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White variant of Samsung's latest 7-incher goes under £100 for the first time

If you're looking for a good deal on an Android tablet for someone this holiday season, and you're British, then Amazon might be worth a look. Currently you can pick up the white Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7-inch for just £99. Sure, it's not going to set your pants on fire, but if you're looking for something for a more casual user or for the kids, it's a great price. 

This price is for the 8GB model, though being a Samsung tablet you do at least get the option of expanding that with a microSD card. It's pretty tame on the specs, with a 1024x600 resolution display, 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM and two less than impressive cameras, but right now at £99 you'll still likely be better off than with a similiarly priced no-name tablet. 

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7-inch down to £99 at Amazon UK


Anyone else notice how tablets have gotten so much cheaper? They were priced at around $600 or more in 2009-2010.

I have. Back in 2010, every tablet launched with a minimum price-tag of 500.

It's amazing, how fast the technology has advanced and how cheap it has become.

I think, Google getting involved and releasing tablets, amongst other factors (like technology advancing), has helped the situation quite a bit.

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Why does Samsung have two tablet lines? Is that right? I can't keep up.

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Yeah, the "Note" series for the high-end and the "Tab" series for the low-end.

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No just the tablets with Note capabilities. Course if the Note 4 turns out to be 6" I will count that as a tablet as well...

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It's been even cheaper than that for a month now in many other European countries. The screen resolution is quite bad but the responsiveness is much better then most tablets.

I used tesco points (the wife's) and got a Hudl for £69! Quad proc and superb value for money.

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