Samsung Mesmerize

U.S. Cellular is now selling the Samsung Mesmerize, part of Samsung's Galaxy S line, for  $199.99 under a 2-year contract with data plan. For those not familiar with America's sixth-largest carrier, you will be paying a minimum of $89.99 per month for the required plan for new customers. U.S. Cellular is a CDMA carrier, so the Mesmerize is more or less a Verizon Fascinate without Bing (which might be exactly what some of you are looking for). U.S. Cellular has been pushing hard lately to get high-end Android phones, such as the HTC Desire, and also rolled out a promotion entitled "The Belief Project" to better reward long-term customers. Order one of your own past the link. [U.S. Cellular]

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caliesv says:

above statement, could have went without. Anyways, coming back out of the 5th grade, I find it kind of sad that at&t is just now (captivate) getting a decent android phone after all those years. there are companies that I never even heard of getting galaxy s phones around the same time at&t did. Pretty sad I'd say.

gerdon4uva says:

Hey does anyone know if this Galaxy S Android does Wi Fi Tethering? My dad is actually on US Cell and his blackeberry (no offense RIM, RIP my tour) is being a can of prune juice if you know what I'm saying! Anything to help him?

CR6 says:

You can wifi & USB tether on you Galaxy S phone although it'll cost you extra. Unless of course you root and download any number of paid tethering apps off the market and tether for free.

it. says:

This might be a stupid question but can this be used with Sprint?

hoosiercub says:

Why on earth would you be interested in this when you could have the Epic?

it. says:

lol. I have the Epic. It would be for my sister. She wears skinny jeans and all that jazz so she wants a thin/light phone.

dougeetx says:

Yes it can. Cdma workshop is your friend.

it. says:

Can you give me a link or something

No, he can't. Not here anyway.

moises1204 says:

can this device be activated on sprint?

it. says:

lol. That's what I want to know.