Samsung Galaxy S Wifi 4.2

Android Central at Mobile World Congress Take a Samsung Galaxy S. Strip out the cell radios, toss in some audio enhancements, and repackage it with a cumbersome name. Salt and pepper to taste, stir, and you've got the Samsung Galaxy S Wifi 4.2.

Samsung's not proffering too much, othern than it's "the best of Android experiences with powerful gaming on the go." Like most other high-end Android smartphones, we'd imagine, though we're having a hard time swallowing a Wifi-only device that's just been announced with Android 2.3 Gingerbread. It's got the aforementioned 4.2-inch display, 512MB of RAM and comes in 8GB or 16GB versions, with a 1 GHz processor and 1500 mAh battery. There's a 2MP rear camrea and VGA front-facing camera thrown in for good measure, and a front-facing speaker as well.

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OmarF82 says:


Yadao says:

Someone is drunk blogging.

dually says:

You can prolly buy a used galaxy s for $100 on craigslist and then you'll have better specs, better dev support, and a backup phone too.

What's the point? Is this Samsung's answer to the ipod touch? Maybe its just me but I don't see this thing doing very well sales wise. I'm willing to bet its going to be pricey too!

Timelessblur says:

And watch this device will get upgraded to ICS while the original Galaxy Service phones "lack" the memory to do it.

Yadao says:

If this was like $99 I could see it doing well. If I were to buy something like this, it would have to be waterproof/rugged and have a better camera. It would basically take the place of my phone as my portable device when I'm say camping/fishing/etc.

DWR_31 says:

How in the he'll could it do that?
It has no cellular radios. Only WiFi.
Why use this when you have a phone that looks just like it plus your phone has GPS.

supa_dupa says:

New phone each week.
You've been "Crapsunged".

15israellai says:

These stupid devices again. I see *almost* no point in it.
Samsung needs to learn from HTC.

dubdrop says:

Priced right I may buy this for my daughter. May not sell well to the masses but it would be fine for my 8yr old.

wpavlik2 says:

This device is squarely aimed at all of us who's children who are too young to give a cell phone to, but they love playing games on OUR Android phones.
I think they will sell a large number of them to folks who don't want to pay the Apple premium for the iPod/iPhone.

dan4patriots says:

have you seen the prices on t he samsung galaxy player, the 4.0 is $180 on amazon and the 5.0 is $240, so $20 is a premium to you?

What's the point? You're better off buying an older phone for the same price - this'll probably be around $300.

hoosiercub says:

Didn't they already do this with the Galaxy Player 4 and 5?

KrisC123 says:

if this thing performed well (unlike the samsung galaxy player released a while ago) then i would consider getting this. i like having a dedicated media player so my phone battery doesnt die so quickly.

Cyrilmak says:

The only thing I see this would be good for is a digital media player, and honestly since Android isn't exactly super user friendly when it comes to managing media and such I don't see it doing very well. If this had ICS which has MTP built in, it would be a bit better.

I'd still go for the iPod Touch over this any day of the week though.