Samsung Galaxy S Wifi 4.2

Android Central at Mobile World Congress Take a Samsung Galaxy S. Strip out the cell radios, toss in some audio enhancements, and repackage it with a cumbersome name. Salt and pepper to taste, stir, and you've got the Samsung Galaxy S Wifi 4.2.

Samsung's not proffering too much, othern than it's "the best of Android experiences with powerful gaming on the go." Like most other high-end Android smartphones, we'd imagine, though we're having a hard time swallowing a Wifi-only device that's just been announced with Android 2.3 Gingerbread. It's got the aforementioned 4.2-inch display, 512MB of RAM and comes in 8GB or 16GB versions, with a 1 GHz processor and 1500 mAh battery. There's a 2MP rear camrea and VGA front-facing camera thrown in for good measure, and a front-facing speaker as well.

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Samsung Galaxy S Wifi 4.2 looks to focus on the gamers


You can prolly buy a used galaxy s for $100 on craigslist and then you'll have better specs, better dev support, and a backup phone too.

What's the point? Is this Samsung's answer to the ipod touch? Maybe its just me but I don't see this thing doing very well sales wise. I'm willing to bet its going to be pricey too!

If this was like $99 I could see it doing well. If I were to buy something like this, it would have to be waterproof/rugged and have a better camera. It would basically take the place of my phone as my portable device when I'm say camping/fishing/etc.

How in the he'll could it do that?
It has no cellular radios. Only WiFi.
Why use this when you have a phone that looks just like it plus your phone has GPS.

Priced right I may buy this for my daughter. May not sell well to the masses but it would be fine for my 8yr old.

This device is squarely aimed at all of us who's children who are too young to give a cell phone to, but they love playing games on OUR Android phones.
I think they will sell a large number of them to folks who don't want to pay the Apple premium for the iPod/iPhone.

have you seen the prices on t he samsung galaxy player, the 4.0 is $180 on amazon and the 5.0 is $240, so $20 is a premium to you?

if this thing performed well (unlike the samsung galaxy player released a while ago) then i would consider getting this. i like having a dedicated media player so my phone battery doesnt die so quickly.

The only thing I see this would be good for is a digital media player, and honestly since Android isn't exactly super user friendly when it comes to managing media and such I don't see it doing very well. If this had ICS which has MTP built in, it would be a bit better.

I'd still go for the iPod Touch over this any day of the week though.