Galaxy S4 Mini

Miniaturized marvel or just another mid-ranger? We guide you through Samsung's Galaxy S4 Mini

It wasn't long ago that a smartphone with a 4.3-inch display was considered unusually large — unwieldy, even. But as high-end screens surpass the five-inch mark, we're increasingly seeing 4 to 4.5-inch models dominating the mid-range space, aimed at those who want a premium handset in a smaller form factor.

The Galaxy S4 Mini is one such device, sharing its name, design and much of its software with Samsung's current flagship. It's missing a few of the flashier, heavily-advertised features of the full-sized S4, but the core experience is there all the same, and it's just as speedy as its big brother.

This year Samsung is among the first to market with its Galaxy S4 Mini, but there's every indication that it'll soon be joined by rival "minis" from HTC and Motorola. So is the GS4 Mini worthy of its name, or do niggling issues with the screen and internal storage get in the way?

Check out our video walkthrough after the break.

Thanks to Clove Technology for proving the Galaxy S4 Mini for review.


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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini video walkthrough


What is the market for these compromise phones? India? Africa? China? I can't imagine they will sell very well here.

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Places where people wither buy off contract devices or where you pay less as a monthly plan depending on the device. It's like T-Mobile, do you want to pay $10 more a month for a midrange phone or $20 a month for a high end phone. Some people would pick to only spend $10 more a month so they would get a mid range phone.

The problem is there is no middle ground for some. A normal S4 is way too large for my wifes small hands. A S4 mini being the same size as her current Nexus S +/- 2mm would be great, unfortunately they crippled the amount of memory in it. There are no more innovative phones in the 4.3 form factor, this is as good as it gets so unfortunately we may get stuck with one.

Couldn't agree more. I have no desire to get a phone that is any bigger than my current Evo V 4G (Evo 3D). Unfortunately most of the 4.3" phones seemed to be nerfed. This looks to be a marginal upgrade to my current phone. At least in the sense it has the same exact screen resolution, and only marginal increases to the CPU and RAM compared to what I have. I am not disputing that it would be faster, but I have a feeling I would become dissatisfied with it in a year, whereas all the flagships (S4 and One) I could see holding on to for a couple of years, that is if my hands were big enough to actually hold on to them. The lack of good 4.3 inch phones is why I am seriously considering ponying up for the next iPhone (assuming they stick with the current form factor) I love Android, and have a lot of purchased apps I would have to re-purchase.

Now, if the next Nexus device has micro-sd slot or 32GB of storage I will just deal with whatever behemoth size that it is released in and get that instead. At least them I know I will get at least 18 months of updates and I can stick with the OS I know.

HTC one mini is coming should be quite a bit better considering the leaked specs .

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i am in the us and i would love to get one of these phones, i currently own a galaxy s4 but it would cool to carry this mini when i go out clubbing.

The S3 mini didn't sell well in America because it wasn't available on any major carriers.

However, that doesn't mean that there isn't a market for a phone like this in the US. I see a lot more Razr M's than I do Razr HD's - as an example. There was still a good amount of people who bought HTC One S's last year (me being one of them). Heck, there are still people buying Galaxy S II's.

I have two close friends who are iPhone users, and they want to convert to Android. Only they still want a phone that fits comfortably in the hand. I showed both of them my HTC One, and they loved it - but since they know about the HTC One Mini, they're patiently awaiting for its arrival.

The video is the same one for the S4 but only much lower quality.

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Please can you tell me whether the advertised OTG USB Host facility functions on the S4 Mini?

Several previews say is has USB OTG capability but 2 different USB OTG cables each with 2 different flash drives, all of which worked fine with Galaxy Note 2, do not work with my new S4 Mini.