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And no, it's not a Nexus

As Samsung prepares to launch the Galaxy S3 Mini in Germany today, we have news of another unannounced handset, the Galaxy Premier. The phone, also known by its model number GT-i9260, was previously rumored to be a re-vamped Galaxy Nexus, owing to its hardware similarities, and the closeness of its model number to the Nexus's GT-i9250. But as you can see from the leaked image above, obtained by German site MobileGeeks, it is in fact a mid-range TouchWiz device, just as we'd speculated on the Android Central forums.

The Galaxy Premier's hardware specs aren't a million miles away from the Galaxy Nexus, though. Inside there's a 4.65-inch HD SuperAMOLED display, a 1.5GHzdual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 8MP rear camera and 8 or 16GB of internal storage, backed up by a microSD card slot. On the software side, it's running the (almost) latest Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean alongside Samsung's TouchWiz Nature UX.

As with any unannounced device, take this leaked info with a pinch of salt until we see something official. Nevertheless, it seems the mystery of the GT-i9260 is well and truly solved at this point.

Source: MobileGeeks


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Samsung GT-i9260 Galaxy Premier revealed in leaked image


The on-screen buttons disappeared D:
And there's a physical button D:
But Samsung is pretty good at pushing out phones WITH new updates. And everything Samsung makes is influenced by the S3. I think I'm using too many sentences. Last thing: you put the processor as 1.5 INCHES.(It's been fixed!)

So what I take away from this is that Samsung may have a new Nexus still as rumoured and the specs may be better than what we initially thought?

That's my hope at least.

It looks exactly like an S3. What is sammy doing, copying motorola, gatta make and release the same phone 5 times in a year like the razr line. Just make one with all the top line specs or wait a few months for the top line specs to come out, instead of updating the phone every 3 months.

I LOVE my GS3 but they need to chill out and stop riding that wave and start coming up with something different for other devices!

Yawn fest thats actually funny. But what os not so funny is CUB's fan? I think u ment Detroit Tigers fan ;-) lol it probably was a mistake from ur side , i forgive u.

The outer shape looks very much the same as the Gnex, you do have to wonder if at one point this was going to be a spec bumped Gnex but Google decided to use LG instead. Other than that this phone is a strange entry for Samsung, it's not really any smaller than the GS3 in overall size and it seems a notch better than most of Samsung's entry to mid range phones.

I guess I'm to the point of all these new phones every week is becoming too much. The choice is great but I often worry about support for non flagship phones. Good thing is JB out the box, that's something to give credit to Samsung about.

It may be running it's course on the looks department but it has great specs minus the ram but it also has the sd card. Knowing how dev friendly and easy to work with I would much rather have this then that new LG Nexus with ONLY 8gb of int memory. How fu----- lame is that. I will never buy any phone with ONLY 8gb of memory. PATHETIC.

Well i guess companies follow Apple's footsteps. Less is more. It works for Apple the Iphones medicore specs are better then any of there iphones before.Problem with that and Android is that those specs are just not anythingto get excited about. It is so early 2011.


Every spec in the GS3 is better. The overall size is so close to the same, I was shocked when I held my Gnex up to a GS3 and saw Samsung basically fit a bigger screen into the same size shell. If this is running an Omap processor like the Gnex the battery will be terrible compared to the S4 chip in the GS3. Assuming it's the same screen as the Gnex it's a notch below the GS3 screen as well. Plus an extra Gig of RAM in the GS3.

It's obvious this phone is using the Gnex design which isn't bad, I like my Gnex a lot but to turn the Gnex into a GS3 look alike you're better off with the GS3 in my opinion if you already own it. I personally would have just preferred this had been a Gnex+ design as originally thought.

I just see this phone as being forgotten about quickly by Samsung. Maybe they will prove me wrong. I hope they do in fact.

U understand that part but the S3 doesn't fit very good in my hands, i really loved the design of the Gnex and the fact that it has a 2mp front face camera and a 8mp rear was something i was looking for in a phone and my S3 has been laggy, i've took it to Samsung they did a factory reset but nothing :/

Samsung is doing it again. Releasing way too many devices and next year they won't be able to keep up with the updates, screwing consumers once again in 2013.