Samsung Galaxy S4

The first Samsung Galaxy S4 pricing details are starting to emerge online, with retailer Unlocked Mobiles being among the first to confirm how much Samsung's new flagship will cost in the UK. In news that should surprise no-one, the S4 comes in at £529.98 inc. VAT (£441.65 exc. VAT), which is the same ballpark figure you'll pay for other high-enders like the HTC One or Sony Xperia Z.

If you're thinking of importing the international Galaxy S4, that means you'll be looking at around an $800 price tag before shipping. Steep, yes, but the U.S. versions should be considerably cheaper when they eventually become available. 

Unlocked Mobiles says it'll begin shipping the Galaxy S4 from Apr. 26, which fits with some of the other dates we've been hearing.

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Source: Unlocked Mobiles


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Samsung Galaxy S4 UK SIM-free price emerges - £530 inc. VAT


just as Marcus explained I'm stunned that a student able to earn $4509 in 1 month on the internet. did you look at this

Just got announced by Samsung UK that it's got snapdragon 600 instead of Exynos 5 Octa :(
If they're gonna use that piece of crap, no good processor then they shouldn't charge even £500 since the phone isn't first class anymore.

And you get double the memory, with the option to expand it by much more for much cheaper than the Nexus 4. Whereas the Nexus costs £40 for just 8GB more, you can expand the S4 by 64GB for £42.

I sure would like to know how Samsung & these retailers could justify this outrageous price!!!

You can get 2 netbooks with enough money left over to buy carrying bags for them!!!

Why isn't $499-$599 morrre than enough??????

As long as people keep paying the prices, they will keep selling them at that price. Would you turn down a pay raise at work? of course not.

Haha price already pasted on my grey importer's site, $799 australian, and they've taken the liberty of putting the 32gb at $899 & 64GB $999. Although they priced the 16gb S2 at $899 so this is something.
Obviously the 16GB version here. But this time I'm going 32gb no question.