there is a good news with samsung these people with touchwiz problem are there. They popup like a virus.

If you dont like samsung then so be it. If you like them and dont like their touchwiz root or use a launcher.

Dont make your lives complicated. Choose your phone, sit back, and relax!

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Man I wish I could get that phone. My budget allows me to stick to the nexus range.. Even though I love my nexus I still would take a note 3 in a second!!

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Yeah, I like the Note series, but I can't see myself paying full price for the Note 3, let alone signing a contract just to get one.

I did actually think about getting a Mega. Still thinking, lol.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

Got to give Samsung props. They created a class of phone that Apple hasn't touched and while there are other large screened phones that are great, none of them have Samsung's marketing muscle to sell these kinds of numbers.

Posted via G2+

Agree, Samsungs marketing team is tops in the industry, LG is trying with their advertising lately as the he need to get the word out the G2 is a great phone.

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What a sad situation. I bought the Note 2 and love it. But in order to get KitKat why should I have to upgrade?

Is it Samsung or Verizon?

It's not kit Kat it is receiving 4.3 jellybean there hasn't been an announcement for the Note 2 to get kit Kat.

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Best phone I've ever owned! Crazy numbers but this is a device that deserves this type of sales.

The Touchwiz hate is beyond ri·dic·u·lous!

Everything is buttery smooth!

I wanted to like the Note III so much, that big lovely screen would sure come in handy. But...the size makes it too unmanageable as a day-to-day device. I often get frustrated with my G2 for having to use two hands so often. As for Touchwiz, much like the LG G2's OS modifications, the negatives are blown way out of proportion and there are a lot of useful features there. My $.02

This, any I find the features of the G2 really useful and some of the touch wiz features on the note 3 seem useful.

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To be honest, I really don't see that many people using the Note 3. I am guessing 10 million units are "shipped" instead of sold to the end-users, as that's the way what Samsung had always announced in the past.

Well, once Samsung ships the units to the various carriers and resellers, then they count as sales. It's not misleading in the slightest. And, more than likely, if carriers and resellers are constantly reordering stock, then the device is assumed to be selling.

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iPhone is the best smartphone available.

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by the most eloquent phone reviewer and critique, owner of the best phablet available - Note 3 , Me myself and I

I have one and love, I don't understand the haters on touchwiz, runs amazing on my GN3

Sent from my awesome ' VZW GN3'

Over 2 months with my Note 3 and it's still as responsive as ever. With att, I have grandfathered unlimited data. Also, I keep the brightness up and keep other things on and my battery lasts most of the day. If it needs to be charged, I swap out the battery (pretty easy to carry a spare).

This is simply the best.

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