Galaxy S5 extra battery kit

Samsung's extra battery kit gives you a second battery for your GS5, a protective case and an external charger

If you've got a phone with a removable battery, like the Samsung Galaxy S5, you might as well put it to good use. Sure, you can use an external USB battery pack with just about any mobile device, but that doesn't beat the instant refill you get by swapping out a dead battery for a fully-charged replacement.

And that's exactly what Samsung's official extra battery kit for the Galaxy S5 lets you do, while also providing an easy way to charge your spare battery outside of your phone.

Buy: Samsung Galaxy S5 extra battery kit on ($47.95)

Galaxy S5 extra battery kitGalaxy S5 extra battery kit

Like previous Samsung charging kits, this one's a three-part setup. First is the battery itself, a 2800mAh cell, identical to the one that comes with the Galaxy S5. And second, a clear plastic protective case to keep your spare battery safe in transit.

Then there's the external charger itself — a glossy plastic box a little larger than the battery, which charges it at 1.7 amps. Simply slot your battery inside, connect a microUSB 2.0 or 3.0 cable to the port, and you're good to go. A charging LED will let you know when the battery is fully charged — red means it's charging, green means it's full.

Galaxy S5 extra battery kitGalaxy S5 extra battery kit

As we said in our review, the Galaxy S5 has pretty good battery life, so a second battery might not be something you use every day. But it's worth having to hand in case you need it, and it's an easy way to effectively double your time away from a wall charger. Both main parts — the battery in its case, and the external charger — are small enough to easily fit in a pocket, making them easy to take with you however you travel.

Samsung's official extra battery kit for the Galaxy S5 is available to buy now from, priced at $47.95. If it's just an official replacement battery you're after without the charger or case, ShopAndroid has that for $29.95.


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The Samsung Galaxy S5 official extra battery kit


This is kinda what I do with my Note 3. I never actually have a plug in the phone, just swap batteries every two days or as needed

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Same here... Thats why I never buy a phone with no removable battery... You go out, you're running out of juice, no wall outlet, youre doomed..

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yeah in my laptop case. I have a cord too but rarely need it. The battery more than likely weighs less than my wallet...

Why is that hard to believe? With the GSII and the GSIII I was able to fit it in my fifth pocket of my jeans. Now that this is so long, I fit it in my wallet instead and easily.

Ditto! Always having that fully charged spare is invaluable!

Case in point; I was out all day (since early this morning) heavily using and abusing my Note 2. Just got home with battery at 25%. It took me longer to shower than it did to swap out the battery. Now, I'm back to 100% charge and back out for the rest of the night, no worries. Icing on the cake; that previously depleted battery will be back at 100% again long before I'll need it. Rinse and repeat. :D Not to mention on the off chance I DO take the spare and charger/case out with me, they're easily portable and can be plugged in via a car charger if needed.

I own this as well and got it mega cheap from mac mall believe it or not. It is really well made and I love the case they give you for the battery.

You could always register your S5 with Samsung, who will then send you a 50% off coupon via email to use in their store - therefore getting this pack (charger and battery) for $25.

I haven't used mine to do that yet because I'm waiting for the wireless charging back to come in stock.

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If it's a battery pack, you aren't sitting and waiting since you aren't charging from the wall.

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If you have a removable battery that's just silly to do. If you unfortunately don't have a removable that's what you have to do.

Being able to charge the spare without swapping out on the phone, and having a clean battery enclosure that is less likely to draw attention/confiscation from TSA when flying, really enhances the product. If I decide on the S5, I will definitely buy one

A most important feature of samsung is the removable battery. I havent charged my note 3 in over 6 months! I feal sorry for people that chain their phone to the wall just to charge it. I use a genuine samsung spare battery and charger kit. Its an absolute MUST have. I used one for my note 2 too. its available for most samsung phones. I can go from empty to full battery in 30 seconds, the time to change the battery. This is really heaven and you have to try it to believe it. It makes life much easier. let alone it will prolong your battery life because you can always do the full charge/discharge cycle.
Check this out:

I just place my phone on the Qi charger pad and it charges. It makes it through the day and at night I plug it in.

I'd love to have a removable battery on my N5 though. I'd barely ever use it (I've only used my external battery a few times) but it'd be nice for it to be removable because that way I'd have it.

Nice, I'd get this if I owned an S5. And $47 seems like a great price, especially with the external charger included.

Posted via AC App on HTC One

I was on the ropes between this and investing in wireless charging in the car and home. Can't go wrong with either but happy I went with the spare battery kit.

Yeah the only time I plug my phone in is when I'm in the car streaming music/videos or using navigation, . With my old 1 amp car charger it was practically not charging. My new up to 2.4 Amp charger now gets me about 20% with the mentioned apps running.

In ROK, this came standard on LG U network with the 32GB S5. Nice little kit for sure.

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I prefer getting an extended battery like the one from Zerolemon, that way I don't need to swap out the battery and wait on the reboot. Sure it makes the phone a little heavier, but it's better than having to swap out a battery at the end of the day.

Don't really understand the crazynesss over battery cases. They are fat and adds alot of thickness + the phone is not longer waterproof!!

I just got a batterypack (2 batteries + USB enabled wall charger)

I never run out of battery. These batteries are better than the original Samsung OEM batteries in every aspect I can think of and half the price. Whenever im out of juice I just plug one of the Volutz Supremacy series batteries and instantly im on 100% with none of the extra weight a battery case gives and without breaking the water proof seal of my S5.

Is the little clear battery protective box available as a separate item from somewhere? Very handy if you have a couple of spares.