Galaxy S Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S was one of the hottest phones of 2010,  and the Samsung Galaxy S II has proven to be even more popular, and now there appears to be a Samsung Galaxy S Plus. This device is a bit odd, as it doesn't really change much from the Samsung Galaxy S except for a few things, and doesn't live up to what the Samsung Galaxy S II is, so where exactly does it fit in. The device has a 1.4GHz, a 400 MHz increase over the original, but it's still a single-core proc. The battery has been upgraded to a 1650mAh, and it launches with Android 2.3.3 with Touchwiz 3.0 on top. The device appears to be a Vodafone UK exclusive, and will be launching free on contract with a monthly commitment of £30 per month.

Source: TechRadar


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Samsung Galaxy S Plus shows off for the camera, makes Galaxy S owners sad


Falls in right between the "old" model and the new one. Not a bad thing at all. I wish they'd focus on getting them released here non the US though.

I have a nagging feeling it has less to do with samsung & more to do with the us carriers telling samsung how to design a smartphone.

Silly samsung, thinking you know more about designing phones than a cell phone carrier, tsk tsk tsk...

So, I can buy and extended battery to my SGS, and install an overclocked Kernel to get up to 1.7Ghz on a rom running Android 2.3.5 and Touchwiz 4, I'm not really sad.

Haha! Why post something so ludicrously stupid about something you know nothing about clearly. It's the same model as the SGS that's already been out for a year, ban free.

So let's see-it actually has Gingerbread 2.3, unlike the new Epic I just bought a month ago new, does the 4G actually work on it? Mine never has despite being saturated within Sprint's 4G coverage map, both at home and 40 miles away at work. Either the phones 4G sucks, Sprint's 4G network sucks, are all of the above and it'd be nice if they fixed some of the existing stuff before moving on to new stuff (that likely will be full of issues anyhow)

My 4G tries to connect for about 20 seconds then says "4G disconnected" over and over and eventually gives up-since about day 2 to be exact-it worked very briefly the first day, nice and fast, and then that was it-before I had installed hardly any apps it just quit.

Oh FFS, Samsung releases these mid and low end Galaxy phones every week it seems. Stop it Samsung! This is unnecessary! Just bring the damn Galaxy S2 to the US already! And I mean the original Galaxy S2 not some redesigned crap!

They did. You can buy it unlocked on new egg. Carrier subsidized models are a different story. Samsung has little control over what phones the carriers chose to sell and what redesigns they want.

Yeah I knew that you can get it on NewEgg (I shop there all the time), but I meant officially. Hell even if it's the way of the first Nexus S via Best Buy or any other retailer. Also, I've only seen the 16 gig model on NewEgg.

I genuinely stand by the thought that Samsung do want their flagship phone out in the US. It would be a huge mistake for a company as big as them to not want it out in what is an insanely large market, but because of the way carriers operate out there, it's not as easy for them.

Ah, so this is what the SCH-i405 Verizon Samsung Galaxy S slider is that has been leaked around these sites. It only makes sense: all the specs I've read for it match this phones specs... faster than a regular Galaxy S but not as good as a GSII. I can dig it.

Hopefully that slider is what we know as the Stratosphere so I can get it in a few weeks on 9/8! :-)

Guys , this is old news
I saw it in Jareer Book Store in Jeddah (alnong with the SL & the S II) over 3 months ago

You forgot to mention that the 1.4 CPU is actually a Snapdragon & not Hummingbird like the original

Strange putting last year's Touchwiz 3 on there. I'd probably just get the Touchwiz 4 apk and have the latest version.

Anyway, for £30 p.m. you can get a Galaxy S II from a lot of places, so why bother with this?