Samsung Galaxy S5 Wireless Charging S-View Flip Cover

We've already taken a good look at the S-View Flip Case for the Samsung Galaxy S5 — now it's time to peek at the wireless model.

If you're new to this sort of Galaxy S5 case, here's the deal: You remove the existing back to your Galaxy S5 and snap on this whole thing instead. It's also got a front cover that you flip open (thus the name) when you want to use your phone. There's a clear window that measures in at 4.5 square inches, and through you it you see certain notifications. You also can touch the screen through it to unlock the phone, accept or reject calls (which is really useful since you can still talk with the cover closed), and launch the camera. (And the camera, as you'll recall, shoots in a 1:1 aspect ratio when you're using it with the cover closed.)

The stitching is still on the case, as is the faux leather treatment. You still have the indicator for the volume up and down buttons, and the case adds a little bit of thickness to the phone, and just a smidge more than the non-charging S-View Flip Cover. And the window, for as nice as it is, still gunks up at the mere mention of fingerprints and dust.

The big difference here, of course, is wireless charging.

With this version of the S-View Flip Cover, you can charge your Galaxy S5 without having to plug anything into the microUSB port. Just plop it down on a Qi-compatible charging pad, and you're good to go. It's not the quickest way to charge your phone, but it's very convenient. It's all built into the Flip Cover itself, and then connects to the phone.

A small word of warning on this white model: Some folks have had issues with fabrics (jeans, for one), bleeding onto it in your pocket. That hasn't happened to us — yet. White, obviously, also will show other marks more readily as well.

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 Wireless Charging S-View Flip Cover


That's strange they would use the faux-leather design rather than the dimples of the standard backing.

They should have done that to start with. It looks and feels nice on my Note 3. The dimples are not terrible feeling, but it keeps getting uglier and uglier the more I look at it.

Just juding by handling each in a Best Buy (ie, not everyday usage), I kinda prefer the feel of the GS5. They both feel a lot nicer than the old school slick plastic though

It seems to me that Samsung should have just included the Qi feature.
Perhaps they're not all that different from Apple after all...

Other than the Nexus line and the Verizon LG G2, I can't think of any phone that actually has wireless charging out of the box. This at least gives those that want it an option.

AT&T's LG Optimus G Pro, which is now over a year old, has it standard. The LG Lucid 3 on Verizon, which is a surprisingly solid little phone, has it, as does the BB Z30 and most of the newer Nokia Lumias.

As much as I like these types of flip cases, I'm not a fan of the choice they made to extend the corners. The flip cover my wife had for her S3 maintained the same dimensions of the original back cover and only added to the thickness of the device.

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Comes in handy with the occasional bump on the corners. I have it on my Note 3 and my sgs3 and I prefer the note

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Yeah, I can see it having useful function, it just bothers me esthetically.

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It is but I absolutely adore my Note 3's wireless charging S-View case. I wouldn't use the S-View case WITHOUT wireless charging capability, in fact. Buy I still think Samsung has overpriced them horribly AND they should just offer a single S-View case SKU for each model and make wireless charging standard on 'em all!

Wireless charging is the one feature that was missing from HTC battery flip cover that would have made it a fantastic accessory. Glad Samsung caught on to this.

I have the Sview wireless charging cover on my Note 3 and love it. I only paid 40 bucks for mine of Amazon and I already had a QI pad so was a cheap bonus to a new Note 3 ;)

Best wireless charging I ever had was the Palm Pre Touchstone. I was even able to mount one in my car, and the magnet was strong enough to hold the phone vertically while driving. I'm sure the Qi pads are convenient, but they take up a lot of space.

I still use the Touchstones with my S4 in car in bedroom in living room etc. S4 stays on fine. Bought modified back cover off ebay for it.

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I've got the standard non S View flip case in white. I really like it but it has got a bit grubby already. May go for the black wireless version. I don't mind the stitched look. The main think I like is that it adds very little bulk, covers the screen and wakes up the phone when you open it. I'm a fan of the extended corners as this gives added protection.

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Really... No hole for the LED light again. I was hoping they would have learned about that from the Note 3.
Its not a good sign.
Dare I say they will figure it out by the Note 4 or is that wishing too much?

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Hi guys. :)

In fact the flip cover looks horrible on the pictures and I had the same feeling until I actually said "let's just try one out" and I was really surprised, it looks very posh, good in your hand and is very practical to use. I've also bought the Wireless Charger from Samsung for it and I have no complains.

Edit: You don't really feel the extra bulk which is surprising.


I will never buy one of these. I bought the the S-view cover for my galaxy s4 and I'm very careful with my phone. Well, I just happened to have one little mistake where my phone fell to the floor after my chair arm hit the charging cable and knocked it off my desk. It fell onto a wood floor and not from a very high desk. It didn't even sound like it hit the ground that hard, but sure enough there was a crack in the glass. I can only attribute it to the little protection these stupid cases offer. If I had had a normal case on it with even moderate shock protection my phone would have been fine. These cases provide zilch in the protection department.