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Following up the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 announcement and our hands-on Galaxy Tab 8.9 photos, we fired up the video camera to spend a few minutes of 1 on 1 time with the new mid-sized tablet. We were so quick getting to Samsung's CTIA booth after the press conference ended that we even caught the show floor unveiling of the devices (skip to 1m26s if you want to get right to the hands-on review part of the show). Geektastic good times!

Samsung's aim with the Galaxy Tab 8.9 is to hit that sweet spot of portability and a big screen,  and at only 470grams in weight it definitely feels light in the hand given it's rather sizable footprint. Unfortunately neither Phil or I were wearing coats to test if it would fit into our pockets. We'll let you know on that once we give it a go. Enjoy the show, and be sure to check out more of our Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 first impressions here.

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PhxBlue says:

Well who do we have here?? Are you lost, sir?

Whatever the case, weclome!

npc_caseym says:

Yeah what the heck?! Did Kevin leave Crackberry? Or is this a one-time stop for him? Like you said, whatever the case, welcome Kevin! I've always enjoyed your blogs and videos (being a previous BB user who made the switch to Android last year).

sookster54 says:

lol @ 1:22 checking her out eh?

Looks laggy, Honeycomb clearly needs some updates sooner or later. 8.9" is a bit bigger than I'd like then again to each their own.

BSG75 says:

The old once-over. Ha!
Force of habit, I am sure. No one can blame him. :)

Kyran says:

Either Honeycomb's UI is just inherently slow or Tegra just hates higher resolutions... or both.

I know I'll get eaten alive for this, but having briefly owned a Xoom, I'm seriously considering joining the Dark Side, at least for my short-term giant-PDA ambitions.

makaveli28 says:

Kevin is hilarious, I wouldn't mind getting my hands on that.

dalvik says:

It looks really attractive but if the final release going to be that laggy... then i'll pass......

moosc says:

is this crackberry Kevin messing with android oh yes I love it welcome Kevin to AC

eric6052 says:

Nice video. I think that 8.9 is a good comprise on size but it still doesn't have the portability of a seven incher. I have a zlrooted Nook Color and the size is really nice for taking around. My wife has an ipad that is the right size for around the house.

kentusmc says:

Welcome to the backside Kevin, and yes I would like to get hands on with that too!

franky_402 says:

ill take the girl over the tab, love the preview!!

ConceptVBS says:

This is the OLD prototype demonstrating the TouchWiz UI.

The actualy SHIPPING 8.9 and 10.1 has a different design and is actually much thinner than these devices you see in this Youtube video.

Menru says:

Do you also know if these prototypes are using PLS screens? Because the display looks quite unimpressive...

Bowlis78 says:

Is it me...or the screen looks far better than the XOOM???

these videos are much better without that AC intro music

mhans311 says:

Who is this pervert camera guy giving the girl an up/down shot? Pretty unprofessional AC...

Croak#AC says:

Looks like there's no SD card slot on the 8.9" unit. Damn shame.

Saw something in the conference slides that looks like it uses a dongle on the 20 pin connector to attach removable storage, a la Apple.

RC46 says:

Engadget is reporting that there is a microSD slot. Its on the top of the unit. They show it in a video.

Love Kevin's quote "I'd like to get my hands on that" LOL!!

Xopher says:

I was thinking the 7" Tab was a little small for my liking. This looks like it is about the right size, and still not too heavy (like what I have seen in the 10" tablets). This might be a very good compromise in size and weight.

_Zguy__ says:

Samsung has executed this one perfectly
a bit of custom skin but same experience

bclapper says:

I love how this guy holds it for one second than tells me I'll NEED a case if I'm gonna own this thing. I'm never putting a case on my phone or tablet no matter how much you try AC sorry.

stonedonkey says:

I'm really disappointed by the performance from the video, toward the end when they fired up the flying game it was really really terrible, not to mention the jerky movement on the main UI.

I know they say this might not be the final software, but unless that's ironed out before release there's no way I'd put my money on this tab.

I think I'll stick with my Xoom for now...

Wesley1 says:

Yeah I'd like to get my hands on that hot blondie too...

gyroslice says:

there was a "Call setting" option in the settings menu. does it have a microphone?

joba78 says:

I like what I am seeing in the Tab 8.9! After getting acquainted with a Moto Xoom and its weight, I felt if I were to jump into a tablet it would have to be lightweight and 'loose-leaf notebook' portable. The Xoom doesn't fit that description, imo.

So, these new Samsung Tabs will ship with stock Android 3.0? That's tempting to me! I would want to keep it that way. Hopefully, the update to TouchWiz can be avoided...?

If the materials are solid (no plastic backs, bezels, etc that Sammy is known for), and I am able to keep stock Android w/o rooting, I think I will get this tablet!!

Morpheus#AC says:

Dear Kevin,

Grow a set and talk to the young lady, or keep pining away like a stalker from a distance. In either case, please refrain from posting skeevy creep videos (and audio commentary) from the site in the future.

This hands on video scooped every other tech site I regularly visit, but I won't be forwarding the link to anyone simply because of the perv factor. SMH.

If you don't want the world to think of you as mouth-breathing weirdo, it's probably best not to videotape yourself acting like one.

PS: someone at the mothership should have edited this out before posting it as well.

mhans311 says:

Could not agree more.

rlbrooks says:

Not agreeing with the content is fine. I personally didn't think anything of it, just a slight smirk and then I moved on. I cared more about the review. I do think it is unfair to insult the man though. Calling him a coward, a stalker, and a perv seems a little extreme and safe to do hidden by the anonymity of the internet.

TABpilot32 says:

That was great Kevin, I don't remember seeing you check out any ladies in any CrackBerry videos...

ChrisFricke says:

So there's some performance tuning to be done... but aside from that what was all the Touchwiz hate about in the other posts? Seems pretty usable to me. Plus it's a good looking tablet and the size is interesting and even is competitively priced.

You guys definitely need to take another look at this thing in a couple of months.