While Samsung, the press, and a handful of celebrities were busy unveiling the Galaxy S4 at the Unpacked event in Radio City Music Hall, things we're jumping nearby in Times Square. Videographer Martin Reisch (@safesolvent) was there, braving the chilly March New York weather to catch the highlights -- swing dancers and all.

While the over-the-top presentation may not have been everyone's cup of tea, Samsung has reason to be proud, and we expect to see a lot more of the Galaxy S4 advertised on TV and in print. We're looking forward to it!

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Reader comments

Samsung Galaxy S4 launch event: A view from the outside


Yes the Unpacked event in 2012 for the Galaxy S3 was better than this year's event. But guess what REGARDLESS mission accomplished on so many fronts. The Galaxy S4 is head and shoulders better than the Galaxy S3 and offers industry leading technology and implementation of software features. The Galaxy S4 will out sell any android handset in the next 90 to 180 days by twice or three times as much.

richardcrazyyarrell...it is full of gimmicky features that nobody will use...and a pentile screen...more pixels for you to see. It may sell well, but for the same reasons the iPhone does...not because of any industry leading features or hardware. Lay off the drugs

Actually Gimmicky stuff makes it marketable in front of normal consumers ..like Control with eye thing ..scroll without touching it ..that makes it sound like thing from Future for normal people !!

Samsung covered all marketing bullet points against major rivals like Apple/HTC
8 cores vs 4 cores of HTC / 13mp vs 4mp ultrapixel/8mp iphone / 4.99 inch vs 4.7inch HTC /4 inch iphone ..Sdcard/Bigger & removable battery .

for normal consumers there's too many points & clearly easy choice to make !!

keyword here = NORMAL CONSUMERS

Actually only marketable to sheep who don't know tech because anyone who knows anything won't fall for the creative lies that you listed....

8 cores is a marketing lie. Only 4 run at a time so there is no difference but only sheep will look and compare 8 to 4 without understanding the tech.

13 mp vs 4 again is a lie because more doesn't mean better. There is a reason Samsung didn't talk about the camera because nothing changed since the gs3. The ones camera is definitively better as has been stated in all reviews.

Size is irrelevant unless the difference was noticeable but people with no brain will just look at the number and assume its some huge difference however super LCD has been stated to look better than amoled.

SD card and remove able battery is preference and not a prerequisite.

In your case normal consumers = mindless sheep who don't think for themselves.

) The Samsing Galaxy SIV is all plastic - Wrong! It's Corning Gorilla Glass 3 on the front which is 3 times more resistant than the GG2, plus poly-carbonate plastic (like the Lumia 920) on the side and removable back. In all likeliness it'll take various hits better than slim brushed metal or regular glass with older screen protective technology

2) The Samsung Galaxy SIV design is the same - Wrong! The subtle differences are noticeable in hand according to those touching. It's thinner, lighter, slightly less rounded and at 79%, it's the most screen-dominant of any phone on the market

3) Same old AMOLED - Wrong! While screen tech is not labeled as new (not sure if it's the PHOLED variant), but it has a new hexagonal sub-pixel arrangement, more brightness according to testers and less blueish tinting

4) No real innovations, just overblown S3 functions - Think again. Floating Touch with AirView functionality, input through gloves, new gesture controls and eye-tracking features, barometer, thermometer, health equipment compatibility, IR sensor and remote control, much larger camera sensor and lens with new function, big jump in HW performance and battery, SW designed for fresher OS, more NFC functions (VISA payment), wireless charging

5) Octa-core is a marketing gimmick - read http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=2191850

6) 13MP is a marketing gimmick, it doesn't have more details - You sure? http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...2&postcount=22

7) Bigger screen, more uncomfortable use - Wrong! The Galasy SIV is actually smaller than it's predecessor and it's smaller and lighter overall than the HTC One, Droid DNA, XPeria Z and Oppo Find 5 wile featuring the largest battery at 2600mAh

Actually he didn't, looks like he cant read. All that BS he posted looks like chinese to the normal consumer. Its a play with words, nothing i said was untrue.

With 441 ppi you wouldn't be able to see any pixel, and richardyarell is right Samsung will sell regardless, i am not happy they brought almost the same hardware design but Samsung made enough changes to make the phone much better than the GS3.

Wait. Doesn't it have a consumer IR module so you can use it as a universal remote?That seems like a big deal. Am I mistaken?