Samsung Galaxy S5

Virgin Mobile US and Boost Mobile have both today announced the availability of the Samsung Galaxy S5 without lengthy contracts. The new smartphone from Samsung will set purchasers back by $599.99, but comes pack full of functionality including support for 4G LTE on both mobile carriers and no contract commitment.

Boost Mobile is offering the Galaxy S5 on its Monthly Unlimited Select plans that start from $40 a month (up to $60 with 5GB high speed data allowance). This lowest tier comes with unlimited calls and SMS but just 500MB of high speed data to boot.

Virgin on-the-other-hand is going all out with data by placing the Galaxy S5 on its Beyond Talk no contract plans, starting from just $35 with an unlimited data allowance. The restriction comes in the form of 300 minutes per month, which can be bumped to unlimited on the $55 tier.

Check source link below for more details, and let us know if an off-contract Galaxy S5 on one of Sprint's MVNOs appeals to you.

Source: Sprint


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Samsung Galaxy S5 comes to Boost and Virgin Mobile, contract-free


Depends on what carrier. The Red Devil sells them for $599 outright.

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$600 locked to sprint's cdma network? Why wouldn't someone buy it unlocked for the same (or near the same price) and have the freedom to switch carriers.

Posted From a smart device.

That's a nice phone. Don't know about the network though. I use boost and the Mobile IP Registration errors on my motto g are constant at work. I still have my galaxy s3 from boost and the 4glte coverage was non existent
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If you're in an area that has Sprint LTE, it seems like a great idea. I wish that Virgin Mobile USA copied their trend with the iPhone and knocked $5 off the plan if you enrolled in auto-pay to offset that high cost, but I guess that's just because they have to sell so many iPhones due to Apple pressure.