The Samsung Galaxy S5 hasn't even been announced yet, but already focus is beginning to turn to when we'll actually be able to buy the phone. Today our first clue comes from GSMArena, which says it's been told by an unnamed Samsung executive that the GS5 will be arriving in three weeks time. The outlet says it's received corroborating information from other "trustworthy sources," which would point to Samsung's next big thing hitting store shelves in mid-March.

If this is accurate, the interval between launch and retail release would match the relatively quick turnaround of the Galaxy Note 3, which was available three weeks after its announcement. It might also see Samsung going to market ahead of HTC, which has scheduled the launch events for its new HTC One for Mar. 25.

The official word on Samsung's Galaxy S5 launch plans should come at the Unpacked 5 event next Monday, and we'll be live from Barcelona to bring you full coverage.

Source: GSMArena


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Samsung Galaxy S5 could go on sale in just three weeks


No offense but Black Friday will be 4 months past after the S5 is likely released. That's a while. Don't feel bad.

But, when you went to buy the S4, you had to know that Samsung was going to create an S5. And, you had to know that it would be launching in the Spring (based on previous releases).

Better stuff is always around the corner.

So, no need to feel bad, at all.

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You're welcome, brother! I'm glad, you're enjoying it!!

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My guess is that if it does come out then, the earliest Verizon would get it is April. That would be fine with me though, I'm ready for an upgrade.

Posted via Android Central App actually a bit surprised. Thank you Tmobile Jump, ill be ready to snag the S5 if It drops tmrw or a month from now.

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+1 My first JUMP upgrade is in July. I'm waiting for the Note 4. Then, I'll probably keep it for awhile.

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Like the AC guys said in a podcast awhile back, "love the phone you're with". No need to run out and get a new phone as soon as it comes out.

Yeah but if your single and something new comes along that you think is fantastic, you might as well go and snap it up before someone else does.

As the great orator Rob Base once said,

"It takes two to make a thing go right, it takes two to make it out of sight"

Haha +9000 brother

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Unfortunately I think you're right. The GALAXY S5 is probably going to beat the M8 to market by at least a month, and that might make all the difference in sales. I'll behave myself and wait on both to come out before pulling the trigger on a new phone, but I'm sure a lot of consumers won't. Tis a shame

Yep. Even though the M7(HTC one) was better then the sgs4 anytime I recomended the HTC one the person ended up going sgs4

Sent from inside a cave. Yes, T-Mobile covers caves. N5

If the tw is trimmed enough it is gonna kill the m8 on everything but audio.

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

Yeah, Samsung needs to upgrade these tinny speakers.

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Yep, my only complaint with the Note.

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

I also want to see slimmer bezel on the S5's screen, similar to the G2.

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Yeah, the G2 is a sexy beast.

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And if rumors are true, the full retail price will be lower than usual. Maybe 528 like the Xperia z1s was priced at.

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One would believe a plastic phone would be cheaper, yet Samsung's GS4 sported a $50 premium over HTC's One when released last year.

Was it really laggy? My S3 didn't seem laggy 2 months before i sold it after launch but a friend of mine complains about lag on his S4

Honestly when it first hit it kinda was. THe claim is a bit overblown, but it was there.

It was fixed though

Same w my S3 compared to friend's S4 in the first months. That 1080 screen combined w the overloaded UI was the major cause. HTC One with the same specs was a much better performer. S4 got better w the update.

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VZW Moto X

The S4 seemed rushed, whereas the S3 seemed like it had the proper amount of time worked on before it came to market.

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Agreed. And to Samsung's credit they fixed the GS4 quickly.


A $700+ flagship smartphone should never, EVER, have lag on launch day. And frankly, the device seems to get laggy much more easily than other premium smartphones (TouchWiz is showing its heft).
With the GS5 launching so soon after the GS4, I have to wonder if they're again rushing a device to market.

Yeah, we will see, soon enough, brother.

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I've had the S4 since 4/29/13, 9 days before it was even available in T-Mobile stores, and it hasn't been laggy.

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Maybe it was a Verizon exclusive problem, or only happened with certain units, but yes, the Galaxy S4 was crazy laggy when it came out, and I am still having constant little problems with mine. The software that Samsung puts out is just pure bloated garbage. I'm not taking about apps either. The bare OS itself weighs in at over 8 GB, which is the most out of any OEM. All that junk and the fact that I've read Samsung has a bunch of design and programing departments that don't seem to talk to one another to streamline their operating system means a giant monster of an OS that strains the processor and causes lag

You should try CkeanRom. It's basically the same looks but helps ridding of some bloat. My S3 was performing better while keeping the native stuff in tact (hotspot, camera and some "gimmicks" that I liked).

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Won't be playing the Ginnie Pig on this one. Got an S4 thru insurance after S3 was stolen. Nice surprise and happy with phone. By the time of upgrade eligibility S5's kinks should be worked out or next version may be here.

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+1 with milk and cookies

This message was brought to you by the numbers 0 and 1

+1 but I am gonna spend some time cheating on my N3 with everything that comes out next week.

Poor phone is used to it by now.

I'm waiting for the S5 to come out. If it doesn't impress me, I'm going with the Note 3. I messed around with it yesterday and strangely liked it. I'm just worried about the pocket situation.

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Me, too. I'm spoiled by the size. But, since I just signed up for JUMP, it only makes sense for me to upgrade to the Note 4 and then keep that for awhile.

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If it wasn't for Spark in my area now I would have stuck with the Note3. But that really changes things.

It is also the only time I felt screwed by a carrier/oem. I could care less when they add colors but functionality?

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

Lol, somebody just had to.

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So done with Samsung. On the heals of the success of the fake stitching, maybe we'll see fake plastic screws? Can't wait for the new software that brings up coffee apps when it detects I'm drinking coffee or beeps at me when it detects my eyes moving away from my phone to do something useful. Or maybe a camera that detects when people have their eyes closed and blasts a warning "Hey, open your eyes, fool." Maybe they'll come out with some cool accessories like the SNecklace that only works with 2 phones. Yippee.

You know how I know that you have no idea what you are really talking about? There already is an APP that knows when you stop looking at your phone. Works pretty well. Their also is a feature on the camera for closed eye detection, but your right it should yell. Either way it is still good to know right away so you don't have to try and get everyone back together, you can just take another shot right away. Or maybe use best face/best shot setting to get it done right. The build quality on the Note is great, and the back is very easy on the hand.

The S-Necklace rumor was shot down awhile ago. (kidding on that one)

Having/trying something and hating it is one thing, Blindly hating and having no clue is another entirely.

The part about assuming I was blind and never tried one, perhaps? I've owned the last 4 Samsung flagships before the Note3, where I said "no more."

Then why are you not familiar with the features you mentioned? And how can you make fun of the fake stitching where there is nothing to say about it?


I have never understood announcing a device to only end the presentation with a release date of "sometime, maybe, kinda, sort of, by the end of the year."

It will be and within a year, they all will have something just like it. Making an user option would be nice though, but I do not know what all is involved with the coding.

yeah on both the s4 and note 3 I know they do, but it still leaves crap behind (not that the rom flasher sees) in the code. I would prefer that it be totally disabled or better yet, "on demand" if you want it. I am kinda sure it could be a separate download but I am not a coder like that.